ABOUT ROGER – Roger Skateboards

Roger Skateboards was founded in the Summer of 2008 and is owned and operated by the unlikely duo, Stacy Lowery and Michael Sieben.

Stacy wears fancy leather jackets and has a nice motorcycle and Sieben can barely skateboard and almost always needs a haircut. Nevertheless, the two of them have somehow managed to create the number one skateboard brand in all of skateboarding: Roger The Skateboard Company.

With a skateboard team consisting of easily some of the best skateboarders that we personally know, and the graphic design branding sensibility of a twelve year old boy, it’s no wonder that Roger has quickly become the number one skateboarding company we’ve ever seen.

So look for us the next time you’re in your local shop. And when you don’t find us, please ask the shop owner to order at least one Roger skateboard for you to ride. Don’t forget to go back to the shop and buy it though, we don’t want that board to end up on the discount rack. That’s embarrassing.

Roger The Skateboard Company, the biggest skateboard brand that has ever existed.

*All Roger Skateboard Company popularity data comes from me asking my Dad which skateboard company he likes the best.

**All Roger Skateboard Company popularity data comes from after I told my Dad that Bueno wasn’t around anymore and that the skateboard company I draw pictures for is now called Roger.