Soft Top Longboard Surfboard + Bag Package Review

Both novice and experienced surfers will surely love the Soft Top Surfboard. Aside from its free bag package which is convenient and budget-friendly, this longboard has a clean design and extremely durable structure. Despite the fact that it has been mostly exposed on the Pacific coast during the development and testing stages, it can still be used on most types of waves.

Check out the features that make this surfboard one of the best noseriding longboards you can find in stores.

Features and Specifications

Wax-Free Deck

Waxing surfboards is the norm when it comes to maintenance, but some designs don’t require it at all. The Soft Top Surfboard takes convenience up a notch with its wax-free deck. It stays clean for a really long time. When it’s finally time for cleaning, simple wiping will do even without wax.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bottom

Soft decks without strong support will never last long especially on big, strong waves. One can’t even support a fully grown person standing on it. That’s why an HDPE bottom is a crucial addition to any surfboard. Polypropylene is an effective material as well, proven by the quality of the Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Surfboard.

HDPE is known for its solid structure and hard feel. Those characteristics won’t be easily affected by warmer waters, which is why this product is ideal for tropical beaches.

To add to the durability and protective properties of the HDPE bottom, this surfboard also has a special netting that can spread out the force of impact to reduce the possibility of damage. Meanwhile, to improve control and speed, the bottom’s design is a double concave.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core

The major problem of poorly designed cores is water seeping through the foam, making the board soggy and unusable. It’s a good thing that this surfboard has a closed-cell EPS core. The same design is used for bestsellers like the Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard.

As expected from an EPS core, it’s very lightweight. It easily floats even when you stand on it.

Additional Details

  • Series: 7-foot Ruccus, 8-foot Verve, 8 feet and 8 inches Heritage
  • Ruccus: 84 inches long, 22 inches wide, 2.85 inches thick, 49-liter volume, 170-pound capacity
  • Verve: 96 inches long, 23 inches wide, 3 inches thick, 74-liter volume, 200-pound capacity
  • Heritage: 104 inches long, 23 inches wide, 3 inches thick, 86-liter volume, 230-pound capacity
  • Two wooden stringers and one fiberglass stringer
  • Release valve for preventing heat damage
  • Non-abrasive fingerprint texture for grip
  • Package contents: board bag, safety leash, fins, paint pens, stomp pad

The Good

Steady Movements

Using the Soft Top Surfboard will make you feel at ease the whole time because of its stability. Expect smooth paddling and fun rides even on small waves. It’s perfect for slower waves, especially in Atlantic waters.

Stiff Structure

This surfboard doesn’t have a distracting flex despite its soft top. It’s actually really solid without compromising buoyancy and lightness. It perfectly balances everything to ensure versatility.

Quick Assembly

How cool is it that this product has everything you need, including a bag for the board? Not only that, assembling all components together is a breeze. It won’t exceed 30 minutes even if you’re not a DIY pro.


The Bad

May Not Float

Due to factory defects or harsh transport during delivery, it’s possible for the Soft Top Surfboard to not float at all. And, if its nose keeps on submerging, you won’t be able to control the board. This is a safety issue, so replace the board immediately once its buoyancy feels off.

Who Is It For?

Evaluating the Soft Top Surfboard as a whole, it’s safe to say that it’s ideal for surfers of all ages and skill levels. However, you need to consider each model of the series to find out if the board you’re seeing is either for a beginner or an expert.

The Ruccus model is the one for young beginners. It’s designed for smaller kids not only because it’s the smallest size of the series, but it also has the ability to catch gentle waves quickly and glide on them smoothly.

Meanwhile, the Verve is ideal of teenagers and adults who are still learning how to surf. Its size is meant for supporting heavier weight and, at the same time, catching smaller waves.

Lastly, for bigger surfers, they should choose Heritage. However, since it’s the fastest and most versatile model of the series when it comes to the waves’ height and power, it’s also highly recommended for pros.


The Soft Top Surfboard + Bag Package has a quality design from top to bottom, inside and out. Its deck is wax-free while the bottom is HDPE, the material commonly used for first-class longboards. Looking deeper into the structure, the core is closed-cell EPS foam for its lightness and resistance to water. This product is technically a series of models for different types of surfers.

If you prefer searching for the perfect longboard by checking series, we also recommend the BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard and its three variations.