Roces Kids Adjustable Jokey Girl 450677-00001 Ice Skate Review

Do your little ones love the cold winter weather? Do they feel like skating once they see a frozen pond? Having them start early in sports is a great way to improve their overall fitness. It reduces the risk of obesity, and it helps in coordination, balance, and flexibility development. What better sport to have them do than to ice skate?

There are a lot of high quality skating shoes among the best ice skate brands. Most of them are designed to give your kids the best support they need to skate through the ice. The good thing is we had the chance to review one of them — the Roces Kids Adjustable Ice Skate Jokey Ice Girl 450677-00001. If you are planning to get your youngsters a new pair, we suggest you read through this review.

Features and Specifications

Laces, velcro and micro adjustable buckle

Fastening the shoes accurately boosts the cohesion between the kid’s foot and skates. This is because the more precise the shoes are, the lesser chance of the boots loosening when in use.

Truly, one prime feature that this pair can boast about is its fastening system.

The layer on top of the lace where you can feel that it is fastened is reinforced by a sturdy Velcro in strap form. This allows quick adjustments when fastening the boots. Apart from this, a micro adjustable buckle is made to increase the precision when fastening to give the users a better fit.

Anatomic thermal-insulation comfort liner

The anatomic thermal-insulation in this pair ensures the maintenance of comfortable core feet temperature even in a fluctuating outside climate. This is similar to the features of the American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates. This model is also equipped with a thick foam padding for warmth and comfort.

The thermal insulating layer of this model is an all rounder for this pair. This can be used on an indoor skating rink and on a frozen lake, there will be no recognized difference when it comes to the comfort and warmth it gives the feet.

Carbon steel figure blade

These skates have blades that are made of tempered carbon steel. To come up with this material, it has to be initially heated then coated with high quality chrome. This is popular among kids’ skates, giving the youngsters a more complacent feel.

On the other hand, stainless steel blades are also popular, this is used in other models like the Riedell Skates – 110 Opal – Recreational Ice Skates with Stainless Steel Spiral Blade. The material found in this model facilitates good handling and speed. However, the carbon steel blades are still softer than stainless steel and are more inclined to giving comfort.

The Good

Awesome beginner skates

When the skates were reviewed by users who were ranging from 5-8 year olds, we found that all of them loved how the skates look. They loved the color, and also described how comfortable, snug and warm they felt when they wore it.

Growing with the skates

When visiting the rink, people sometimes tend to lease skates for their little ones thinking they would just outgrow the pair in case they decide to buy. Well, the best thing about these skates is they grow with your youngster. Still can’t believe it?

Even if you purchase a size that gives half an inch extra in front, there is no visible difficulty or difference in the snug feel it gives compared to giving them a size that is exactly the size of their feet.  And this is all thanks to the magic of the 3 fastening system that is present on these adjustable skates. These are designed to secure the feet perfectly.

Figure skating blades

Those who have not purchased their youngster’s skates yet had renting as the only option available. Most of the time, rentals are more inclined to having hockey blades rather than figure skating blades.  If you are planning on having your little one take figure skating lessons in the near future, then this is the pair for you.



The Bad

Sharpening of the blade is needed

Users who tried the Roces Kids Adjustable Ice Skate Jokey Ice Girl 450677-00001 mentioned that it did not come pre-sharpened. This is unlike the American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates that were ready for use. This one needed some blade sharpening before it could be used.

Blade Covers are obligatory

The blade covers are purchased separately and may cost a bit of an additional expense. Since this pair of skating shoes will be used by children, having a layer of cloth over the blade is essential. This is to make sure they do not get injuries when handling it.

It may cost a bit more to get a good quality blade cover because those made with a thick cloth are a bit expensive. This is for the reason that thick clothes are designed to absorb the moisture from the melted ice thereby preventing any form of blade rust.

Who Is It For?

Since the Roces Kids Adjustable Ice Skate Jokey Ice Girl 450677-00001’s features focus on comfort, it is highly recommended for young girls who are just starting to skate. This is ideal for parents who want to invest in a pair that their kids can grow into. The sizing and adjustment mechanism for this pair is amazing and easy to work with. This is a great deal for your money in terms of quality, make and performance.


The Roces Kids Adjustable Ice Skate Jokey Ice Girl 450677-00001 is really a product that would cater to children’s needs. This is a great purchase especially to those who are just starting to learn how to skate. The  laces, velcro and micro adjustable buckle ensures a very tight and cushy feel. It also has anatomic thermal-insulation which ensures the feet’s temperature is maintained. Plus, the carbon steel blade is leaning towards the users’ comfort. If you are planning to get a pair of skates for your little princesses then this is a pair that we would recommend.