ZBoard 2 Blue Electric Skateboard Review

The power packed single motor of the ZBoard 2 Blue can drive the skateboard at a top speed of 20mph for a range of 16 miles. You can control the best and cheapest electric skateboard with the help of weight sensing footpads alone. All you need to do is stand on the deck and lean forward for setting the board in action. The volume of pressure on the sensors can control the acceleration and deceleration.ZBoard 2 Blue

The ZBoard 2 Blue is designed to carry a maximum payload of 220 LBS and it is recommended for the 18+ age group. The best part of the design is the hands-free architecture of the board and motor assembly. You can guide the hands-free skateboard to top speed by merely shifting your body leaning angle, without depending on the remote control. The other hands free skateboard review you can read is about the Onewheel.

ZBoard 2 Blue – The New Generation Skateboard

  • Skateboard Deck: The deck design of the ZBoard 2 Blue contains two force (pressure/weight) sensing footboards at the front and the rear. Both of them are connected to the motor and the battery with the help of fine cables. The actuator in the sensor converts the foot force into electric pulses of varying frequency. The triggering of motor generates acceleration depending on the volume of the force. Leaning forward naturally puts more force on the front pad sensor and decreases the pressure on the rear pad. Hence, you can reach higher speeds. Once you start leaning back, the pressure on the rear pad increases, while the front pad pressure decreases. The board starts decelerating and finally stops.
  • Skateboard Motor: The single rear motor connects directly to the battery and the rear truck onboard. The power supplied by the battery varies depending on the strength of pulses received from the sensor. Hence, the torque generated by the motor also varies to speed up, speed down and stop. The 100w energy generated by the motor is sufficient to provide top speed of 20mph on standard road conditions. At the same time the energy efficiency of the motor core design can push the skateboard for 16 miles at consistent speed and acceleration. This one feature that differentiates the ZBoard 2 Blue from the other boards of the same configuration.
  • Skateboard Wheels: The 90mm / 80a blue wheels are designed to provide maximum grip, RPM, wear resistance, load capacity, smooth ride, and flawless braking. The wheels have speed mode locking feature that allows you to travel within the safety limits, once you set the mode to the desired level. The wheels are designed for maximum hardness and flexibility, while carrying the payload weight + board weight along with the accessories. Polyurethane material ensures minimal heat generation on friction. In fact the wheel design ensures least possible friction with the other connected components in the axle, hanger and the bush ring of the truck.
  • Skateboard Truck: The ZBoard 2 Blue truck measures 280mm in dimension that is capable of high level load bearing capacity. The new generation truck designers have shaped the construction from the kingpin nut to the base plate in an efficient manner. The pressure on the rear truck is minimal during acceleration, since the body weight is concentrated on the front foot pad. Hence, the torque generated by the motor gets distributed to the twin wheels with minimum loss. So, you can experience higher speeds within the shortest interval of time. The shaft connecting the motor to the rear wheel contains the drive wheel, belt and the speed controller. Acceleration and slowing down are made simple with the connectivity between the sensor and the speed controller.
  • Skateboard Pads: The weight of the sensor reading is relatively more on the read pad compared to the front pad. This feature makes it easy for you to slow down the board and stop it within a few seconds. By removing the foot from the front pad away from the front pad sensor and increasing the pressure on the rear sensor, you can bring the ZBoard 2 Blue to immediate halt safely. You can also use the rear pad to maneuver the curves and turns with maximum efficiency.
  • Skateboard Battery: The ZBoard 2 Blue battery provides consistent supply to the motor during your travel. The increase in the power supply volume is intelligently controlled by the sensor and motor shaft combination. When you start slowing down, the power utilization from the battery also decreases proportionally. This energy saving feature is the reason for 16 miles range at top speed.

ZBoard 2 Blue – Complete Rider ControlZBoard 2 Blue

The ride height of .5”, deck length of 38”, deck width of 9.5” and truck width of 280mm makes the ZBoard 2 Blue perfectly balanced skateboard you can have. The distance between the front footpad and the rear footpad is designed to make you stand at the best comfortable posture. The center of gravity (your body and the board) gets streamlined at the perfect position. Hence, you can travel uphill and downhill with the same level of control and balance. The other compatible skateboard with remote is the Genesis Hellfire.


  • Hands-free Control with onboard pressure sensors.
  • Four mode operation (beginner, normal, expert and ludicrous).
  • Speed locking wheels for safety and protection.
  • Speed mode indicators.
  • Variable acceleration from slow to extreme.
  • Easy handles for portability.


  • Recommended for 18+ age group riders.
  • Needs extensive practice before taking out on the roads.


The ZBoard 2 Blue is ideally recommended for the intermediate level user with some experience on the earlier versions. If you are a beginner, it is recommended you get enough practice within the safe zones before taking the board on long distance travels. The other skateboard recommended for the beginner is the Acton Blink S.