Pure Energy Electric Longboard Skateboard Review

Sleek dimension, lightweight, powerful acceleration, top performance, and comfortable ride are some of the notable features of the Pure Energy Electric Longboard. This best electric skateboard on the market offers you many added features like the efficient motor, high speed belt & gear system, solid deck, high density wheels, and intelligently designed trucks. This Longboard motor can power you up to maximum speed of 21mph at run for 20 miles range on single charging. The manufacturers have incorporated most of the professional level skateboard features at a highly economic cost. You can use it from the beginner level to the advanced levels with ease and comfort. The other professional skateboard is the Benchwheel Dual.

Pure Energy Electric Longboard Specs

The technical specifications of the Pure Energy are very simple, yet sophisticated in design and construction.

  • Motor: The Pure Energy motor generates an output of 1200watt to run the board at two modes, namely the slow (12mph) and the fast (21mph). The motor connects to one of the rear wheels with the help of a belt-gear system. The transmission of the power from the motor into the wheel happens seamlessly and consistently from the start to the finish. The board allows you to hit the maximum speed within a few minutes after starting. Once you reach this speed, you will be able to travel consistently at the same speed for a long time without excess load on the battery pack.
  • Belt/Gear: The belt/gear mechanism is designed to provide maximum torque to the moving Pure Energy, and reduce the backward drag considerably. The belt is made of strong composite material that can withstand wear and tear on tough terrain conditions. In addition, the assembly can achieve seamless integration with the rear wheel and truck assembly to generate maximum speed and acceleration. The rate at which it transfers the power from the motor into the wheel is a classic example of the professional standards developed in the Pure Energy.
  • Wheel: The wheels at the rear end of the Pure Energy are controlled by the motor power and the truck assembly mechanism. You can closely examine the construction of the truck to understand its act of balancing, driving, and controlling the balance of the wheels with the deck. The wheels on the front of the Pure Energy are designed to run freely, while being controlled by the speed of the rear wheel assembly. Polyurethane material used for the wheel construction makes them strong and flexible in nature. The hardness factor of the wheels enables them to withstand maximum vertical load, road friction, and stress from the truck. In spite of all the limitations, they are able to carry the board forward at maximum speed and efficient acceleration.
  • Truck: The main task of the Pure Energy truck is to reduce the impact of the shocks and vibrations generated by the wheels on the deck and your body. The force of compression exerted by the rear wheel gear assembly on the wheel gets transferred to the entire wheel and the truck assembly. Hence, the torque generated at the rear end of the Pure Energy increases multifold. The spring built into the base plate of the Pure Energy truck can expand across the width when the vertical load on the deck increases. This pressure in turn enhances the free motion of the rear wheels. So, the slightest increase in the speed can in fact result in 1:1.20 ratio of power to acceleration. This mode is considered to be highly energy saving for the battery.
  • Brake: The regenerative braking onboard the Pure Energy can work efficiently to halt the board in a safe manner. But you need to slow down the board before applying it. The best way is to lean back towards the rear end, while decreasing the sped with the remote control. You need to pull the joystick on the remote control gradually. You can stop the board for a short time by pushing the joystick head down and lock it. You can pres on the top again to unlock and move the board ahead.
  • Deck: The Pure Energy deck design is sleek and strong, made from the highest quality of maple wood. Dimension of 37″ L x 9.8″ W x 5.1″ H gives ample room for you to stand comfortably in a balanced posture. The top surface is coated with highly efficient gripping material to ensure complete safety. You need to avoid exposing the deck directly to water for long time to ensure the durability of the skateboard.

Pure Energy Electric Longboard Functionality

The high power remote can control the complete functionality of the Pure Energy Electric Longboard in a perfect manner. The central joystick allows you to vary the acceleration, deceleration, and control the braking in an efficient manner. The other board in the same range of functionality is the Dynacraft Surge.

  • Mode Change: By using the combination of joystick (forward position) and the power button (press and hold for 5 seconds), you can change the Pure Energy working mode between the amateur and the expert. It is recommended you slow down the board to the minimum possible speed, before changing the mode to ensure safety.
  • Power Conversion: The conversion ratio between the battery energy and the motor power is controlled efficiently by the Bluetooth connected remote. The deck design is another factor which helps in conserving the maximum energy while moving. The distribution of the vertical load from the center to the tail end as well as the nose end reduces the stress on the wheel and motor assembly considerably. They are able to convert the maximum volume of the battery energy into power with near zero loss.


  • Top speed and range at economic pricing and payload (160LBs)
  • Real time switch between amateur and expert mode


  • The Pure Energy has no intermediate speed range


The Pure Energy is perhaps the most inexpensive electric skateboard with twin modes for beginners and advanced users. The speed limit of 21mph and range of 18 miles help in training you from the amateur level until the expert. You can find the other reviews on efficient Atom B.36 Longboard.