How Do Skateboard Trucks Work

Hey guys, wishing you all a happy new year and may this 2018 brings a lot of joy and happiness in your life. Our today’s discussion is to know how skateboard trucks work. We’ll be looking at its assembly along with how it functions and what purpose does it serves. Skateboard Trucks Functioning No matter … Read more

How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks

After a few weeks of padding, the skateboarder decides for a tightening of the trucks that he considers optimal for his practice. After changing trucks or to start a new way of skating (large gaps, curves or to do like a skateboarder that he wants to imitate for example), the skateboarder pulls out his key … Read more

How To Take Trucks Off A Skateboard

Taking off your skateboard trucks is pretty easy and you need a couple of tools to do this. In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to take trucks off a skateboard the easy way. Take Trucks Off a Skateboard To begin, you’ll need the following three items: A screwdriver A skateboard, of course A … Read more

How To Measure Skateboard Trucks

Measuring your skateboard trucks might seem like a confusing thing to do. Maybe you are a complete noob who doesn’t even know where to start. Well, don’t worry, this guide on how to measure skateboard trucks is for all. Measuring Skateboard Trucks The most important part about finding a skateboard truck and measuring it and … Read more