Reebok Work Men’s Soyay RB1910 Style EH Safety Skating Shoe Review

The Reebok Work Men’s Soyay is much of a safety shoe than a skating shoe. Skating environments can be dangerous with uneven surfaces, extreme weather, and pointed protrusions. If the correct measures aren’t taken, such situations can be life-threatening. As much as we would love to have fun while skating, it is also imperative that we take the correct safety measures. For this reason, Reebok decided to bring to the market something outstanding. This is a skating shoe, combined with the properties of a safety shoe- two in one. With this pair on, your safety is assured.

Features and Specifications

Material and Build

Get fit for skating with the Reebok Work Men’s Soyay. This pair incorporates athletic level technology to give its users a comfortable and flexible body that is ready to tackle any challenge that comes along its way. For starters, it has an anti-slip rubber outsole that provides you with a firm grip and maximum traction. Slipping and falling is a thing of the past with this pair.

Secondly, this pair incorporates the use of technology to boost its performance. Two types of technology are used; Sublite and SR. Sublite foam technology are used to reduce the weight of the boot. SR, on the other hand, assists the feet to hand on the ground. The upper part is constructed using leather without any exposed metal.

The construction of this shoe assists in ensuring that its performance is top-notch. Everything is put in place carefully for 100% results. Its performance is in par with big names like Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe.

Sole and Footbed

This pair’s footbed, courtesy of FootFuel, also plays a significant role in providing the needed comfort to users. It delivers extreme responsiveness, comfort, and high control to skaters. That’s not all; the footbed also supports the foot, absorbs shock as well as saving users from huge impacts. While riding on steep terrains, the polymers enlarge but at the same time, retain their cushioning with every step made. This is thanks to the shoe’s sole and footbed.

The Good


Reebok Work Men’s Soyay is worth wearing in intense heat and horrible humidity, especially during the summers. The manufacturers ensured that this piece is comfortable to wear even in the scorching sun. The secret to it is to ensure that there is an adequate flow of air. This shoe comes with a moisture-wicking mesh lining made of nylon that will do the wonders.

This pair is comfortable to wear right when you take them out of the box, although breaking in them requires a long time. The midsole is made of jerk-resistance to provide users with the necessary support that is required. The comfort of this pair makes it suitable for anyone who will be standing for long durations or undertaking extreme sports such as skating, mountain bike climbing, or hiking.

Moreover, the firm grip and traction also make it great for slippery grounds. Its memory foam and padded tongue will give you a soft feeling and maximum ease.

Durability and Longevity

This pair is made to last you a lifetime. It is one of the most durable skating pairs that we have encountered. That’s not all; safety was also a top priority when designing it. It is slip and oil resistant, not to mention robust enough to hold and protect your balance and weight on any type of surface. You could walk or skate up to 12 miles, stand, and run on hard concrete, and this shoe will still hold up excellently and keep your feet safe.

When it comes to safety measures, no skating shoes can match that of the Reebok Work Men’s Soyay. The materials used in the construction of this shoe are sturdy and durable, and they don’t wear down quickly. Moreover, the fit is great, and you don’t have to order for a size smaller or larger. In terms of durability, this model lives up to the brand name of Reebok and doesn’t disappoint.


The Bad


Yes, you guessed it right. This pair is massive and so will limit users and skaters, in specific, to a lot of activities. The sole is thick and heavy, even though it brings in the good news of having a firm grip. Lightweight shoes are essential for skaters as they allow them to perform flips and other tricks effortlessly. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with this pair. Doing such tricks is almost impossible with this pair. For a lighter option, the DC Men’s Net Shoes does better.   

Takes Time to Break-in

We will also have to deduct another point from this pair because the time taken to break inside it is very long. This is apparent from when you set your eyes on it. It is large and heavy, despite being comfortable. The first moments you spend with this shoe will be nothing close to fun. It will be hard and stiff. Even after two weeks, the pair will still be slightly stiff.

The good news is that once you have broken into them, everything becomes excellent. Your feet will be comfortable, and the interior will be cozy. You will be able to wear the shoe for prolonged durations without any discomfort.

Who Is It For?

As earlier mentioned, this is more of a safety shoe than a skating shoe. The fact that it is substantial limits skaters to a lot of activities. This, however, doesn’t totally disqualify it from skating. This pair will work perfectly for beginners who are in high demand for stability. The stability provided by the soles of this pair is top-notch. Intermediates and pros will not find this model helpful. Instead, we recommend the NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas for them.


Skating is an extreme sport that exposes skaters to hazardous situations. Prevention is better than cure, no doubt about that, and so you have to arm yourself to the teeth. Apart from helmets and guards, the Reebok Work men’s Soyay Skate Style Shoe is another considerable precautionary measure that you could take. You can never be safer the way you will be when with this pair. The features of this shoe qualify it among the top skater shoes in the current market.