Weight of Electric Skateboards Comparison

Knowing the weight of electric skateboards is a big deal, especially for commuters, air travelers, and kids who want to try e-skating. Heavy and lightweight e-skates both have pros and cons, so skaters should be more aware of available options in stores.

Comparison Table of Electric Skateboard Weights

The total weight of any e-skate usually comes from its overall size, deck material, motor, battery, and wheels. To give skaters an idea of how light or heavy certain options are, these are some of the top rated electric skateboards from different manufacturers and their specs relevant to the item or unit weight:

E-Skate Model Weight (lb) Dimensions Deck Material Motor Battery Capacity Wheel Size
Acton Blink S2 15 31.5”x 8.5” (LxW) maple, aluminum 1,000W (dual) 4,400mAh 83mm
Blitzart Huracane 18.4 38” (L) bamboo, maple 350W 4,000mAh 90mm
Boosted Mini X 16.8 29.5”x11”x5.7” composite 1,000W 2,700mAh 80mm
Caroma 12.6 35.4”x9.0”x4.9” maple 700W (dual) 4,000mAh 83mm
Evolve Carbon 29.7 39.3” (L) carbon fiber 3,000W (dual) 16,000mAh 175mm
Exway Flex 17 37”x11.6”x5.5” bamboo, fiberglass 1,500W 4,000mAh 85mm
Jking Jupiter-02 19.4 38.2”x10”x5.3” maple 900W (dual) 7,500mAh 90mm
Meepo Mini2 17 32”x9”x5.7” maple 1,080W (dual) 4,000mAh 90mm
Skatebolt Tornado 19.5 39”x”9.5”x5.5” maple 500W (dual) 7,500mAh 90mm
TeamGee H20Mini 16 31”x9” (L x W) maple 900W (dual) 7,500mAh 80mm
Wookrays H2S 8.6 25.4”x6.8”x5.5” maple 350W 2,000mAh 70mm
WowGo 3 17.2 38”x9” (L x W) bamboo, fiberglass 500W (dual) 6,000mAh 90mm


The average weight of electric skateboards based on the comparison table is 17 pounds. Evolve Carbon is the heaviest one with its weight of 29.7 pounds while the lightest option is Wookrays H2S with its mere 8.6-pound structure.

As expected, the heaviest e-skate on the list has the longest deck, highest battery capacity, biggest wheels, and the most powerful motor. Its deck material, carbon fiber, is supposedly lighter than wood in general. However, the rest of the features are just too enhanced or enlarged for a more heavy-duty electric skateboard.

On the other hand, the most lightweight option has the shortest deck, lowest battery capacity, and smallest wheels.

Heavy vs Lightweight Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards with heavier weight are typically ideal for pros. That’s because they can be used on different terrains, especially if the skater wants an off-road adventure. They have bigger wheels and a sturdier deck, which is good for absorbing vibrations, preventing punctures, and maintaining stability even on the bumpiest ground.

And, since heavier electric skateboards have higher battery capacity as well, they’re also great for commuters. The rider is less likely to stop in the middle of the road without warning.

Meanwhile, lightweight electric skateboards are a must for kids. A child can easily carry an e-skate of lighter than 10 pounds. Additionally, because of the shorter decks of light e-skates, a young skater will have an easier time controlling the board.

Another crucial advantage is the higher chances of electric skateboards being approved on a plane[Can You Take An Electric Skateboard On A Plane] if they’re lighter. They have smaller batteries, which is a plus in terms of safety, and shorter decks for carry-on bags and overhead bins. Heavier e-skates, which are usually longboards, should be in checked bags most of the time.

As a plus, the possibility of an electric skateboard going uphill[Can Electric Skateboards Go Uphill] is higher if it’s more lightweight. Heavier options are more challenging to control during uphill rides, although a powerful motor is still important. It’s simply a matter of balance between weight and power.

Regarding medium-sized electric skateboards with standard features, they’re perfectly balanced. They’re light enough for convenience but still durable for daily use in urban areas. They’re also the affordable versions of high-performance options, which is expected due to their limited capabilities especially when it comes to intense rides in off-road locations.