How To Take Trucks Off A Skateboard

Taking off your skateboard trucks is pretty easy and you need a couple of tools to do this.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to take trucks off a skateboard the easy way.

Take Trucks Off a Skateboard

To begin, you’ll need the following three items:

  • A screwdriver
  • A skateboard, of course
  • A skate tool

To start taking off the truck, you will put the truck in horizontal position. This makes it a little bit easier. Though it is not necessary, I just like it doing this way.

Now, take the skate tool or plier and put it around the bolt of the truck. There are four bolts of the truck so you’re just going to take it around and get a good grip on it so this way nut is between the skate tool.

Make sure that you have a good grip and then squeeze it as hard as you can.

Now you will take a screwdriver and put it on the top bolts. Now you’re going to squeeze down and start twisting the screwdriver until it finally gets out. Keep a good grip throughout.

Do the same with the other bolts and unscrew them. The key here is to give it a tight squeeze and then twist the screwdriver and continue it until it pops out.

Once all the bolts are out, gently pull the truck off your skateboard and that’s it.

You’ve finally learnt how to take trucks off a skateboard.

What’s important here is that you don’t damage the truck when unscrewing it from your board. Quite often it happens that the bolts won’t twist and you try to hit them. This can damage best skateboard trucks and might possible break it.

I hope this guide was helpful and if you have any questions or confusion do let us know in the comment section.