USA Roller Sports

Skating may not be as popular as football, basketball, rugby, or other contact sports, but it is a growing discipline. There are numerous skating competitions all over the world, including the Olympics. With such, it is necessary to have a governing organization to take care of the events and contests in this field. This is where the USA Roller Sports enter the picture. Keep on reading to know more about this organization.

What is the USA Roller Sports?

Also called the USARS and formerly known as United States Amateur Confederation of Roller Skating, the USA Roller Sports is the national governing body in the field of roller skating and inline skating, which are competitive roller sports. It is a result of the merger of two national organizations – Roller Skating Rink Operators’ Association and United States Amateur Rolling Skate Association. The United States Olympic Committee and International Roller Sports Federation both recognize USA Roller Sports.

Since its establishment in 1937, the organization has been sponsoring amateur competitions, both at the regional and national levels. In 2011, it has also started hosting the roller derby, which is one of the most anticipated events amongst skating enthusiasts.

Duties and Responsibilities

The USA Roller Sports is primarily responsible for organizing the participation of the United States in international roller skating competitions, including the Olympics. It also creates, enhances, and conducts the best programs geared towards promoting the welfare and development of American skaters.

Mission and Vision Statement

For a better understanding of what the organization is all about, let’s also take a look at their mission statement. Its mission as an organized body is “to develop, promote, educate, and grow roller sports at all levels and to enable athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in domestic and international competitions.”

Meanwhile, their vision is “to inspire and enable members to achieve excellence in roller sports and in life by building the base, promoting the sport, and achieving competitive success.

Key Statistics

Registered Members: 6,656

Registered Skating Coaches: 562

Registered Skating Clubs: 374

Headquarter Location

4730 South Street, Lincoln, NE 68506

Contact Information

Phone: 402-483-7551

Fax: 402-483-1465

How to Register

While the USA Roller Sports is an organization that is open to everyone, you need to register to be an eligible member. Whether you are learning how to skate or you are coaching skating professionals, the governing body is offering different types of memberships. Choose which one is most suitable for you and submit the necessary requirements.

Competitive Skating Memberships

As the name implies, this is designed for people who would like to participate in professional skating competitions. Athletes must choose a specific discipline as the first step for the registration. It is possible to apply for a full competition card, which means that an individual can participate in all disciplines instead of a single competition.

Under this membership, USA Roller Sports is also offering the Star Skate Developmental Program. It provides new skaters with the basic skills and knowledge needed to get into the world of roller skating as a competitive sport.

Coach Membership

For those who aspire to coach some of the country’s top and up-and-coming athletes, it is also a must to register. The minimum age requirement to become a coach is 18 years old. The National Center for Safety Initiatives will conduct a test and the aspiring coaches must be able to pass such. Affiliation or membership with other organizations is not required. In some disciplines, there is a test that the coach must take and pass.

Alumni Membership

Even if you are no longer active in roller skating, you can sign-up for the alumni membership. It is a non-compete and non-insured membership. It is geared towards providing those who are no longer active in the sport a community they can rely on. This is also a great way to stay updated in the ins and outs of roller skating.

Benefits and Discounts

Regardless of the type of membership that you have, you can enjoy a wide array of exclusive benefits. You can enjoy exclusive discounts from partner organizations, including hotels. You can also participate in the USA Roller Sports Honors and Awards Program by nominating a person you believe is worth of a recognition. Plus, you can have a voice regarding the direction of the roller skating sport and advocate its popularity. Your membership also gives you the opportunity to be a part of a vibrant and growing community to enhance your knowledge about roller skating.

Sports Events

As an organizing body, USA Roller Sports also organizes events and competitions throughout the year. These are aimed towards promoting the sports in the country. It takes care of many of the qualifying rounds in international competitions and prepares the athletes for such.

Pan American Speed Skating Championships

This is a competition that tests the speed of the participants as they battle it out in the skating rink.


January 14 to 24, 2021

Pan American Figure Skating Championships

From accuracy to body control, this competition showcases the finesse of athletes as they embark in figure skating.


January 25 to February 7, 2021

Inline Hockey World Championships

This is a hockey game variant that is played on a smooth surface where players are using inline skates to move their sticks and shoot a puck.


August 23 to September 4, 2021

Inline Speed Skating World Championships

While this is an international competition, the USA Roller Sports handle the qualifying rounds. It has different race venues and formats, including time trial and sprint races.


September 4 to 11, 2021

Junior Pan American Games

This is a multi-sports event geared towards athletes aged 18 to 21. It includes roller sports competitions, including figure skating, skateboarding, and speed skating.


September 5 to 20,2021

Rink Hockey Pan American Championships

Another part of the World Championships, the best male and female national teams in the American continent will be competing at this event.


September 29 to October 9, 2021


In sum the USA Roller Sports is the organizing body of roller sports in the country. Its members include athletes, coaches, and even alumni. It is geared towards the promotion of inline skating and roller skating as competitive sports. The organization hosts some of the most prestigious competitions in the field while also supporting players in their professional journey, including the Olympics.