How To Clean Skateboard Shoes

Cleaning shoes can be a real problem, because if you don’t do it correctly you risk damaging or completely destroying your shoes. How do you wash shoes now? The first thought is: in the washing machine. But does every pair of shoes survive?

Shoes in the washing machine – basic rules

One thing is particularly important: if you wash shoes in the washing machine, you do so at your own risk, because in cases of defects after washing, the producer is not liable.

It makes sense to think that laundry in a washing machine saves time in shoe care – which of course is not true. If you want a pair of shoes to make a particularly long friend, you should also invest some time in caring for them before deciding to put them in the washing machine. Removing dirt on the sole, sludge and sand not only improves the results, it also protects the washing machine from damage. Now that we know the basics of shoe cleaning in the washing machine, we will discuss how to care for shoes properly.

How should sneakers and athletic shoes be cleaned?

There are a few rules that apply to washing sports shoes in the washing machine. If you follow these rules, this helps to prevent deformation and damage to the footwear’s appearance. If your own device has a cleaning program for shoes, you can of course use it, but it is worth checking whether it meets the following parameters:

Sports shoes in the washing machine – step by step

After a thorough cleaning, we take the insoles and shoelaces out of the shoes.

Each shoe should be placed in its own washing bag. If you don’t want to wash the shoelaces by hand, you can also put them in the bag.

It is best to wash shoes in a full washing machine. So it’s a good idea to fill the machine with other laundry as well.

The selected program should be as short as possible and the number of revolutions should not exceed 500 per minute. The spin cycle should be switched off or the duration and speed should be reduced to a minimum. The maximum washing temperature should be between 30°C and 40°C. Add detergent according to instructions. Fabric softeners should not be used.

Drying the shoes is just as important as washing them. The first thought is to put the shoes in the sun, which would be a mistake – this could result in the color of the shoes fading.

If not in the washing machine, how do you wash velour leather shoes?

When asked whether you can wash shoes made of suede leather in the washing machine, there is one, albeit rather sarcastic answer: You can do that of course, whether they survive this is another matter. Velour is a very ungrateful material, but if you take care of it properly you will enjoy the shoes for a long time

Velour shoes are best cleaned dry. In shoe shops you can buy appropriate cleaning and impregnating agents which help you to protect your shoes from external influences. The better you take care of your shoes before wearing them, the easier it will be to remove the impurities. Besides detergents, you can also use household products. Dry stains can be removed with a sponge and a soft brush. Stubborn stains can sometimes be cleaned with an eraser.

In many internet forums you can read that people wash their shoes in the washing machine regardless of the material. Some pairs of shoes will not break, but you can never be sure of that. It should not be forgotten that shoes that are not cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions cannot be claimed if something goes wrong.