Top 36 Inline Skates 2021 For Men, Women & Kids Review

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Top 12 Penny Skateboards in 2021 Review

Want to skate even in small and crowded spaces? The best penny boards got you covered! A penny skateboard is designed for slow cruising. Unlike traditional skateboards, the shorter design means that it isn’t built for showing off tricks. It can also be difficult to control and maybe dangerous at high speeds. Made of lightweight … Read more

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8 Best Pants for Skateboarding 2021 Review

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Top 18 Longboard Bearings 2021 Review

One essential part of a skateboard or longboard is the bearing. The bearing determines whether you’ll have a smooth ride or not, and also the longevity of your product. Each wheel requires two bearings, and so almost all longboards need eight bearings each. Bearings are small but very important, and we can’t stress any further … Read more

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