TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed HoverBoard for Kids and Adult Review

I have done some of the great hoverboard brand reviews but this one – Tomoloo is simply something that I cannot stop appreciating. It has given some of the most spectacular products to the customers and the cost have always been extremely well-balanced.

The product has got excellent design and is suitable for adults and kids as well. This is because of its tendency to bear good amount of weight. The cost of this model is also pretty suitable and the first-time buyers will surely appreciate who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a hoverboard.

Features and Specifications

In this review, you can find all the details about this model. It is pretty similar to the TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights Two-Wheel Self Balancing Scooter.

Safety Standards

The UL certification establishes that this model is very safe for your kids. The certification guarantees about the battery of hoverboard that even after exhausting it to the fullest, the battery will not overheat and blow up or melt.

The organization also checks the performance of hoverboard and declares whether or not the product is worth spending money.

Above anything else, the safety of kids should have major priority. This model is absolutely safe, checked and verified by the UL organization. They offer international highest safety standards.

High Temperature Resistance

This element completely depends on the kind of material used in the making. The outer shell of the hoverboard is made of very promising material and the manufacturing process is the same as that of iPhone shell. The product has high temperature resistance and fire retardance.

It is also extremely tough and durable. You can try stunts with it and land on rocky or any terrains of your choice and the hoverboard will still have the potential to perform best. It can be used in extreme circumstances.

Not many models are good in temperature resistance. Moreover, this is the only Tomoloo product with such amazing durability and quality.

Bluetooth Enabled

Just like other products from this brand such as TOMOLOO Hoverboard with App Controlled Electric Self Balancing Scooter, the Bluetooth version is the latest.

The 4.0 technology and seamless integrated cavity design offer best stereo surround sound. Also, through the Bluetooth, you can change the led lights as well. This way, you don’t just ensure your child’s entertainment but also the impression that a hoverboard creates.

One more thing, when the music is played, the lights playfully dances throughout the hoverboard. That is why, it is called music-rhythmed hoverboard.

The lights change their color and twinkles with the beats. This is one of the most stunning features of this model. It has got better design than the CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard as well.

Performance and Weight

The next thing that I will discuss is the speed and performance of the hoverboard. It runs on 12 km/hr speed. This is suitable for new riders that are building up their balancing potential.

The weight capacity is 165 pounds which makes it suitable for growing kids. The hoverboard can be used till the child is 14 years or less in age.

The battery lasts for 10 km after every charge. It is a decent output since in any case you won’t allow your child to take longer trips anyways.

The overall weight of the hoverboard is 17.6 pounds. It is lightweight enough that if the situation arises, your child can pick it up to bring back home.  These are some of the best performance related facts of this machine.


Lastly, the warranty of this model is what completes the purchase. The hoverboard has got a year-long warranty on wheel hub motor, controller and battery and a 6-month warranty on the charger.

The period of warranty is effective soon after the purchase. This feature is not available with all the hoverboards out there. Moreover, you can hardly find any product with such great warranty.

The company is too sure of its creation and they want to give some peace of mind to the buyers as well. This way, you can rest assured that even if anything happens to the hoverboard, you can get it fixed without having to spend your money again.

The Good

These are some things that will surely impress you.

Robust Design

The high temperature resistance and fire retardance of the hoverboard makes the design extremely robust and durable.

Music Rhythmed Feature

The lights dance on the beats of songs you play. This is one of the most charming and impressive features you get in a hoverboard. It is definitely one of the biggest strengths of this model.


Considering the features and robustness of the hoverboard, the price of the product is very affordable. If you are buying a hoverboard for your child who is fun loving but gets bore of things too soon, this model will be the best fit. It is not too expensive.


One of the best things about this hoverboard is that it has a year long warranty on most of its parts.


The Bad

These are some things that I didn’t like in this model:

No App Support

Unfortunately, this model lacks in app support. Unlike other Tomoloo models, you don’t get an app to help access all the features of this product. You don’t get real-life location of your child or access the features from the comfort of your house.

Who Is It For?

This product is ideally for fun-lovers. It is available in a suitable price that will suit the need of every individual. However, considering the speed, I will recommend it to the beginners as they will be able to take best benefit from the speed.


The TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hover Board for Kids and Adult is one of the most liked products on the market and has exceptional features compared to the cost. The best thing is the robustness of the product and its uniqueness falls in the music rhythmed feature. Take a look at all the features and make purchase today.