Roller Derby Roller Star 350 Girls Roller Skates Review

Currently, many companies are making different skates brands. But in that sea of skates, you can’t mention top roller skates without talking about Roller Derby brand. It rides on a history of success in making top quality skates. For example, do you remember one of their models, Roller Derby Candi Girl Carlin Quad Artistic Roller Skates Seafoam that previously stormed the market? This time the company rolls out in the market yet another cool roller skate, which is the Roller Derby Roller Star 350 Girls Roller Skates. Here is what makes it different from the previous models;

Features and Specifications

Torsion beam chassis

These star girls roller skates are built on torsion beam chassis. That gives the skates a hard impact framework that prolongs its lifespan. Thus with these pair of skates strapped on your feet, you can glide and land with much stability. At the same time whether riding in the rink or strides the torsion beam chassis allows you to make easy turns.

Synthetic upper

The boots upper boasts a synthetic material. Therefore unlike original leather material which takes time to contour to your foot’s shape and thus feels comfortable, the synthetic material doesn’t alter in shape. Therefore right from the shop, it’s the pair of boots that guarantees you instant comfort.

Indoor/outdoor wheels

At the heart of these Roller Derby Roller Star 350 Girls Roller Skates is the 54mm urethane wheels. Consequently, you can wear them when going skating indoors or outdoors and still it won’t register any complain. That means you get to enjoy rides on smooth sidewalks, beach boardwalks or the rink. Talk of versatile wheels and this star girls skates has it.

The Good

Padded lining

You can only skate for a longer period while wearing boots that fit correctly and feel comfortable too, right? So the Roller Derby Star 350 girls provide extra padded lining to give the boots soft feeling. Even though the boots feature synthetic material but the cushioned lining of the interior and the collar area awards it the comfort needed in any sporting shoes.

Elegant outlook

When compared to its counterpart Roller Derby Girl’s Laser Speed Quad Skate, these quad boots look more polished. Their dazzling look is heightened by the contrast between the pink color on the lining and the wheels. Owing to the shouting white and pink color, these girls’ boots can blend with various outfits and therefore allowing you want to stand out among your colleagues.

Sure lacing closure system

Have you ever felt bothered by Velcro straps that have lost their gripping power? It’s very irritating if you have to keep on adjusting the fitness of boot on your feet now and then. To avoid such embarrassment, these star girls skating shoes incorporates a reliable lacing system. With eyelets spread out from where the tongue begins from to way up close to collar neck, you can count on its length. Once fastened it won’t come off or loosen its grip.

Reinforced heel support

The overall design of these skating shoes presents the top high design. Naturally some parts of skating boot experience more pressure than the others, for instance, the heel region. To make it more durable, it gives the heel region more support. At the same time, the toe region is also extra sturdy. That adds even more life to the roller skates.

Non-marking toe stop

A pair of breaks that provide a good grip on the floor is very important in both adults and kids Roller skates. Amidst your dance or emergency, you may need to make a halt. Thus the Roller Derby Roller Star 350 Girls Roller Skates gives your kid reliable toe stops on both shoes. Furthermore, the toe stops leave no annoying trailing marks.

The above only presents a preview of the benefits and features packed by these Roller Derby skates. Only when you wear it to the rink or beach board do you realize its full enjoyment. Here is a quick link to securing one


The Bad

Although a large percentage of previous users applaud this pair of skates, here are a few of its features that if improved will push it into the class of excellent quad skates;

Plastic toe stop

Even though these quad skates have non-marking toe stop, they are plastic. Therefore when used frequently they wear out very soon. A better choice could have been rubber material.

Synthetic material less durable

Despite providing instant comfort with little to no breaking in period, synthetic upper material’s longevity can’t match genuine leather material. For genuine leather boots the Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates which has real leather upper material.

Who is it for?

These pair of skates are ideal a young beginner skater who wants to learn roller skating. It is for that parent who wishes to dress her daughter like a queen and shine out in both clothing and the stylish best entry-level boots. That gives the child a boost in morale thus quickly taking to the sport.


When choosing for yourself a pair of roller skates, don’t forget to pick a pair for your little girl. Like the name suggests these quad skates owing to their elegant look turns your queen into a star girl. Their comfort and sturdiness are unparalleled. Except for the plastic toe stop which you can easily swop with a rubber-type, these roller derby skates fit children getting into quad skating in style. In fact, very few people have registered disappointment with this model. Most of those have sizing related problems. Click the button below to read the comments.