THURSO SURF Aero 7 ft Soft Top Foam Longboard Surfboard Package Review

Stability is crucial for an impressive performance. The THURSO SURF Aero Soft Top Foam Surfboard Package is one of the best surf longboards because of its shape and structure designed for steadier rides. Gliding on the waves will feel so smooth and satisfying that you’ll enjoy the popular water sport more than usual. Let’s learn more about the product’s design by going over the following features:

Features and Specifications

High-Density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core

EPS cores are commonly found in high-quality surfboards like the Grande Juguete Soft Top Surf Board, but not everything has a heavy-duty design. It’s a good thing that the THURSO SURF Aero Soft Top Foam Surfboard Package has a higher density in its EPS core. Not only is it stiff and tough for long surfing sessions, but it’s also extremely buoyant because of its lightness and waterproof properties.

High-Density Heat-Laminated IXPE Deck

Taking durability up a notch, the deck is made of high-density IXPE. It’s also laminated through heat to completely seal the foam for years. The foam and the foolproof seal guarantee the long-lasting quality of this very comfortable surfboard.

IXPE is technically polyethylene cross-linked through physical means. It’s a popular modern material because its production heavily relies on advanced technology. Its dimensions are so well-designed that it ensures stability.

Slick High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bottom

Just like its deck, the bottom surface of this surfboard is also heat-laminated. And, thanks to the strength of HDPE, the bottom is stiff for durability.

As a plus, the glossy skin leads to a more responsive longboard. It will help you accelerate effortlessly on the water.

Additional Details

  • 7 feet long, 21.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches thick
  • Weighs only 8 pounds
  • Can support weight up to 210 pounds
  • Thruster fin system
  • Triple wood stringer system
  • 6-inch swivels made of stainless steel
  • Ankle leash composed of recycled plastic

The Good

Highly Buoyant

With the closed-cell core of the THURSO SURF Aero Soft Top Foam Surfboard Package plus its wide deck, surfers can quickly stand on the board and maintain their position as long as they can. This longboard can make training more bearable and encouraging for it lets the surfer enjoy the waves in just a few tries.

Another buoyant option is the Hybrid Surfboard. It’s even thicker than most longboards to let the surfer paddle.

Unbelievably Smooth

We’re not just talking about the extra-smooth surfaces of this surfboard; we’re also highlighting the flawless rides you’ll get. With the slickness of the HDPE bottom, you’ll be able to surf the waves without falling too much. You can move from point A to point B so quickly that there will be no time for you to lose balance.

Maintains Traction

For a more balanced surfboard, the back section has a grip pad. There’s no need for you to worry about the downsides of too much speed for the pad will help you stay steady on the deck. The added traction contributes to your comfort and safety.


The Bad

Difficulty in Catching Waves

At first, the THURSO SURF Aero Soft Top Foam Surfboard Package may give you a hard time catching waves. Surfers who are used to other types of boards may need to adjust their techniques with this product. One suggestion is to allow the wave to lift you and your board before you take control and move downward as if you’re sledding on a hill.

For an easier time catching big and small waves, you can try the Modern Surfboards Love Child PU Surfboard. It has the properties of shortboards and longboards combined.

Who Is It For?

Whether it’s your first time surfing or you’re already a long-time enthusiast, the THURSO SURF Aero Soft Top Foam Surfboard Package is a good choice. Some families are choosing this product for it can be used by both beginners and pros of all ages. Even kids as young as nine years old can handle it.

This longboard is also ideal for surfers who always go to beaches with low to medium waves. It can catch waves measuring one foot to five feet in height.

In addition, if you’re on the heavier side, this surfboard can support your weight perfectly as you move on the waves. Lastly, it’s a great transition board for beginners who are ready to take their training to the next level.


The EPS core, IXPE deck, and HDPE bottom make the THURSO SURF Aero Soft Top Foam Surfboard Package one of the best longboards you’ll ever see. All of its major parts are very durable, which makes the whole structure excellent for heavy use. Despite the possibility of a learning curve no matter how experienced you are, this product remains highly buoyant and smooth with the right amount of grip.