Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings Men Review

If you are a rider in search of total freedom and a surfy feeling on your board, then look no further than the Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings. This is one of the best all-mountain bindings in the current market. Popular in the union bindings collection, you definitely should consider having this in your purchase list. This product is considered a soft binding, which leads to an increased natural board feel as you slope down the icy mountains and terrains.

This binding has a craving for total action once you hop into it. It gives you that awesome snowboard ride without you sacrificing on comfort. Let’s check out some of its features that makes it quite a catch.

Features and Specifications


The foundation of this binding is a soft and surfy CP3 Dura flex baseplate. What makes this baseplate unique from all other regular bindings is its underneath structure. The underneath is made of a thermoformed EVA padding bush. It is also referred to as over the edge bushing. This is because it comes over and wraps the edge of the baseplate.

The EVA bushing is soft and lightweight, making the binding less bulky. In addition, the bushings decrease any creasing the board may incur while surfing. Due to the vast bushing underneath the baseplate, only 5% is left for the binding contact zone. The baseplate comes with a mini-disk that is universal that can be mounted on all board system patterns. The mini-disk gives you a little bit of a skateboarding feel on the top sheath of your snowboard.


The high-backs are also an asymmetrical-shaped CP3 Dura flex model. The EVA style padding on the top perimeter acts as a cushion for the back part of your boot. The high-back is lightweight and has a good flex ability. This makes it very comfortable and versatile on all terrains. Just below the high-back is an extruded 3D aluminum adjustable heel cap. The heel cap secures the heel area of your foot on the binding

Straps and Buckles

This binding comes with forma ankle straps. The straps are really supportive around your ankle areas, something that we appreciate. They are minimum in size and area-coverage, making them lightweight. The straps also have the upper hand when it comes to showcasing its durability and adjustability properties. You won’t go through the hustle of replacing them anytime soon.

For the toe straps, they come in an ultra-grip design. They contain an anti-slip material that keeps your boot locked in perfectly in the binding. The adjustability of the toe straps makes it possible for the binding to fit any boot type. The Aluminum ratchet buckles grip the foot properly and do not misfire at all. The lightweight nature of the buckles reduces excess bulk that foot area.

The Good

Lifetime Warranty

The baseplate warranty offer for this binding is music to the ears of snowboarders- thanks to its lifetime warranty. Yes, you got that right, it isn’t limited to any time period. It can be replaced at any time if it gets cracks or breaks for free. This is inclusive of the heel cap. The rest of the binding parts come with a one-year warranty.

Flex and Light

With a flex rating of 4/10, Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings provides a great extent of a surfy feel and tweak-ability when throwing in some tricks. The mini-disk also contributes to the flexibility of this binding. In comparison to the regular full disks, the mini-disk has the upper hand in being more flex effective. The binding is lightweight, majorly contributed by the EVA bushing beneath the baseplate. The high-back and the straps have been designed to give a light effect to the bindings too.

Cushioning and Durability

The baseplate’s EVA padding is going to dampen any negative vibrations and impacts from the board. Not only that, it plays a role of transferring all the power straight into the snowboard. The paddings on the ankle straps secure your ankle region in a perfect fit on the binding. The baseplate bushing is waterproof. Meaning it isn’t going to freeze and crack while riding on low temperatures.


The Bad

Loose Straps

The Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings Men have lots of pros that outweigh the cons. It can be referred to as an almost perfect pair of binding you can find in the market. The only shortcoming as per the reviewers is the loosening up a bit of the strap as you hit the park. This is quite a minimal concern area, as this can be easily fixed by proper adjustment.

We recommend the Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings in respect to this. Its straps are tight enough and come with the option of adjusting them to fit your needs.

Who Is It For?

Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings Men is designed for all level raiders in the male category, unlike the Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Binding. Whether you’re an already established high-class rider or a rookie in the snowboarding field, this binding is built for you. If you are in need of an awesome board field, this binding provides you with exactly that. This is with the aid of the mini-disk that provides much flex compared to full disk bindings. Grab a pair of these bindings and give them a go!


With the evolution of bindings in the union line over the years, the brand has won over the trust of most snowboarders. The Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings Men has established the brand’s mark on the top ranks of bindings production. We love it most for its warranty. You can snowboard confidently without the worry of your binding wearing out.

If, for whatever reasons, this binding doesn’t excite you, then consider settling for the K2 Lien at Snowboard Binding 2019. Just like the Union Contact, a lot is also in store for you with this one. There you have it- don’t have a second guess on getting a pair of these because this one is worth every penny.