DIY Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits & Parts – Build Your Own Electric Skateboards

Take your love for electric skateboarding up a notch by building your own board. This is the perfect opportunity for you to have a faster, more versatile skateboard with a heavy-duty battery pack. No wonder more and more skaters are resorting to the do-it-yourself option.

Another benefit of a DIY electric skateboard is the unforgettable experience it provides. Just imagine the exhilarating moment of finishing your first-ever custom board all by yourself. We believe the rush is similar to what you feel when you finally hit the road.

To start creating your board, you should browse for electric skateboard kits on the Web. Or, you can simply read on to find out the best ones on the market based on our standards and careful research.

Best DIY Electric Skateboard Kits Review

Whether you prefer a full kit or individual products you can assemble later, we have everything you need on this list:

Atom 95X MountainBoard

Ideal for budget-conscious teenagers and adults who want to improve their skills, Atom 95X MountainBoard is designed for recreation. It is packed with components useful for skateboarding on an extra-rough terrain.

The main parts of this mountainboard are the 38.3-inch maple laminate deck, F1 bindings for skaters with smaller feet, die-cast aluminum All Terrain Skate (ATS) trucks with Chromoly axles, eight-inch tires with diamond treads, and the Tri-Spoke hub. They even come with a fully installed V4 brake kit for a safer V-brake system.

When everything’s put together, the weight of the board is 15.5 pounds or seven kilograms with a length of 43.2 inches or 109.7 centimeters. These dimensions are good enough for a superior mountainboard that can also do some freestyle riding.

Now, let’s get into some specifics. First, the extremely sturdy deck has PHT graphic material and a 46-grit grip tape made of aluminum oxide. Going down, you’ll see orange bushing suspension to handle bumpy rides and a grab handle or brake for your safety.


  • Effective for recreational skateboarding on uneven surfaces
  • Tough laminated maple deck
  • Grip tape with 46 grit and aluminum oxide composition for a steadier ride
  • F1 bindings designed for smaller feet
  • Safe V-brake system thanks to the V4 brake kit
  • Orange bushing suspension to reduce vibration


  • Can’t move side to side easily
  • Complicated adjustments
  • Shaky rims
  • Brake pads hitting the rims
  • Not performing well on grassy surfaces and steeper slopes
  • Breakable aluminum ring
  • Not fast enough

MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

Another one with a robust laminated maple deck, MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard has a high level of strength despite its beginner-friendly design. To enhance the powerful characteristic of the board even more, it uses ATS.12 trucks and 12-millimeter axles.

In addition, the size of the axles has a purpose. It turns out that 12-millimeter axles match Matrix axles perfectly.

All of those components aren’t just strong; they are lightweight and can be easily adjusted.

Since a mountainboard usually has bindings, this one uses the F1 Velcro type. It lets you adjust the fit in no time. It is compatible with most foot sizes.

For speed, this mountainboard uses the brand’s premium FiveStar hubs, bearings protected by rubber, and eight-inch T1 rubber tires with a high degree of rebound. Meanwhile, the entire V-brake system is already assembled to keep you safe during acceleration.

Speaking of the tires, the tube consists of topnotch butyl rubber. That material can prevent the tires from losing air, making flats less likely to happen.


  • Strong laminated maple deck for extensive training
  • Powerful ATS.12 trucks
  • 12mm axles for compatibility with Matrix axles
  • Lightweight and highly adjustable
  • F1 bindings with Velcro to fit big or small feet
  • Rubber-protected bearings to withstand heavy use
  • 8-inch T1 tires that can improve rebound
  • Functional V-brake system without additional assembly
  • Butyl rubber tube to prevent a flat tire


  • Too slow for some skaters
  • Can’t maintain mobility for a long time
  • Tires get in the way when you push
  • Ineffective positioning of the wheels
  • Unstable brakes

DIYE 36 Teeth 10mm Wide Drive Flywheel Pulley Kit

Even though DIYE 36 Teeth 10mm Wide Drive Flywheel Pulley Kit specifically requires a 10-millimeter belt, it can still fit several types of Flywheel wheels. It is compatible with the 83-, 90-, 97-, and 100-millimeter variations.

For durability, the pulley and washer are made of high-grade metals. The pulley contains aluminum while the locking washer is steel.

Why is it important for the pulley and washer to stay durable? The pulley works with the belt continuously to keep driving the wheel. That’s why it needs tough materials like aluminum.

High-grade aluminum doesn’t rust. It can also stay strong against impact despite its lightness. And, since we’re talking about electric skateboard kits, aluminum is an effective conductor of electricity and heat.

Meanwhile, to support the locking washer’s function, steel is a good fastener. It can withstand the toll of long-term use by resisting corrosion and abrasion.

Promoting easier installation, this product only includes one 36-tooth pulley, one locking washer, and six bolts.


  • Versatile because of its compatibility with these Flywheel sizes: 83mm, 90mm, 97mm, and 100mm
  • Durable aluminum pulley and steel locking washer
  • Hassle-free installation with just three types of components: pulley, locking washer, and bolts


  • Wrong labels in some packages, leading to incorrect fit
  • Can’t fit Caliber trucks
  • Width not compatible with standard ABEC wheels

M Merkapa Ratchet Skateboard T Tools All in One Tool

Constant DIY work with your skateboard becomes easier with a multipurpose tool. M Merkapa Ratchet T Tools All in One Tool can perform different tasks on a wide variety of skateboards. Whether you’re building a board or simply tuning it up, rest assured it will help you finish your project fast.

This tool comes with a 3/8-inch ratchet-like socket, 1/2-inch socket for installation or removal of the wheels, 9/16-inch socket for fastening or loosening of the trucks, 1/8-inch Allen wrench with an attachment key, 5/16-inch re-threader of the axles, and a remover for the bearings.

Before we discuss more features, we should highlight the fact that having axle threaders in multipurpose tools isn’t a usual thing. It is actually quite rare. Re-threaders will help you skip another trip to the store because an axle may look brand-new all over again.

Aside from versatility, this skateboard tool is a combination of metal and plastic for durability. Steel is tough enough on its own but with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, the tool becomes multifunctional.

Don’t worry about losing tiny components; the packaging of this product is 100% sealed.


  • Multifunctional tool designed for building or maintaining skateboards
  • 3/8” socket takes the capabilities of a standard ratchet
  • 1/2” socket for installing, removing, or securing wheels
  • 9/16” socket for maintaining trucks
  • 1/8” Allen wrench + attachment key
  • 5/16” re-threader for worn-out axles
  • Bearing remover for easier cleaning and customization
  • Made of steel and ABS plastic for durability and versatility
  • Secure packaging for small parts


  • Poor performance of the ratchet and axle re-threader
  • Flimsy

Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard Trucks

A real value for money, Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard Trucks come in pairs for each package with an extra set of genuine Bones Reds bearings. The number of items in this kit can make a difference in building a longboard or skateboard.

To ensure speed, the hanger angle is 44 degrees. With this feature, downhill racing will be more exciting than ever. You can go all out with your skateboard.

The best improvement of Caliber II is its strength. Compared to the previous model, it is 40% more powerful. The structure of these trucks is tougher.

Another positive change represented by Cal II is the improved inner step. You will literally feel closer to the bushing, which increases the level of responsiveness and rebound.

On the other hand, the outer step is perfectly round for a flawless fit with the bushings. Additionally, the pivot pin has a tighter fit because of the bigger contact area of the pivot cup with the baseplate.

When it comes to the bushing seat, it won’t slip at all. It can reduce unnecessary motions to maintain proper distribution of your weight. Your movements will be more precise to enhance safety and performance.


  • Hanger angle of 44 degrees for a faster ride even during downhill racing
  • 40% more powerful than Caliber I
  • Better inner step for a higher degree of responsiveness and rebound
  • Better outer step with a flawless circle to complement the form of the bushings
  • Nonslip bushing seat for precision


  • No division between the trucks in the package, resulting in harsh impact during shipping
  • Kingpin too short for some Venom bushings

Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Designed for large boards, Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet has a generous length of 48 inches and a width of 10 inches. It is perfect for longboards and older models of skateboards.

Because of the sintered silicon carbide grains, the surface of this grip tape uses the ideal 80-grit quality. Sintering is a foolproof way to bond tiny substances together so don’t fret about flaking and other signs of wear.

The 80-grit standard isn’t too rough. Your shoes will remain intact when you step on the tape.

To install, just peel the paper off the sheet to expose the adhesive that should stick to the board’s surface. Simply cut the excess material peeking through the edges.

The amazing thing about the adhesive is that it can stay on the surface even when you ride but easily peels off when necessary. No more dealing with stubborn residues.

Grip tapes aren’t just for your safety. You can also make a statement with them. Feel free to pick plain ones with bold colors or something with detailed graphics to suit your style.


  • Ideal for big boards (48” x 10”)
  • Sintered grains made from silicone carbide to achieve 80 grit
  • Balanced 80-grit feature to prevent ruining your shoes
  • Easy to install
  • Can be removed easily when needed
  • Fun style options


  • Reacts badly with splashes of water
  • Too narrow for some boards

Orangatang Nipples Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings

For a more dynamic ride, consider installing Orangatang Nipples Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings on your board. They can enhance rebound and energy because of their large size, chubby shape, and Randy Thane urethane formula.

Let’s focus first on the size of these bushings. They have a big barrel form that’s a little bit taller and wider than most options. They can increase support to the trucks as well as provide them with extra material for better response.

And, now, for the items included in this particular kit. It contains two 0.56-inch top bushings, two 0.66-inch bottom bushings, and four flat washers with a thin yet powerful structure.

The reason why flat washers work great with soft bushings has something to do with the possibility of premature damage if you use the wrong kind. The other type, cupped washer, has edges that can easily cut soft surfaces.

Lastly, this product has limited compatibility, but it works great with trucks from popular brands like Randal, Paris, and Tracker Fastrack.


  • Effective for a more energized ride because of its thick yet soft structure
  • Larger than most bushings to provide trucks with better support and response
  • Great for Tracker Fastrack, Randal, and Paris trucks


  • Compatible with selected brands only
  • Breakable
  • Too thick for some kingpins
  • Tricky installation
  • Too expensive for some buyers

XCSOURCE 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter Remote Controller + 4 Channel Splash Proof Receiver + Binding Plug for Electric Skateboard OS917

Here’s a kit that will absolutely match the high-tech features of your electric skateboard. This set includes XCSOURCE 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter Remote Controller, 4 Channel Splash Proof Receiver, and a binding plug.

The remote controller looks so unique because of its pistol shape. The purpose of that form is comfort and convenience when you grip it with one hand. You can easily adjust the throttle and steering so you can turn to any direction fast.

About the wireless technology used, its coverage can reach 80 meters. The 2.4-gigahertz four-channel receiver comes with an internal antenna. As a plus, it is resistant to splashes of water especially when you skate over puddles.

To keep you safe, this product has sensitive sensors to instantly follow your command. Sometimes, a few seconds is all it takes to avoid an accident so always prioritize consistency of the quick response feature.


  • User-friendly remote controller with a nice pistol grip
  • 80m coverage of wireless technology
  • Splash-resistant receiver in case of puddles and light rain
  • Quick response because of sensitive sensors


  • Hard to control on/off switch

36 Teeth Drive Pulley Flywheel Parts DIY Kit

Generally compatible with Caliber trucks, 36 Teeth Drive Pulley Flywheel Parts DIY Kit includes a 12-millimeter 265-5M belt. It can fit Flywheel wheels measuring 83, 90, 97, or 100 millimeters.

To meet the demands of motors with high torque, this product features a five-millimeter pitch with big teeth. Completing the assembly are the aluminum 36-tooth pulley, steel 16-tooth motor pulley with an eight-millimeter bore, locking washer, and six bolts.

This pulley system promotes stress-free installation. However, you may have to get used to the wobbly feel of the wheels since it’s part of the system’s tiny flaws. There’s no need to worry, though; the slight instability isn’t serious.

You must be aware of that to keep you from tightening the components too much. You don’t want to bend the plate outside the wheel.


  • Ideal for Caliber trucks
  • Can be used with 83mm, 90mm, 97mm, and 100mm Flywheel wheels
  • Can endure high motor torque because of the 5mm pitch + big teeth


  • Can’t fit Caliber II trucks because of its smaller diameter
  • Pulley and motor getting tangled up

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising

The quality of the wheels will always have a significant impact on the performance of your electric skateboard. One of the best products for customization is this set of Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising. They come with Jehu V2 bearings, spacers, and speed rings.

These wheels ensure a better momentum, more comfortable time in long-distance travels, and faster rides. They are highly recommended for electric longboards, especially when you have to commute.

Another feature helping with momentum is the big 46-millimeter supportive core. It is completely exposed to remain lightweight and fast. It is made of urethane to maintain a high level of stiffness, strength, and resistance to heat.

This set of electric skateboard wheels can also maintain speed and stability when you roll over debris like rocks, sticks, and cracks. That’s possible because of their big 85-millimeter size and slightly rounded edges.

Meanwhile, to strengthen your grip when you move along a surface, the wheels have a 56-millimeter contact patch. Adding to the strong grip is the Happy Thane formula which also contributes to speed.

Urethane is properly distributed to designated sections to achieve momentum, comfort, and grip at the same time.


  • Includes Jehu V2 bearings, speed rings, and spacers to complete the kit
  • Light and swift 46mm core
  • Heat-resistant urethane in the core
  • 85mm size for a smoother ride over debris on the ground
  • 56mm contact patch for better grip
  • Happy Thane formula for continuing speed and grip


  • Can’t last for a year
  • Chipped edges
  • Grip not strong enough for some users

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Guaranteed to have an excellent performance on any terrain, MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are some of the most heavy-duty wheels money can buy. They are also one of the biggest. Their size is 100 by 65 millimeters, ideal for longboards.

Just like any other option, this one ensures unbelievable speed despite its own set of features. It is specifically made of urethane with an extremely high rebound and a durometer rating of 78a.

What exactly do these wheels offer as DIY components or parts of an electric skateboard kit? Well, you’re looking at wheels that can handle rough terrains. So, if you’re going to go off-road, you may install them to an existing board to improve its capabilities.

When we said off-road, we meant surfaces where there’s plenty of grass, lumpy soil, and rocks. With the wrong wheels, you can’t move smoothly on those areas. You may even lose balance when something snags your skateboard.


  • Versatile all-terrain wheels
  • Large 100mm x 65mm size for longboards
  • High-rebound urethane


  • Hard rubber not okay for some terrains because of the weak grip
  • Requires large risers to prevent rubbing the deck
  • Can’t fit on some longboards because of the bigger size

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

With super-smooth carving as their specialty, Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks can improve the form and predictability of your turns no matter which direction you’re heading to. The features responsible for that advantage are the open design of the bushing seat, the full tilt of the hanger rake, and the 50-degree baseplate.

To enhance strength, these trucks are processed through secondary T6 heat treatment. They also come with branded pressed-in kingpins and axles made of grade 8 steel.

Meanwhile, to optimize rebound and response, these trucks work well with the brand’s 90a bushings composed of urethane. Their six-hole baseplate also matches the design of both old and new types of mounting.

For versatility, the hanger has the correct size. It measures 180 millimeters to fit a standard longboard deck (width of nine to 10 inches) and match different riding techniques. It is ideal if you still can’t decide on which size to use.

The package includes two 180-millimeter trucks, two baseplates plus kingpins, four speed rings, four axle nuts, four bushings, and four cupped washers (two for each size: big and small).


  • Predictable turns because of the open bushing seat, the full hanger rake tilt, and the 50-degree angle of the baseplate
  • Stronger thanks to T6 heat treatment, branded kingpins, and axles with grade 8 steel
  • Urethane 90a bushings for better rebound and response
  • Six-hole baseplate for versatility in terms of mounting
  • 180mm hanger for versatility in terms of compatibility with longboard decks and riding styles


  • Kingpin can’t be tightened easily
  • Overly soft bushings

SKYRC iMAX B6 Mini Professional Balance Charger / Discharger

Since electric skateboards generally use lithium batteries, you may want to include SKYRC iMAX B6 Mini Professional Balance Charger / Discharger in your kit. It is a good voltage tester because of its swift reading of each cell.

You can also measure the internal resistance of every cell in the battery with this device. That way, you will easily find out if your skateboard gets optimal power from the battery.

The best part, however, is how complete the package is. It has everything you need when you use this device.

Aside from the charger, we have five T Plugs with banana, alligator clip, Futaba, JST, and XT60 connector charging cables. The set also includes a DC cable with an alligator clip charging connector.

As expected from a mini charger, you can take it anywhere you like. It only weighs 233 grams.

Despite its small size, this 60-watt device is packed with power. Its input voltage is 11 to 18 volts (DC) while the maximum discharge is five watts.

To avoid buying a fake model of this product, simply find the holographic serial number on the device. Use the number when checking its validity on the brand’s official website.


  • Quick battery cell reading
  • Ability to measure resistance
  • Complete set of items for different applications
  • Light 233g structure
  • Powerful enough for its purpose: 60W max charge, 5W max discharge, and 11-18V input voltage
  • Proof of authenticity


  • Sparking alligator clips
  • Makes unnecessary sounds
  • Not durable enough

Teenitor Fireproof Explosionproof Lipo Battery Safe Bag

Another product that will help you manage your skateboard’s battery, Teenitor Fireproof Explosionproof Lipo Battery Safe Bag is designed for safer charging and storage. Its inner and outer surfaces are all covered with an aluminum foil while containing a special kind of fire-resistant fiber.

Despite the bag’s thin frame, it’s still firm enough to maintain its shape. It is carefully designed for portability without the inconvenience of a hard exterior shell.

Additionally, this bag can be fully closed through Velcro to stop air from going inside in case of a fire. You see, oxygen will only make things worse. Fortunately, this amazing product can contain the fire to prevent it from spreading.

When it comes to storage, this bag is big enough to hold three to six batteries. It is 185 millimeters long, 75 millimeters wide, and 60 millimeters tall. The Velcro closure is very strong to prevent the contents from bursting out of the bag.


  • Made of aluminum foil and flame retardant materials for safer charging
  • Strong Velcro closure to contain the fire in case of a short circuit and other dangerous electrical malfunctions
  • Lightweight and compact for portability
  • Can store multiple batteries securely


  • Can only slow down the burn instead of minimizing the fire
  • Too expensive for its size
  • Can lose its form in the long run through careless storage
  • Tricky to contain the battery while charging

DIYE Electric Skateboard Battery & Electronics Customizable & Scratch-Proof Battery Enclosure

What if you suddenly get stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a dead battery?

All it takes to prevent that horrible scenario is careful preparation. With DIYE Electric Skateboard Battery & Electronics Customizable & Scratch-Proof Battery Enclosure, you can store essential electronic components that can help you fix the problem in no time.

There’s no excuse anymore for living emergency items behind. This enclosure can fit most skateboards. It even has zero pre-drilled holes so you can install it without a fixed guide.

Don’t worry about the possible impact of stray debris. This low-profile attachment is so flexible and durable to endure heavy use. That’s what you get with a protective material like polypropylene.

This enclosure specifically has a tough cover that can resist cracks and scratches to protect spare batteries and other components. As a plus, you get to organize everything inside to minimize damage.

We should also highlight the lightweight frame. You can still cruise the streets like a boss because this box won’t slow you down.


  • Organizer for your spare batteries and important electronic parts
  • Can be installed on standard electric skateboards
  • Doesn’t have pre-drilled holes to give you total freedom when you customize your board
  • Won’t give in to the harsh impact of rocks and other debris because of its extremely tough shell
  • Remains lightweight to let you move around freely


  • Too small for some battery sizes

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Coming from a popular American brand, Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack is a sought-after product. That’s why authenticity is a huge deal, which you will get from the Skate Rated sticker on the package. The Skate Rated label also tells you that the lubricant, materials, clearances, and tolerances included in the package are legit.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the bearings’ quality. Each bearing has a protective rubber cover you can remove when you clean. In terms of performance, the rubber shield reduces friction.

Meanwhile, these bearings have ball retainers made of nylon. The material provides them with a higher level of speed and power.

If you want to use the bearings ASAP, they’re already lubricated. They are coated with the in-demand racing lubricant Speed Cream.

This kit only includes one logo sticker and eight bearings. But, hey, nothing beats superior design. Quality over quantity, right?


  • Skate Rated sticker to prove authenticity
  • Removable cover for cleaning convenience
  • Rubber cover for less friction
  • Ball retainers consist of nylon for a faster, more powerful performance
  • Pre-lubricated with the premium lubricant Speed Cream for instant use


  • Not smooth and fast enough for some users
  • Not fully covered with rubber

Zeato All-in-One Skate Tools Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T Tool Accessory

There are three major functions you can expect from Zeato All-in-One Skate Tools Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T Tool Accessory. It is useful for adjusting the top kingpin nut of the truck, mounting hardware, and axle nuts. It will help you create a new board from start to finish.

This tool isn’t just for building skateboards. It is also great for maintenance. You can tighten loose components, repair minor damages, change wheels, and clean bearings with it. The size of your board won’t even matter because the tool is compatible with the small penny type as well as bigger longboards.

The reason why this tool is versatile is its set of sockets. It comes in three sizes: 3/8, 1/2, and 9/16 inch. It also includes a Phillips head wrench screwdriver that you can slide in and out of the top handle for application and storage. Speaking of storage, you can hide this tool in its own pouch when not in use.

This product may look big and bulky in some pictures, but it’s actually very lightweight and compact. Its 0.3-pound pocket-sized structure is convenient when you’re out riding your skateboard.


  • Great for adjustments on mounting hardware, top kingpins, and axle nuts
  • Can be used for simple repairs as well as maintenance of the wheels and bearings
  • Versatile tool for big and small boards
  • Has a free Phillips head wrench screwdriver
  • Comes with a protective pouch
  • Only weighs 0.3 lbs to easily fit in your pockets


  • Screwdriver falls out too much
  • Breakable
  • Too soft when you touch its plastic parts
  • Bulky plastic

How to Choose DIY Electric Skateboard Kits

Electric skateboard kits exist so you can focus on specific repairs, adjustments, and upgrades.

Available sets for building or customizing a DIY electric skateboard usually focus on the pulleys, trucks, wheels, and bearings. That’s because most skaters choose to personalize their own boards to achieve their desired speed and performance on specific terrains.

Since you may have other modifications in mind, we decided to base our buying guide on the major sections or components of electric skateboards. Learn how to pick the right option for each part to make your DIY project a success:

  • Deck
  • Motor
  • Trucks
  • Wheels


Think about these three factors when you choose your electric skateboard’s deck:


Choosing the right shape is easy enough. You just have to observe the deck from the tip to the tail and identify the purpose of that particular shape.

If you notice that the deck curves upward along the two trucks, you’re looking at the camber type. The truck mounts will be lower than the platform you’re stepping on when you ride.

The purpose of the camber is to help you make better turns. It also gives more flex to the deck without touching the ground.

There’s a problem, though. Camber isn’t the best shape for electric skateboards. You may have to spend more money on the modification just to divide the parts and make the wires of the battery longer.

Next, we have the rocker. This time, the curve smoothly goes downward to place the board’s central part lower than the trucks. Both of the trucks will have more freedom to turn.

In addition, a lower deck is ideal for pushing in long distances. Why? It can minimize the tired feeling you get on your lower extremity when you balance your body for a long time.

However, the rocker shape is still not good enough for electric skateboards. The electronic items your board is bringing might break due to the constant rubbing on the ground.

Similar to the rocker design is the drop deck. It is much lower than the trucks, but it can be simply solved with bigger wheels and thinner parts.

As for the concave shape, you’ll see it when you notice an upward curve between the two areas reserved for your feet. It promotes balance, control, and safety by securing your toes and heels on the deck. No wonder it’s ideal for carving.

Good news — a concave deck is good enough for electric skateboards. But, make sure to avoid wide housing for the parts. A long, slim housing will fit perfectly beneath a concave board.

Another good shape for electric skateboards is the “W” concave. It will provide you with two subtle bumps underneath your feet to support your arches. You can finally control your back foot better.

The only downside of the W-shaped concave is the uneven underside. It will raise issues on the mounting, which will force you to fasten the enclosure on the deck with bolts or screws.


While you just have to use your eyes when observing the deck’s shape, you need to be more meticulous with the flex. You can check the flex by standing on the deck and watching it bend or not.

Once you see the deck flexing or bending, we suggest searching for another one. It turns out that flexible decks aren’t advisable for electric skateboards.

Bouncy decks can be a disadvantage if the battery has a lengthy structure. That’s too bad since they can be more exciting and comfortable to use when you roll over rough surfaces.

If you really want that irresistible bounce, there are ways to adjust the assembly of your electric skateboard. Try to follow these tips:

  • Move the battery at the back of the front truck.
  • Place the electronic speed control (ESC) at the opposite end.
  • Use wood enclosures to match the deck’s flex.
  • Avoid aluminum and plastic enclosures for they’ll resist the flex and break instead.


This refers to the distance between the baseplates of the trucks. It gives the space you need for mounting stuff like batteries, motors, controllers, on/off switches, watt meters, and LCD screens.

A short deck will always be a challenge since you have no choice but to fit whatever you can along the limited wheelbase. Wires alone require at least 50 millimeters of space to follow proper routing. Meanwhile, ESC usually needs approximately 100 millimeters.

If you prefer penny boards, you need to be more careful in saving space. A smaller wheelbase will force you to calculate the length of your ESC and batteries. You must also think about the extent of the motors sticking out of the trucks.


The pulley kits we discussed earlier are for belt-driven motors. The other variation you may consider is the hub motor. Let’s find out which one is better for electric skateboards.

Hub Motors

This type of electric skateboard motor is quieter and easier to install. It has a fixed position near the wheels, which is good for a more concealed placement. It also needs less maintenance because of the absence of pulleys and belts.

However, a hub motor has less torque. You may find it unsatisfying when you try to accelerate. Also, if you’re a DIY pro, you won’t enjoy its limitations.

Belt-Driven Motors

A pair of pulleys are needed for a belt-driven motor to operate. One of them is at the motor while the other is at the wheel. Between them is a belt that will run as you ride.

Belt-driven motors are perfect for a DIY electric skateboard. They will allow you to customize the gearing ratio and the wheels. They also have a much higher torque for smoother acceleration.

Unfortunately, you have to maintain the pulley system. On the bright side, there are a lot of pulley kits in stores nowadays.

Other Considerations

Motors come in different sizes and KV ratings so be careful. Luckily for you, it’s quite easy to choose the right motor for your electric skateboard.

When you see a four-digit number associated with the motor, that’s the size. The logic is simple when you compare motors: the higher the number, the higher the level of torque it provides.

As for the KV rating, the standard range for belt-driven motors is 180 to 270. The lower the rating, the higher the torque. However, if you’re into pure speed, choose a higher rating.

With hub motors, the standard KV rating is only 75. See, they’re so different than belt-driven options.


Probably one of the most complicated parts of an electric skateboard, the trucks are composed of several components. You may have to check the quality of each component just to make sure the kit is worth buying. However, you may also buy a set of trucks based on size and profile instead.


The axle is attached to the wheels, but it has to pass through the hanger first. It is a long pin, so it can definitely reach the wheels. Its length should allow it to remain parallel to the sides of the board.

Next, the triangular component you see in truck kits is the hanger. Its main function is to hold the axle.

Meanwhile, one of the most important parts of the trucks is the kingpin. It is a large bolt that can hold multiple components together. It is surrounded by soft bushings to support the dynamic motions of the skateboard.

Truck parts are usually made of aluminum, steel, and titanium. If you’re always riding your electric skateboard especially on rough terrain, consider heavier metals for the trucks’ components.


In choosing the right size, you just need to check how close the axle’s width is to the deck’s. A 1/4-inch difference is fine. Here are some examples:

  • 6”-7.25” axle = 6.5”-7.25” deck
  • 8” axle = 8”-8.5” deck
  • 9” axle = 9”-10” deck


This refers to the distance between the truck’s hanger and the deck’s bottom. There are three types to choose from:

  • Low = for smaller wheels (50mm to 53mm) and better stability for flips
  • Mid = for wheels measuring 53mm to 56mm and better performance in urban skateboarding
  • High = for skateboards with bigger wheels (56mm+), longboards, and cruisers


Diameter and durometer are the essential factors you should consider in choosing wheels.


Check out these categories for suggestions in picking the right wheel size:

  • 50mm to 53mm = good for smaller skaters, tricks, and recreational skating in parks
  • 54mm to 59mm = ideal for bigger skaters, beginners, and urban skating
  • 60mm+ = recommended for longboards and all-terrain skateboards


When it comes to hardness, the durometer rating is the standard way to know which wheels are softer or harder without touching them. Manufacturers generally use the A scale instead of the B scale.

A lower durometer rating simply means a softer wheel. Soft wheels are slower, but they have the best grip on concrete surfaces and rough terrain. On the other hand, hard wheels are ideal for smooth flooring where you don’t need too much grip.


Choosing the right electric skateboard kit is all up to your skating needs. What do you need right now for your DIY electric skateboard? Are you currently looking for new wheels? What about trucks?

One of the products you must get your hands on is the DIYE Electric Skateboard Enclosure. Unlike other options out there, this one doesn’t include pre-drilled holes. You’re free to place it however you want based on your board’s size and shape.

Countless sets of skateboard parts and tools are being sold in stores. You have all the time in the world to do some research on what’s best for your board.