When Were Rollerblades Invented

Ever wondered what’s the history of those rollerblades aka inline skates you’ve been wearing and rolling since long? Well, today we’ll be looking at it and get to know when the first rollerblades were invented. Table of Contents1 History of Rollerblades1.1 Scott & Brennan Olsen Idea1.2 Sneak Peek Of Rollerblades Timeline History of Rollerblades It … Read more

Top 10 Rollerblade Tricks

So you’ve learnt how to rollerblade right? I know you can’t wait to try out those tricks you’ve been dreaming off since long. Well, other than just being a great fitness exercise, as a beginner, you can learn some tricks both simple and aggressive ones. It is always better to start with the simple ones … Read more

How To Rollerblade The Right Way

It doesn’t matter if you are using those inline skates or rollerblade pair for fitness or for a serious purpose, other than just being a hobby, it is a healthy activity as it improves your fitness, cardiovascular activity and heart rate. However… You need to learn how to rollerblade the right way before you can … Read more