System 2019 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package Review

To learn a new sport you have to take your time in practicing what other professionals do. But learning the new tricks will only be enjoyable and faster when you have the right gear. So if you are the woman just getting in snowboarding, you need to know what makes the right snowboard for you. For the board that is light to your feet, makes easy turns and float smoothly, the System 2019 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package is worth looking into. It is designed to target a woman’s physique and hence perform as one of the best rocker snowboards. Let’s look at the features that make up this snowboard equipment;

Features and Specifications

The flat surface under your foot

When just beginning to learn snow rides, gaining stability is one of the initial skills to acquire. That’s where the System 2019 Flite Snowboard comes in. It’s designed to target the entry-level riders. Hence it exhibits the Flatrock profile. When you strap it to your foot, it gives you a flat surface under your foot. Such a shape drives your fear of falling away. Instead, it replaces it with the confidence to make stable and predictable rides. Have you tested how the Burton Feather Snowboard Women feels? Their stability seems to compare.

Rocker tip and tail

Having given you the flat and stable profile, under your foot it doesn’t stop there. It improves stability by providing the rocker tip and tail. And do you know the resulting benefit? It assures you of catch-free edge rides. Also, you can then float on powder effortlessly. Its upturned tip and tail are similar to the design of the Burton Youth Chopper Snowboard 2019. So the steadiness and catch-free edge make this board beginner-friendly.

Lightweight core

Unlike the heavy Ride Warpig 2019 Snowboard – Men’s, this snowboard is designed for women. Thus its core design features a lightweight. That means even a younger woman won’t find it difficult to ride this board. Although light, but core material used doesn’t compromise its strength. Furthermore, the light core has been matched with female-friendly flex. Such a combination of features boosts female’s confidence to progress her riding.

The Good

Comfortable Siren Lux Women’s Snowboard Boots

This package gives you the complete pieces of snowboard equipment you need around your feet in readiness for a ride. It considers the nature of the board and provides you with a pair of boots that match it. That eliminates the problem of hunting a pair of boots that go along with the board. A lady’s skin is soft and delicate. So the Siren Lux Women’s Snowboard Boots are made with that factor in mind. It, therefore, feels so comfortable that you can even wear it when around the house.

Easy to use and comfortable bindings

On top of the Comfortable Siren Lux Women’s Snowboard Boots, the System 2019 Flite Snowboard employs the Siren Mystic Snowboard Bindings. These have been designed to target female riders. They provide a secure binding to the board. But while doing so, the comfort, ease of use and progression they accord is what every woman delights to have. In the end, although a beginner, the feature simplifies riding and makes it more enjoyable.

Full pad Eva base pad cushioning

Having the Siren Mystic Snowboard Bindings is not enough without a comfortable surface under the foot. So that’s why this snowboard uses the full-length Eva base pad. Its work is to cushion the soft and delicate under feet from the unfriendly wave rides. Moreover, the toe and heel binding also feature gel padding. So the gel patch cushions the feet from stress-points discomfort. The entire feet are securely fastened to the board yet feels relaxed

Has heat-moldable liner

Boots liner also adds to the comfort feeling. To guarantee the comfortable fit they use the heat-moldable liner technology. That allows the liners to fit snugly different feet sizes. Besides, it gives the feet an enhanced warm feeling in the boots just like the Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019. 

Minimized chatter

While riding through uneven terrain, most boards chatter excessively. This System 2019 Flite Snowboard is structured to minimize such noises to a safe level. It employs the dual-density poplar core. The poplar core is then surrounded by a rubber dampening material. In addition to dampening it also fosters the strength of the snowboard.

Three-year warranty

Everyone would wish to invest in an asset that depicts quality and durability. The package, therefore, provides you with a three-year warranty. So in case you aren’t satisfied with its performance you still can claim back your cash. That gives you the confidence to try out the snowboard.

The above describes a brief outline of the top features and benefits of the System 2019 Flite Snowboard. To know more about other features as spoken by real users click on the button below;


Nevertheless, this snowboard is far from being excellent due to the following features which require improvements;

The Bad

Lacing up takes time

The boots use the lacing system. However for you to lace up completely it takes a relatively longer duration. Thus when you are in a hurry to wear or remove the boots it becomes a hindrance.

Blurry appearance

Women by nature are impressed by bright and dazzling looks. Such colors easily blend with their outfits to boost their chic look. But the System 2019 Flite Snowboard front face appears to be a little blurry. To some women, it is a bother.

Who Is It For?

This snowboard is ideal for entry-level riders. If you wish to have the snowboard that is rich in specific features to help a woman horn and improve her riding skills, then consider this board. The lightweight, improved stability and comfortable footpad makes it beginner-friendly.


As the entry-level rider, you have to choose well the snowboard that gives you an easy time. When you factor in the females’ requirement the choice becomes even narrower. However, the System 2019 Flite Snowboard steps up to fill that void. It guarantees you easy turns, stable and predictable rides. Besides, it doesn’t compromise on comfort level. Except for the blur appearance and time taking lacing, this is a snowboard worth digging into.

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