Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard Women Review

Nobody would be thrilled to remain an entry-level skill rider. After riding for a while you have to gather the basics and master how to balance. But do you know that each level of snowboard riding has its matching board? So to improve your skills and progress beyond the beginner’s stage, you have to mind about the board to use. So what is the best snowboard to use as an intermediate level rider? It depends on your riding style too. However, one such board to consider is the Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard Womens. Let’s have a look at the features, specifications, the best and the worst features of this women’s board.

Features and Specifications

Directionally shaped board

When you look at the shape of this snowboard it presents the directional shape. That is its nose is slightly longer than the tail. At the same time, it features the same thickness all through the width in the point of contact.

All-mountain freestyle board

Just like the Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019, this Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard Womens is an all-mountain freestyle board. It, therefore, can provide smooth performance in any terrain or condition. You, thus, won’t have to be so much selective over where you can go with your board

Serrated edges

This Frenemy board is designed with the premium edge holding capacity. It has a balanced flex that nicely combines with serrated edges. As a result, that maximizes the grip, provides easy control and guarantees stability even in worst scenarios. And which rider wouldn’t be glad to have such features in her snowboard?

The Good

Easy to maneuver

All riders would desire to have the board that gives them an easy time to operate. This Frenemy board employs the rocker tip and tail. For that reason, it provides superior stability during rides. At the same time, the upturned nose and tail provide better floatation ability thus making rides even more enjoyable.

Supports a friendly ride

Like the snowboard designed for female riders, this equipment supports the pleasant ride. Do you know why? It boasts the AmpTek profile. So as you take your rides, the equipment can provide the right blend of float, power, and pop throughout.

The sintered base for swift rides

If you need to make swift rides, this Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard Womens supports you in all ways. Its base design depicts a sintered type. Owing to its high porosity it has maximum wax absorption ability. That enables it to glide smoothly at high speed. Besides, the high wax absorption also awards it high abrasion assistance capability. Having absorbed more resin the Frenemy board gains high hydrophobic ability. Such features enable this equipment to support swift turns. It, therefore, has high-speed performance than the Capita Horrorscope Snowboard Mens.

Charges through bumps

This snowboard possesses two outstanding qualities that make it charge through bumps. First, it’s directional shaped. Besides, it also displays the longer nose. Thus the rider can make easier jumps. But even while doing so, you won’t have to worry over losing balance; the flat base and the serrated edges come to your aid.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, weight holding capacities, and heights

Do you think you are too heavy or too light to get the right Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard Womens that fits so? That’s not true. Frenemy boards have been designed in different sizes and various weight holding capacities. Whether you are as light as 80lbs or even less there is the board that matches you. Do you think you are overweight? Try out the board that supports 200lbs and even beyond. Even those who are 6 feet and above have been taken into consideration

Uses the FSC certified wood

We all depend on the forest reserves in one way or the other. Thus their preservation is of utmost importance. Therefore wouldn’t you be pleased to learn that this Frenemy meets the requirement of the Forest Stewardship Council? Like the Burton Feather Snowboard Women, the Frenemy also uses wood from well-managed forests.

Unique decoration

There are many boards on the market. To any unsuspecting mind is easy to confuse yourself for the wrong type. However, this equipment has distinguishing paintings and drawings on both sides. Therefore that helps in easy identification of the Frenemy brand. Besides, it also makes it pleasing to the eyes.

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The Bad

However, there are a few features that when could have been improved, would have made this board excellent.

Produces light chatter

When you bomb too hard this board produces some noises. Although the sound is moderate it can be a minor brother to some individuals. Therefore it requires enhanced damping and improvement in the core profile.

Doesn’t come with a pair of boots and bindings

When you buy this snowboard, you will have to make an additional purchase of the boots and bindings that matches it. That is in contrast to the System 2019 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package that comes complete with every requirement.

Who Is It For?

The Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard is suitable for the seasoned intermediate female rider. It gives such a snowboarder the conducive set up to sharpen her skills and progress to the pro level. Its weight, side cuts, and even the look are designed to match a female rider.


Except for the light chatter and additional purchase of boots, this snowboard looks very promising in performance. Have a look at the sintered base that provides speed performance. The serrated edges, balanced flex not to mention the all-mountain freestyle riding ability, are its key features. All in all, it possesses the capability of taking your performance to the next level. You can click below to see what previous users had to say on the same board, and then compare it with your view.