Vans Women’s Old Skool (TM) Core Classics Skate Shoes Review

True skating lovers that have been in the game for long know the history of the Vans Women’s Old Skool (TM) Core Classics. These were the real thing then. You could wear these, and you were the center of attraction. Funny how time flies. Fast forward, and we now have hundreds of options in the market. The Women’s Old Skool, however, remains to be one of the cool skateboard shoes available. It hasn’t lost its touch yet.

Features and Specifications


Everything about the performance of this shoe is to be admired. It might take some time to break in, that we don’t dispute, but everything else is excellent. This shoe is made strong, and this is apparent from when you set your eyes on it. Another thumbs-up is its board-feel. WaffleControl and LuxLiner were combined to create something incredible and highly-performing.

The grip is to-notch, and we didn’t have any doubts about it. The grip is impressive, and every second spent wearing this shoe will be a pleasure. The sole, on the other hand, is a result of WaffleControl. This sole does an excellent job of absorbing almost all the primo and impacts. Moreover, it will still work equally good even under high pressure.

First Impression

Having a first look at this pair will remind you so much of the Vans SK8-Hi, with the only difference being that the SK8-Hi is a high-top while this one is a low top. Other than that, everything else is identical, copy, and paste. It is a small pair, and the main reason behind this being a reduction in its padding. Don’t get this wrong, reducing its padding doesn’t affect its comfort in any way, but only the size.

This pair is a beautiful one, and if you have a sense of fashion and simplicity, you will fall in love with it right from the word go. There are many color options to choose from, but we love the combination of black and white most.

This shoe comes with a rubber coating but still manages to maintain its lightweight. The insole is made thin, but you won’t have any problems stepping on them. As for the overall impression, this shoe is iconic and has stolen people’s hearts from back in the days. People who love the old Skool fashion will appreciate it the most.

The Good


The durability of this shoe is one to be admired, and one of the primary reasons why we love it. This pair will last you a very long time, and you won’t go through the hassle of purchasing new pairs now and then. The only problem with it is that it takes a little bit longer to break into them. With this, the first few days will not be enjoyable. The innersole will remain stiff and hard. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe is a great alternative for the impatient people who want something quick to break into.

The first ten hours spent with this pair will not show any signs of wear and tear, not even one little bit. The suede upper will remain as good as new. After 20 hours, you will have broken into them and began feeling its comfort. Although the shoe will now start showing signs of being used, there isn’t anything abrasive to be worried about.

Some stitches will show on the jazz strips, although this doesn’t affect the performance of the shoe in any way. We certainly loved how Vans combined the cup-sole and durable upper.

Comes at an Affordable Price

The price attached to this pair isn’t a huge one, fortunately, and we’re aware that this is big news to many of Vans lovers. You neither have to part with huge nor break your bank to own this pair. Unlike models such as the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe, the price attached to this one is reasonable and will leave a smile on your face. This is a substantial reason that makes up for the popularity of this pair.


The Bad

Requires a Long Period to Break-In

We have to deduct a point from this pair when it comes to breaking in them. It is so unfortunate that despite all the good things, breaking in this shoe requires an extended period. This, however, is normal and shouldn’t be a big menace. The first period will be nothing close to fun. The interior will be stiff and hard and might hurt your feet a little bit.

The good news is that once you get used to them, everything else falls into place. The interior becomes comfortable, and the performance solid. You can wear them for long periods without being uncomfortable.

Who Is It For?

This pair is legendary and holds a special place in the history of skating. This old Skool fashion sneakers will best suit people who have the love and appreciation for old Skool fashion. The show is designed for women only- sorry news to men, who will have to look for something else to settle for. Its price is affordable, meaning that almost everyone can afford it.

The style of this pair makes it suitable to wear out to casual occasions and daily routines. You don’t have to try so hard to look good with this pair on. Whether you’re a jeans lover or khaki enthusiast, this pair has got your back and will make you look great in almost anything.


Vans are among very few brands in the market who still have a touch for Old Skool fashion. This is one thing that separates them from the rest of the crowd. This pair isn’t like the other models that we’re used to. This one is a special one that will forever hold a special place in authentic Vans lovers. Another great pair from Vans with great performance, such as this is the Vans Berlo Pro. This one is also worth trying out.