Riedell Citizen Outdoor Rhythm Roller Skate Review

When you have the right fitting skates, outdoor skating provides endless fun. However, a poor selection may land you a quad skate that can’t even get past dirt and pieces of sticks. Therefore if you are looking for the best roller skates for men for the outdoor skating, then consider Riedell Citizen Outdoor Rhythm Roller Skates. From its overall construction, ankle area and even the outlook, it looks promising. In terms of appearance it closely resembles the Chicago Women’s Premium Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate. But can it match its performance? Well, let’s dig deep into its further details.

Features and Specifications

Vinyl boots

Apart from the optimized support, the shoes feature Vinyl upper material. Instead of automatic machine construction, the Riedell Citizen Outdoor Rhythm Roller Skates are hand-made. That ensures that the tiny details like fine stitching are just superb. At the same time, the choice of the Vinyl material brings the breathability of the quad boots.

Simple to adjust skate fitness

The snug fit of skating boots is crucial to realize optimum performance. For that reason, Riedell makes changing the shoe’s fitness much easier. The large smooth eyelets provide for quick lacing. And once fastened, the lacing does not lose its tightness. That gives you more room to concentrate on controlling the skate than worrying about the possibility of the shoe coming off.

High impact pair of skates

The outdoor environment requires a study quad skate. So Riedell here gives you the durable high impact roller skates comparable to Riedell Skates – R3 – Quad Roller Skate for Indoor/Outdoor. That is so since it uses the PowerDyne thrust nylon plate for superior support. To help in the fair distribution of weight to the wheels, it matches the nylon plate with a metal truck. So, for both experienced or beginner skaters, it offers reliable support.

ABEC-5 Speed ball bearings

Having adjusted the shoelaces to snug fit tension, you are ready for swift speed. And that’s exactly what the ABEC 5 ball bearings offer you. The bearings have superior smoothness. The smooth texture minimizes friction, thus supporting fast rolling. At the same time, being made of polished steel material, they feel exceptionally sturdy and hence have a longer lifespan.

The Good

Available for everyone

Whether you are a man or woman, Riedell Citizen Outdoor Rhythm Roller Skates has the perfect size for you. How about that junior who has a deep interest in the sport? The company even makes junior-sized skates for young boys and girls. That means you can order a pair for every member of your family.

Superior ankle support

The design of these pairs of quad skating boots assumes the top high profile. Although top profiled, it provides a comfortable fit in the ankle region. So as you race and make those delicate moves and rhythmic dance, you can count on your ankle support.

Easy braking

Whether you are an expert or a beginner level quad skater, you all need a reliable braking system. For example, when you want to make an abrupt stop, momentarily pause for swift turns, a reliable braking design comes into the picture. That’s why the Riedell citizen roller skates provide secure braking provision using the black bolt on a toe stopper. The sturdy material used in the making of the toe stopper awards it a longer lifespan. Also, it is also replaceable if you desire to fit a different toe stopper.

Adapted for skating in the outdoor environment

At the heart of the skating, shoes are the durable Sonar Zen wheels. By size, they measure 32mm x 62mm. The wheels have adaptations to fit different skating surfaces. So if you need the pair of quad skates that glides smoothly on trails, sidewalks, and  many other outdoor surfaces, the Riedell citizen outdoor fits the description. These are wheels that will roll gently over sticks and doesn’t get sticky with dirt. So just like the Moxi Skates Fashionable Roller Skates, these are ideal for outdoor skating

Available in dual colors

To capture the interests of many people, the Riedell Citizen Outdoor Rhythm Roller Skates exist in two colors. That is black and white. Besides color variety, they possess the laces that match the boot’s color. However to pump warmth in the shoes, its wheels contrast in color to the body.

Easy to select your correct fit

Most quad skates have skating boots size, which doesn’t correspond to an ordinary street shoe sizes. As a result, choosing the right roller skates that fit you without leading to blisters is difficult. However, this Riedell’s quad boots are true to size.

Leather liner

From the outward the quad boots presents the soft vinyl material. The interior however boasts comfortable leather material. Besides, when you factor in the padded tongue, then you realize it’s the boots that feel very comfortable and warm.

Little to no breaking in period

The combination of soft vinyl material and leather lining makes these boots require little to no breaking-in. Therefore right from the shop, they feel comfortable and fit comfortably.

From the features outlined above, Riedell packs admirable features into the skates. Do you wish to try it and have firsthand feeling on your feet? It’s only a click of the following button;


The Bad

Not ideal for wide feet

The structure and the sizes of these Riedell Citizen Outdoor skates are little bit narrow. Thus If you have the wide shaped feet, you won’t feel comfortable having them in your feet.

Who is it for?

These pair of Riedell Citizen Outdoor Rhythm Roller Skates is ideal for an entry-level skater. Specifically, it makes the best choice for the person looking for recreational quad skates with superb outdoor capabilities.


When you look at the high impact plates, superior ankle support, secure braking, and the leather liner, you realize these skates have outstanding features. For the beginner seeking to reap fun from outdoor skating, it provides more than enough features. For instance, the superb wheels secure braking and comfort feeling. What more would you want? Besides, the boots are accurate to size making up for simple selection. If you are still hesitant, then click below to read comments from other pro players.