How Far Can Electric Skateboard Go

Craving for a nice long ride on an electric skateboard[How to Ride an Electric Skateboard]? There’s one thing that should be checked first–the range. The higher the number, the farther the e-skate can travel. Check out this top electric skateboards list and learn the following models that can last for hours on the road. Table … Read more

How Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go

Not everybody uses electric skateboards for practical reasons like commutes and errands. Some skaters want to challenge themselves, compete with pros, or simply have a more exciting time on e-skates. One way to improve as a skater, win in competitions, or experience an adrenaline rush is to ride at higher speeds. Let’s go over this … Read more

How to Test an Electric Skateboard

Using a newly purchased electric skateboard or even a simple DIY unit for the first time can be very exciting. However, it can also be a serious process, especially if the new users are curious about whether the best electric skates meet expectations or not. To make it a more systematic experience, here are the … Read more

How to Maintain Electric Skateboard

Maintaining cool electric skateboards isn’t just about cleaning and checking their components regularly. It also includes proper usage and storage, especially of the battery since it’s widely considered to be the most expensive part. Before knowing the correct process of cleaning and maintenance, check out the things that should be done while using an e-skate … Read more

How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

Riding an electric skateboard for the first time can be easier than expected. The rider simply needs to understand the basic techniques as well as tips for proper control. As soon as the rider masters the correct foot placement, stance, and operation of wireless control, becoming a pro won’t be too difficult. Since a lot … Read more

How to Buy a Second Hand Electric Skateboard

Not everybody needs a brand-new unit of the best electronic skateboard. There are a lot of skaters all over the world who are actively looking for a cheaper unit due to budget constraints or the risk of breaking an expensive product during a beginner’s training. Some recreational skaters also refuse to spend so much money … Read more

How to Build an Electric Skateboard DIY

Building the best e-skateboard for your preferences can be the most challenging task if you’re a beginner. It’s not something that can be studied in just a few days since safety is at a huge risk even if the quality is just a bit subpar or a tiny mistake has been made. However, if you … Read more

Best Skateboards for Beginners 2021 Review

What is the best skateboard for beginners? If you are asking this question, read on! We will walk you through some of the top products to consider, as well as their most notable features. A good beginner-friendly skateboard is affordable. Entry-level models have basic features, so they are cheap. More importantly, as a newbie, it … Read more

17 Best Skateboard Brands 2021 Review

The best skateboard brands are not necessarily the cheapest, but they are the ones with exceptional construction and top-notch performance. From the deck to the wheels, they have the best components to ensure a superior ride. Whether it is for novices or experts, this article lists down some of our favorite brands to help you … Read more

15 Best Complete Skateboards in 2021 Review

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Environmental Impact of Inline Skate 

You can use the best outdoor inline skates to commute to work over a short distance. Besides saving on fuel, the benefits of inline skating[Benefits of Rollerblading] on your health are numerous. We depend on the environment in one way or the other. So in all the activities we undertake, it’s wise to consider how it impacts the environment. … Read more

How Fast Do Inline Skates Go

One of the sheer joys of rollerblading is in the speed. That’s especially enjoyable when you secure good rollerblade brands that are relatively safe and efficient. So the issue of how fast inline skates comes into mind. Table of Contents1 So How Fast Do Inline Skates Go?2 Factors Influencing the Speed of Inline Skaters2.1 Your Rollerblading Skills2.2 … Read more

How to Maintain Inline Skates

Having purchased good rollerblades, you need to stick to the required maintenance practices. The proper care for the inline skates maintains their appealing look, safety level and prolongs their lifespan. Read below for the crucial steps on how to maintain inline skates. Table of Contents1 Tips on How To Maintain Inline Skates1.1 Physical Inspection1.2 Spin … Read more

How Long Do Electric Skateboards Last?

Electric skateboards, especially top electric longboards, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So, it would be a huge waste of money to buy something that can’t last for a year at least. Let’s find out whether e-skates can keep functioning for several years or not. Table of Contents1 Standard Lifespan of Electric Skateboards2 … Read more

How to Buy a Second Hand Inline Skate

The best way to secure cool roller blades is to buy brand new pair from reputed outlets. Nevertheless, if your budget doesn’t allow, you can get by with second-hand roller blades. However, you have to have the right skills to identify the used inline skates that last a long time. For that reason, here are a couple … Read more

How to Assemble Inline Skates

One of the reliable ways of getting ideas on the best rollerblades for adults is visiting famous online groups and forums for inline skates[Popular Inline Skate Forums & Groups]. Except for the wheels and bearings that may need replacement after a while, such inline skates have a long lifespan. At the same time, some people prefer building a custom … Read more

How Long Do Inline Skates Last 

Inline skates cost a substantial amount of money, especially the high-end brands. So it’s wise to take your time and identify the best inline skate brands that are dependable. But since nothing lasts forever, it’s vital to know the average lifespan of inline skates. That way, you can budget for a replacement pair in time. Table of … Read more

How Do Electric Skateboards Brake? Types of Braking on Electric Skateboards

The brake systems of electric skateboards are highly dependent on specific components that are much different from what conventional skateboards, bikes, and other portable vehicles use. They also use the energy from the brake to provide other helpful features. Almost every function of an e-skate gives another different advantage once activated, which is crucial for … Read more

Electric Skateboard Market Status

How popular are electric skateboards on a global scale? Based on existing traffic laws in different countries, most places in the world still don’t acknowledge the presence of e-skates. According to a report by the Wise Guy Consultants, the market for electric skateboards continues to grow. More and more people in North America and Europe … Read more

How do Inline Skates Brake? Types of Inline Skate Brakes

When you look at inline skate brands, you’ll realize they employ different types of brakes. And brake form one of the integral inline skates parts[Parts of An Inline Skate]. From beginners to experienced skaters, all need to slow down and stop at some time during skating. Table of Contents1 Types of Inline Skates Brakes1.1 Traditional Brakes1.2 Advanced Braking … Read more