Empire Ehukai Soft Longboard Surfboard Review

If you’re the type of surfer who’s always thirsty for rough waves, you need a board that will give you total freedom while shredding. To easily impress onlookers while showing off your hard-earned surfing skills, ride on the waves with the Empire Ehukai Soft Surfboard. Find out why it’s one of the best longboard surfboards … Read more

BIC Sport PAINT Longboard Surfboard Review

The shape of the BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard is slightly different compared to other longboards, but it’s designed for a more durable board with better performance at a reasonable price. Read on to know more about this excellent product from one of the best longboard surfboard brands. Features and Specifications Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core A … Read more

Soft Top Longboard Surfboard + Bag Package Review

Both novice and experienced surfers will surely love the Soft Top Surfboard. Aside from its free bag package which is convenient and budget-friendly, this longboard has a clean design and extremely durable structure. Despite the fact that it has been mostly exposed on the Pacific coast during the development and testing stages, it can still … Read more

Wavestorm 8’ Classic Longboard Surfboard Review

One of the greatest challenges for first-time surfers is to successfully catch the waves so they can really experience the joys of surfing. To help them achieve that in just a short amount of time, a lot of surfboard manufacturers are producing foamies or soft boards for better buoyancy. From the most popular soft board … Read more

Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Longboard Surfboard Review

Surfing has always been a risky water sport even for pros; what more if the rider isn’t experienced yet? Fortunately, the Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Surfboard can reduce the risk. The design aims to help a novice surfer catch the waves quickly and allow him to lie or stand on the deck longer. As a … Read more

Modern Surfboards Love Child PU Longboard Surfboard Review

Can’t decide between a shortboard and a longboard? Then you’ll surely appreciate the concept behind the special design of the Modern Surfboards Love Child PU Surfboard. It combines mobility and stability, which leads to a more versatile product. It will help you catch different kinds of waves like it’s no big deal. Learn more about … Read more

Hybrid Surfboard – Performance Foam Longboard Surfboard Review

Can’t decide between soft and fiberglass surfboards? Luckily for you, this longboard series called the Hybrid Surfboard has the best of both worlds. It features boards with soft foam decks on top of hard bottoms made of fiberglass. Take a look at the specific characteristics that make this product a star on several longboard surfboard … Read more