How to Clean Roller Skate Wheels

If you think washing grime off roller skate wheels is enough, think again. Can you imagine how dirty they are? Floors, roads, and terrains have countless microorganisms that can make you sick. Not only that, your roller skates will have poor performance because of the increased friction on the wheels due to grime and dust. … Read more

How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

Most roller skaters just clean the wheels. We can’t blame them; after all, the wheels directly touch the ground. There are smaller components you shouldn’t forget in your next cleaning, though. If your roller skates’ wheels won’t spin flawlessly, you’ll have a harder time gliding. And, worse, you’re more likely to trip or fall down. … Read more

How to Draw Roller Skates

Planning to design roller skates or sketch a roller skater for your next artwork? Luckily for you, it’s super-easy to learn how to draw roller skates. You just have to initially draw a particular shape and make it a guide for the details. Drawing roller skates follows the basics of sketching. It is not really … Read more

History of Roller Skate

Footwear was originally made to protect feet from harmful objects on the ground. As centuries passed, it had evolved into a fashion necessity because of the stylish designs introduced to the masses. Ultimately, footwear became something more than just simple protection and fashion statement. Who would have thought it could have wheels for recreation purposes? … Read more

How to Roller Skate

Skating isn’t just about gliding on ice. Sometimes, all you need is a good set of wheels under your feet. With a pair of roller skates, you don’t have to wait until winter just to skate your heart out. The problem, however, is you need to control the wheels perfectly. Ice skates and roller skates … Read more