Top 9 Skateboard Tricks – How To Do Awesome And Cool Skateboard Tricks

Once you have accurately learned the techniques involved in skateboarding, such as moving, balancing, ceasing, pushing, turning and positive falls, it’s time to start learning basic skateboard tricks. Skateboarding tricks are kinds of movement performed on a skateboard while you’re skateboarding. Skateboarding tricks vary in difficulty. If you’re aiming to learn and achieve the cool … Read more

Cole Wilson – ROTM

Cole Wilson – Roger of the Month – Feb 09 from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo

NATE LACOSTE – Roger Skateboards

ROGER TEAM RIDER QUESTIONARE Name: Nate LaCoste Eye Color: Hazel Mom’s Age: None of your business. Best Vert Trick: Dropping in Preferred Hair Style: Business in the back, party in the front. I Can Ollie This High: A midget. Preferred Wheelbase: I actually don’t know what that means. Favorite Roger Graphic: It hasn’t come out … Read more

Blackout – Roger Skateboards

Our very own Tim has a Blackout in the new issue of The Skateboard Mag. No lie. Just look at the picture above these words if you don’t believe me. Good job, Tim. Bill wanted me to share this video with you a few days ago and I totally forgot. Sorry, Billy. Stacy and I … Read more

TIM AND ERIC – Roger Skateboards

ROGER TEAM RIDER QUESTIONARE: Names: Tim Olson and Eric Risser Eye Color:  Tim- cold, dead, blue. Eric- Blue Mom’s Age: Tim- hi mom! Eric- Undisclosed Best Vert Trick: Tim- wooly mammoth Eric- Telling people I could probably drop in if I really had to Preferred Hair Style: Tim- on me? hat. on others? soccer mom. Eric- Something I can set my watch to I Can Ollie … Read more

Welcome Back to the Future Of Radical – Electric Skateboard Movie

If you’re reading this it means that our new website is finished. I thought this image (above) was an appropriate way to start this party. This was the original roger website splash page from June of 2008. Hard to believe that our little Roger is already 4 years old. They grow up so fast. Check … Read more


Nate B. Nate L. Brandon Ziskind Cesar Fernandez SOME RIGHTS RESERVED – ROGER SKATEBOARDS INC. – 2010

Scott Gall – ROTM – December 10

Scott Gall – Roger of the Month – Dec 2010 SAG: From outer space but now resides in the land of Lincoln. Proud member of the Dry Bones Nation. Best grip tape jobs known to human kind. Favorite Pokemon: Ekans. Loves the Witch House genre. Stunt double for Will Smith. Can predict the future. Doesn’t … Read more

Tim and Eric – ROTM – MARCH 10

Tim and Eric – Roger of the Month Mar 2010 – Outro Video This is a skateboard video about 2 men from Wisconsin which serves to remind us that sometimes it’s not about how high you can ollie, it’s about how far you can power slide. Tim and Eric – Roger of the Month – … Read more

Welcome Back to the Future of Radical!

4.18.09 The web department is going to be in China next week so there will be no site updates till at least the 27th. Broussard has a handful of clips in the new Hi Fi Wheels promo video that just made its web debut. Go broo boo. If you live in (or near) Austin and … Read more


Stephen Lawyer – Roger of the Month – August 2009 Stephen lives in Encinitas, CA and apparently likes the Wu-Tang Clan and the Gravediggaz. Which is cool with us. We can only hope he’s also stoked on Dr. Octagon. Otherwise he might get the boot before his month is up.

Bill Pierce – Out

Bill Pierce – Roger of the Month – Nov 08 – Outro Video from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Whitney Wells Interview

Interview By: Michael Sieben So Whitney, the first thing I noticed about you when I watched your footage was that you’re really good at riding your skateboard. Why? It’s from a strict diet of cigarettes, beer, juice, and random health foods. But really…I have no clue why (awkward question.)   I think my favorite clip … Read more

Ads we can’t afford to run

Welcome Back Introducing Roger Skateboards All the good names were taken Welcome to the dark side I don’t dig pig Video in progress Video in still in progress Some guy… This handrail Grandmothers rule Roger Scooter Are motorcycles still cool? Don’t laugh Bill Pierce Funny hats Bark shirts Get trippy Roger Ramp The eighties Jeremy … Read more

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