Friends With Roger


Sometimes we send Zachary Blatt skateboards and sometimes he sends us photos and footage. Check out his new edit by clicking this link RIGHT HERE. Crust never dies. Photo: Kyle Anderson

In other Roger-ness, if you’ve been watching the adidas Copa videos from Austin, you’ve no doubt seen some of the dudes all up in those jams. If not, here you go: ONETWOTHREE

We have a bunch of new graphics coming out really soon. Which is cool since we haven’t made anything new in like a year. Sup Wit Dat?



    Playa Hazing


    Our newest dude Will Blakley has some truly splendid footage  in Jake Kuzyk’s new Civic Affair video. But don’t trust my word for it. Go watch the damn thing and quit all that playa hazing.


      Seen Enough To Eye You


      We’re currently working with Paul Schmitt on a new shape that’s inspired by an old shape. Because as they say: those who don’t know the past are doomed to only get stoked on the future. Or some shit like that.

      A couple of the Roger dudes were just in LA and SF riding their boards all over the walls and down stairs and crap like that. If you don’t believe us, that’s cool. We’re totally going to make an edit out of the footage they shot and make your face holes breathe it in, then we’ll see who the liar is, dude.

      Tim and Eric are going to be in Austin next week. Buy them a corn dog if you see them in the streets.


        It Takes Two (Again)


        It’s a well-known fact that the Roger dudes prefer the raw streets to the confines of an indoor park. Nevertheless, when called upon to shred the florescent-lighted, wooden-plyd arenas, the dudes most certainly abide. Here’s some video documentation of Max Taylor and Ryan Holloway performing a skateboarding demonstration in Katy, TX at the SK8 SHOP. Put that in your pizza roll and smoke it.


          It Takes Two


          Roger recently added a new dude to our team. His name is Will Blakley and here’s a brand-new video of him skating with his buddy Max Taylor. Big thanks to Calvin Millar for putting this video together for us. We get by with a little (a lot of) help from our friends.

          Totally forgot to post this the other day, but Nate LaCoste recently went to Tokyo. Don’t believe me? Proof for your face!

          And in cellar door news.

          Expect an indoor-skatepark edit to hit your dong soon, too. Trying to cover all our bases over here.


            Backwards Glance


            Mefford just sent me this photo of Max Taylor doing a switch frontside heelflip into this Krust Krustofferson bank spot.

            Max is working on a shared part with our new flow bro Will Blakley. Should be done really soon, so don’t quit skateboarding just yet.


              Smart Pants


              Our friend Brandon has a Rip Clip up at The Skateboard Mag site right this very frickin’ second. If you don’t believe me, click this link. See, told you, smart pants.


                Dust Bunnies

                Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 5.35.41 PM

                Dear skaterz,

                A few of the Rogers spent some time in Philadelphia recently, and this dude Sheldon Barr filmed them while they made stunts. Then, this other dude Dave Ehrenreich took that footage and edited it to some songs and now its right here for the balls in your skull sockets to look at. Good job, dudes.

                In other news, some kid did a hardflip somewhere while you read this.





                  Spit Lube


                  Instead of alphabetizing your adult-comic-book collection tonight, why don’t you go watch Max Taylor FSU all over the place in Rob Gs new video offering. Full video dropping on Rob’s site on Feb. 1st. I don’t know what the name of the video is, so I’ll just make something up: Street Judo! Yeah, that sounds pretty tight.

                  In other Roger-related news, Cesar recently moved back to Florida where they apparently have skateparks. Proof in your face!

                  We’re going to be re-releasing a bunch of classic Roger shit in the next month or so. So if you missed out on getting a Ghost With a Boner or Weed & Cobras deck the first go around, you’re in luck, Chuck. We were also thinking about making nose guards but we decided to make hair gel instead.


                    It’s Noon Somewhere


                    I know you’d planned on spending your entire day hanging out on the Roger site, BUT you’re gonna have to change your plans, mister. Because you need to click this damn link right here and head over to our Vimeo page and watch Nate LaCoste get all avant garde in Bird of Prey 4! When you’re done, go vote for Nate for Skater of the Year. Oh, wait. That already happened. Nerrmind.