VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes Review

This is the legendary Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes, and true skating lovers must have heard of it. The pair is popular, and you don’t have to be a skate lover to have seen or heard of it. It is one of Vans’ most successful creations and designs. Vans became creative with this pair, combining durability and comfort to bring out something to be admired.

This pair brings in the WaffleControl technology. Basically, this is a cup sole that is combined with unique features around the heel area. Its sole is made to provide impact protection as well as the durability of the shoe. This pair is found among the top 10 skateboard shoes that the current market has to offer. We love every bit of it!

Features and Specifications

First Impression

The first impression of the VANS Sk8 is that the pair seems to be very compact. A reason behind this is that its padding is reduced to a minimal point but without sacrificing its comfort whatsoever. It is appealing to the eye, and you will love it. Its true white version is the best of them all, standing tall above the rest of the multiple color options available.

The shoe is lightweight despite coming with a thick rubber coating. The insole, on the other hand, is also thin but you will tread with it quite softly, there aren’t any complains here. The overall impression of this pair is a positive one and one to admire. It has the authentic signature of Vans and stuck to its high-top design. Vans lovers will be ecstatic with it.

The only problem that we have with this pair is that its bright colors might limit you from combining it with dull outfits. The red version, for example, is too bright and only combines well with other brightly colored outfits.


The performance of this pair is one to be admired. Although the shoe might take time to break in, once you’re in, everything is splendid. The strength of the shoe is immediately visible. Its board-feel is also another thing to admire. The board is a result of the combination of LuxLiner and WaffleControl, and the result is incredible.

When it comes to the grip, we couldn’t ask for anything better. The grip offered is impressive, and it will be a pleasure to skate in this shoe. The sole is courtesy of WaffleControl. It absorbs much of the impacts and primos and will perform equally good even under pressure.

The Good

Durable and Long-lasting

The durability of this shoe is top-notch, though this isn’t the case for the first ten or so hours. At this period, nothing is there to be desired, unfortunately. It is stiff, and you will not have broken in them. If you’re the impatient type and want to settle for something that is quick to break in, then we recommend the Etnies Scout Sneaker.

During the first ten hours, the wear and tear are minimal, with only the toe cap showing some little signs of wearing. The suede upper, on the other hand, is as good as new. When you hit 20 hours in it, you will have already broken into it, and now you’ll be comfortable. The shoe will show signs of being used, but nothing abrasive.

There will be a few stitches on the jazz strips, but this won’t affect the shoe’s performance. The combination of the durable upper and cup-sole nailed it. This was so thoughtful of Vans.


The Bad


A major con with this pair is that the price slapped on it is highly exaggerated. Its price isn’t justified, and to be honest, Vans went a little far with this one. Not many people are willing to part with huge sums to own this pair, and would instead settle for other cheaper and better alternatives such as the Vans Women’s Old Skool (TM) Core Classics.

Its performance is excellent, no doubt about that, but the price is relatively high. This limits many people from owning this pair and so making it less unpopular. This is the reason making the Vans Sk8 an underrated pair.

Takes time to Break In

Yes, the problem of breaking in shoes quick also affects this pair. And if you aren’t the patient type, then you will find it very frustrating. After wearing this pair for a few skating sessions, there is nothing to be desired on its board feel and grip. This is for the first 10 hours. One good thing amidst all these problems is that its wear and tear is minimal.

Once you hit the 20th hour with the Vans Sk8, at least you will start enjoying its feel. There is a little wear, which is normal, and the shoe looks like someone has been skating with it. Its sole still remains robust, and so is its performance.

Who Is It For?

The price attached to this pair is high. This means that the Vans Sk8 is designed for skating fanatics who are willing to go to any levels to own them, and by any level, we mean part with huge sums without feeling the pinch. The shoe is a unisex one, and both men and women are invited to enjoy the fun and benefits that it brings along.

This is a versatile pair and isn’t restricted to skating alone. You can comfortably wear it on casual occasions or on a daily routine. There is no need to worry yourself with buying lots of pairs for different occasions when the Vans Sk8 is there to save the day. It will save you that extra cost.


Vans had a different approach with the Sk8 as compared to other of its models, and we certainly love it. Different from the Vans Berlo Pro, this one comes in a unique design, but still maintaining Van’s signature look. Its performance, on the other hand, remains untouched, top-notch, as we would have expected from Vans. Its price is high, and if you aren’t a skating enthusiast, then you will feel the pinch of digging that deep into your pocket to own the pair.