Stary Electric Skateboard Review

The Stary is the fastest beginners’ skateboard with a top speed of 18.5mph and a good mileage range that satisfies your requirements. The best all terrain electric skateboard is powered by a 1500W brushless external motor and a long lasting Li-Po battery with a capacity of 91Wh. The manufacturers have introduced the latest version of material combination to prepare the deck. The fusion of glass fiber, maple wood, and carbon fiber makes the board strong, and lightweight. The board weight is only 11.6LBs, but it can carry a whopping payload of 198LBs at the top speed. Polyurethane wheels attached to the board are designed to work seamlessly with the motor and the truck to produce maximum torque and consume the minimum energy from the battery. The other review you can read about is the Inboard M1.


Stary- Complete Control over the Board

  • Power On/Off: As a beginner, you find the Stary to be highly convenient for your needs. The power on process is simple and fast. Use the remote with the screen-side facing upwards and scan the induction zone. After a few seconds the remote vibrates. Now you know the skateboard is powered on. The connection happens automatically. If you turn off the remote the board will automatically power off. You don’t need to use any external switches on the board (There is no direct power on switch onboard).
  • Stary Motor: The Brushless Stary hub motor is connected to the power wheel of the rear side. It is supported by power packed gearing and regenerative braking system. The core of the motor generates torque and transmits it to the power wheel within a faction of a second. The torque generated can be controlled from the remote according to the speed mode and the acceleration you set. The torque from the power wheel gets transmitted to the other rear wheel through the efficient truck assembly. The design of the desk is shaped to push it ahead by transmitting the entre volume of the torque from the rear wheel assembly to the front wheels. Hence, the board can maintain the speed set by you to the accurate levels on all types of terrains.
  • Stary Truck: The truck’s angle of elevation from the kingpin (close to the power supply cables from the battery into the motor) and the center of the axis are designed to provide maximum torque force to the wheel assembly. The design of the axle newer the power wheel contains highly gripping grooves. They connect with the inbuilt motor for extracting the maximum power from its core. The base plate and the hanger transmit this power to the other rear wheel efficiently. The truck is designed to withstand the vertical rider weight, board weight, and the wheel friction by absorbing the shocks. You can experience a smooth ride on the roughest road surfaces and attain top speed within the shortest time after the start. The truck assembly at the front wheel is designed to capture the torque transmitted from the rear truck and transfer to the two front wheels uniformly.
  • Stary Wheels: The polyurethane material used in the wheel construction makes is extra strong and highly durable. It can withstand high friction from the rugged road and terrains in all weather conditions. It is hard, at the same time flexible to absorb the shocks from the road surfaces. The Power wheel at the rear end is designed specially to hold the hub motor. The interior of the power wheel contains multiple grooves and shock absorbing layer to provide maximum protection to the motor assembly. The other wheels have the specification of 75mm/80A. The contact patch of the wheels is large enough to stabilize the board while moving at top speed. The rebound value of the wheels is designed for protecting the board from every kind of damaging from the shocks.
  • Stary Deck: The combination of carbon fiber and glass fiber with the maple wood makes the deck strong, flexible, load bearing and unbreakable. The contours of the lower board near the rear wheels provide higher volume of push to the board, while the lower board design at the front wheels assembly is made to convert this force into forward acceleration. The deck dimension of 937mm L X 274mm W X 115mm H makes it spacious for you to stand and lean your body at the right position for balancing and speed. There are no controls or push buttons on the upper deck except the direction indicator at the front wheel. The contour of the deck at the center is designed to align the board and your body’s centers of gravity at the most balancing point. So, you can get maximum control over the skateboard at top speed without losing your balance.
  • Stary Battery: The Stary battery is a Li-Po type with 3 hours of charging time. The assembly design protects it from getting over heated while driving on tough terrains and long distances. The 91Wh capacity is sufficient to provide power supply to the motor and the regenerative braking.
  • Stary Remote: The remote is the only controlling device which connects to the board. It contains all the indicators and controls to manage the start, acceleration, deceleration, and stopping of the board. It is compact and easy to operate. You can also read the review on Dynacraft Surge to compare the features.Stary

Stary – Power Packed Performance

  • Quick Acceleration: With the Stary motor and battery, you can attain quick acceleration using your remote.
  • Regenerative Braking: The regenerative braking is safe and quick to work. You can operate it through the remote efficiently.


  • Best board with four distinct speed modes (beginner, cruise, advance, expert).
  • Complete control from the remote.
  • Most flexible deign and material combination.


  • There is no mention of the range.
  • Battery takes long to recharge (3 hours).


The Stary is a good and cheap electric skateboard and is designed for the beginners. You can practice on it until you get your basics in place. If you wish to opt for an advanced version read the review on the Genesis Hellfire.