Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Skateboard Trucks Review

Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Trucks is not only the best-seller when it comes to top skateboard trucks, it is also Amazon’s Choice.

The first catch about Thunder Polish is its kingpin. It gives you a great turning response and is extremely light in weight and has got the durability you need.

Moreover, the company claims a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects which is a plus point at the time of purchase. Just in case you run into any problem, give the support a quick call and get it replaced or fixed in no time.

This truck is made in San Francisco, California from the highest grade materials which ensures it longevity.


For risers, make sure that you don’t have one of the following since they are not compatible with this truck. These include:

  • Arbor
  • Diamond
  • Dooks
  • Girls
  • Independent
  • Loaded
  • Paris
  • Rayne, and
  • Sector 9

Light & Strong Design

Its light and strong design thanks to the durable aluminum and steel which makes it possible. Your truck has to be light else it will only increase the weight and make you lose the stability.


As compared to the old Thunder trucks model, the new remastered pair is great. In fact, it stands out and even rivals its top competitors.

It is slightly slicker and thinner and looks as if there is lot of access.

The shape is very consistent and you can feel that it is durable and lightweight. Moreover, the truck is also hollowed out which reduces the weight even more.

When it comes to its shape it is also very different but don’t worry, this won’t affect your performance at all. You’ll get the most out of it with maximum stability and performance on the rood.


The baseplate is somewhat rounded off on the sides and around the corner it is about quarter of an inch thinner which decreases its weight without sacrificing its durability.

You can also adjust this baseplate for a better angle, stability and speed on the road.


As compared to others trucks on the market, Thunder Polish Hi 147 Performance Trucks has a very brisk response to your movements. It turns quicker and also reacts faster.

This not only gives you a smooth transition as your ride through the town, you’ll also get maximum stability and control on your ride.

Moreover, those sharp and curvy edge turns also become very easy to deal with.

Lifetime Guarantee

Last but not the least, your Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Trucks come with a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects.

If you receive a defected item or something breaks while installing it, or even while riding your skateboard, simply give the support a quick call, tell them about your issue and get it fixed in no time.


  • Quick response geometry
  • Light & strong design made to last longer
  • Turn quicker and also reacts faster as compared to other trucks
  • Guaranteed against all manufacturing defects
  • Amazon’s choice


  • No drawbacks


Overall, Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Trucks is a great option for your cruising and carving around the town. It comes at an affordable price and delivers the performance you need.