Top 9 Skateboard Tricks – How To Do Awesome And Cool Skateboard Tricks

Once you have accurately learned the techniques involved in skateboarding, such as moving, balancing, ceasing, pushing, turning and positive falls, it’s time to start learning basic skateboard tricks. Skateboarding tricks are kinds of movement performed on a skateboard while you’re skateboarding. Skateboarding tricks vary in difficulty. If you’re aiming to learn and achieve the cool … Read more

NATE LACOSTE – Roger Skateboards

ROGER TEAM RIDER QUESTIONARE Name: Nate LaCoste Eye Color: Hazel Mom’s Age: None of your business. Best Vert Trick: Dropping in Preferred Hair Style: Business in the back, party in the front. I Can Ollie This High: A midget. Preferred Wheelbase: I actually don’t know what that means. Favorite Roger Graphic: It hasn’t come out … Read more

TIM AND ERIC – Roger Skateboards

ROGER TEAM RIDER QUESTIONARE: Names: Tim Olson and Eric Risser Eye Color:  Tim- cold, dead, blue. Eric- Blue Mom’s Age: Tim- hi mom! Eric- Undisclosed Best Vert Trick: Tim- wooly mammoth Eric- Telling people I could probably drop in if I really had to Preferred Hair Style: Tim- on me? hat. on others? soccer mom. Eric- Something I can set my watch to I Can Ollie … Read more