ZIONOR XA Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles Review

If you are a daredevil by nature, the ZIONOR XA Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles is a great match for you. Among the many models available in the market, this model has managed to rank along with the best snowboard goggle brands known. The importance of having pristine visibility when engaging with any type of sport cannot be emphasized enough. Apart from a huge part of your experience and enjoyment relies on it, your safety and security crucially depends on it too. This is a consideration that teen and adult skiers should consider, more so to grown-ups teaching their kids how to do it.

Features and SpecificationsZIONOR XA

Anti-fog feature

This features a dual lens with an anti-fog and anti-wind capability, along with 100% UV400 protection for your eyes. Similar to the Odoland Snow Ski Goggles S2 Double Lens Anti-Fog Windproof UV400 Eyewear, you will surely feel the effectiveness of its wind resistant feature because it keeps your eyes feeling warm even when you ski along windy and snowy terrains.

Triple-layer foam

This model is equipped with triple-layer foam for perfect face fitting. Its material is sturdy enough to endure trauma, and flexible enough to ease into different face structures. The soft sponge will keep you face warm, noting that temperature balance is achieved thanks to the two way venting system that exhausts the heat generated when engaged in the sport.

PC lens + TPU frame

This features ruggedized lenses with the ZIONOR special EDT (Enhanced Durability Tech) that facilitates better impact-resistance. With the durable Italian inner lens, your eyes will surely feel comfortable and be protected at all times.

Elastic strap

Apart from comfort and quality, it is important that the goggles complement the experience when worn with a full gear. This model, like the OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles – Helmet Compatible Snow Goggles, comes with adjustable extra-long head straps to make allowances and adjustments for all types of head structures. This unisex design is made for teenager and adult skiers.

The Good

Top quality ski goggles

This is designed to fit users of all age ranges and head structures. It is made with a solid and sturdy build, complemented by ruggedized lens to make sure you get optimal protection against harsh winds, damaging sun lights, and heavy snow. Its quality can level up to other amazing models such as the Yidomto Ski Goggles, Pack of 3 Snowboard Goggles, and more.

Excellent quality service

What good is a product if it does not come with a support base that can assist you with any type of concern? The good thing about the ZIONOR XA Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles is that it comes with customer oriented service. They have a team ready to swiftly reply to your inquiries and complaints.

Impressive anti-fog and anti-wind feature

This model delivers a panoramic view along with the clearest and cleanest vision. It comes with lens that works well with different types of weather conditions and lighting. Apart from this, it comes with an over the glass feature which allows you to wear glasses beneath it. It fits and accommodates glasses well and it stays in place without compromising its anti-fog and anti-wind features.

Excellent magnetic mechanism

Users have attested that the magnetic clip is truly an iconic feature of the product. They have used it in different terrains; have gone through rough ski and snowboarding rides, but the lenses stay intact. Thanks to the impressive quality and mechanism of the magnetic clips, you can surely rely on the lenses to protect you even in the roughest rides.

The Bad

Lenses easily scratches and deteriorates

One of the drawbacks on this model would be the vulnerability of the lenses to trauma and damage. Users have raised their concerns on the lenses not being scratch proof. They had troubles in keeping the lenses in its perfect shape during their rides. The coating may come off when used over time.

Lenses not working well in the dark

The concern on visibility for this one would be that it is quite difficult to see the contours of a run. It was also mentioned to be ineffective when pursuing a dark path. You get a wide view; however, you may have some trouble identifying the details of the terrain you are skiing on. Extra caution should be noted to prevent accidents.

Noticeable gaps between goggles and face

While this delivers a perfect fit for many, some have raised questions on the gaps between the foam around the nose and temples. This is more likely caused by the structure which is frameless. While this gives a stylish touch to the model, the feature may not exactly work for some.

Who Is It For?

The ZIONOR XA Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles is for skiers who want to be able to easily swap and change lenses any time. The magnetic clips on this model are truly impressive; you are guaranteed maximum eye protection even in the roughest rides. This also works well for those who want to wear glasses beneath it as it gives a suitable and comfortable fit to various frame types. Apart from a wide view, this also lets you enjoy rides without the fogging and extreme wind getting in the way.



Excellent goggles can be a needle in a haystack. With the various models out in the market, choosing the best one remains a challenge. Hence, the great and useful features of the ZIONOR XA Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles prove to be some of the good reasons to go for it. While this is known for having the best anti-fog and anti-wind qualities, this may not be the best in terms of distinguishing different hues when skiing or snowboarding. Examine your needs, your type of riding, along with the terrain you are to pursue to know if this is the right one for you. Overall, this delivers and gives you the value for every penny, another top-rated product that you can take to your next skiing or snowboarding event.