Top 18 Longboard Bearings 2021 Review

One essential part of a skateboard or longboard is the bearing. The bearing determines whether you’ll have a smooth ride or not, and also the longevity of your product. Each wheel requires two bearings, and so almost all longboards need eight bearings each. Bearings are small but very important, and we can’t stress any further … Read more

Top 18 Figure Skates in 2021 Review   

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DIY Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits & Parts – Build Your Own Electric Skateboards

Take your love for electric skateboarding up a notch by building your own board. This is the perfect opportunity for you to have a faster, more versatile skateboard with a heavy-duty battery pack. No wonder more and more skaters are resorting to the do-it-yourself option. Another benefit of a DIY electric skateboard is the unforgettable … Read more

Top 10 Snowboard Boots in 2021 Review

There’s always that pair of shoes specifically designed for a certain activity. The snowboard boot is a great example. You can’t just strap on any type of footwear and expect a safe ride on your snowboard. What’s so different about snowboard boots, anyway? Do they have extra-rough outer soles, a thicker fabric material, or a … Read more

Top 21 Snowboard Pants 2021 Review

Whether you are a beginner or someone who is experienced in skiing and snowboarding it is important to have the right snowboard pants. To have the best ski pants, you need to be particular with both comfort and performance. Nowadays, there are different types of snow pants. It can get confusing to find the best … Read more

Top 16 Longboard Wheels 2021 Review

Planning to cruise the streets like a boss? What about taking a road trip without driving anything? All you need is a fantastic longboard that can take you anywhere you want. Longboarding, however, can take hours. People who buy longboards generally want to experience travelling, cruising, and even downhill racing in a wider range and … Read more

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Top 21 Cruiser Skateboards in 2021 Review

Looking for a cool and eco-friendly way to ride the city streets? Enter the world of the best cruiser skateboards! Compared to regular skateboards, cruisers, are longer, easier to grip, and more stable. It has soft wheels to absorb bumps, making sure that you will be comfortable! Cruiser boards are not designed for street tricks! … Read more

10 Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding 2021 Review

A wipeout isn’t just embarrassing, but it can also do some serious damage. And one of the best things you can do to protect yourself is to wear wrist guards. There’s a ton of them, but in this article, we’ll only go through ten of the best wrist guards for skateboarding. Most skateboard-related extremity injuries … Read more

Top 12 Cornhole Boards in 2021 Review

Cornhole is enjoyed by players with different skill levels. This game is popular in the US even today. Since this game was invented during the 1300s, the rules of the game remained simple and easy to understand. Get the bag to get into the hole or land on the corn hole board. These days, it … Read more

Top 10 Snowboard Bags 2021 Review

A typical snowboard is solid and long, which makes it challenging for snowboarders to bring them anywhere. After all, you can’t just carry it around like a surfboard or fold it to fit one of your bags. It will never work. That’s why you should spend some time looking for the right bag for your … Read more

Top 23 Hoverboards for Kids & Adults in 2021 Review

Although these “hoverboards” are not the ones that people expected (like the one in Back to the Future 2), these gadgets did take the world by storm and provided countless number of people endless amounts of fun. These self-balancing electric-powered hoverboards are a lot of fun to ride, and they are easy to master too. … Read more

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Top 12 Penny Skateboards in 2021 Review

Want to skate even in small and crowded spaces? The best penny boards got you covered! A penny skateboard is designed for slow cruising. Unlike traditional skateboards, the shorter design means that it isn’t built for showing off tricks. It can also be difficult to control and maybe dangerous at high speeds. Made of lightweight … Read more

Top 19 Longboard Decks Brands in 2021 Review

If you’re new in the world of longboards, purchasing the right product for yourself can be a very intimidating task. You might not know where to begin your search. This happens to all beginners. You might also have a difficult time on how to differentiate a good longboard from a bad one. We understand your … Read more