What is a Hoverboard?

Gone are the days where kids’ minds were blown away by how a skateboard works. As technology evolves, the enhancements and improvements in almost everything keeps on getting better. Back in the days, skateboards were the hottest item in a kid’s Christmas list. Fast forward then to now, you will see their eyes beam on the sight of a hoverboard. This is a device that has revolutionized personal transport and play. If you are thinking of getting your kid a present this Christmas, check out the best hoverboards for kids online or on physical stores near you.

Getting to Know More About Hoverboards

Some people refer to a hoverboard as a “self-balancing scooter”, this comprises of two motorized wheels that are connected to a pair of articulated pads on which the feet of the rider are placed. Some people wonder how it works. For starters, the speed is controlled by a movement of leaning forward and backward by the rider. On the other hand, direction is controlled by twisting the pads to the desired route.

Who Invented The Hoverboard?

The concept on how this device works has been fantasized early in the 1960’s, up until the year of its creation. Decades of having the concept was turned into reality when Shane Chen, an American businessman, came up with a file for patent on the device. The hoverboard’s popularity started to go into its peak when famous celebrities endorsed it themselves. At the time, the device was sold at higher prices, but today, people can now easily afford them as they are sold both in physical and online stores around the world.

Different Types of Hoverboards

For first timers, all hoverboards may look the same. However, as you learn about the device, you will know that not all of them are created the same way. There will be a differing factor in terms of size, speed capacity, distance, or travel range. With the growing number of manufacturers of hoverboards today, you can now choose one with the features of your preference. To give you a heads up, here are the different types of hoverboards that are sold in the market.

Standard Hoverboards

For starters, this is something that you can get a hold of. This is the most common type of hoverboard and it is ideal for short trips around the neighbourhood as it is compact and lightweight. This is perfect for short commutes and travel, and the best thing about this is that it does not make a lot of noise. This usually comes with these specifications: it may be available on a maximum speed of 7mph, or up to 12mph depending on the brand offered. It usually has a standard range of 10-15 miles, however, this can vary depending on the rider’s weight and the degree of inclines the rider drives on. As for its wheel size, it usually comes with a 6.5 inch sized wheel. The average charging time for a full battery would be 1 ½ to 2 hours.

All-Terrain Hoverboards

When we speak of all-terrain hoverboards, we are speaking of the type that you can take off-road. This is ideal for those who have mastered the use of the standard hoverboards. With this type, you can take on routes that do not have all flat surfaces. This type comes with the following specifications: it has a maximum speed of 7mph and provides a radius that is up to 15 miles. This is a 4×4 version of a hoverboard and it offers a different experience for daredevils. It takes around 1 ½ to 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

Features You Can Enjoy On A Hoverboard

Apart from getting you from point A to point B, this has other features that you can enjoy. It has a Bluetooth capacity for speakers, which means you can listen to music while going around your neighbourhood or on your commute. Hoverboards also offer LED lighting. If you are someone who values style, you can change and put different colored LED lights on its wheels, board or both. This gives your hoverboard an edge in terms of aesthetics, and serves as a good source of light at night.

Another feature you can choose to add would be a built-in GPS. This is ideal for those who want to track their location and have a reliable source of information when going to a certain destination. As for safety purposes, you can choose one that has a remote and lock feature. Just like the remote and lock feature for cars, you can have your hoverboard secure and locked in case you do not intend to use it. This protects your hoverboard from being used when left unattended.

Wrap Up

Questions to Know What You Need

Now that you already know what hoverboards all the basics about hoverboards, you can now choose one that suits your lifestyle. Are you buying one for a regular commute? Are you planning to use it as a recreational activity in more challenging places? Regardless of how you want to use it, always make sure to go for one that is of good quality.

Pointers to Keep in Mind

Check out various reviews to know more of how a model performs in terms of quality and function. A good hoverboard will take you places and will give you the excitement you have been craving for. Always remember to put safety first in all you rides.