OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO – Frameless, Interchangeable Lens 100% UV400 Protection Review

Is winter the best time of the year for you? You may be a snowboard enthusiast or a professional skier, but if you love skiing or snowboarding, it is important to equip yourself with the best gear to make the most of your winter experience. It is good to invest in quality snowboard skis, pants, and jackets, but we must not forget to get the best snowboarding goggles for proper visibility and navigation throughout the entire ride. When we speak of snowboarding goggles, we do not mean regular eye wear. The OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO – Frameless, Interchangeable Lens 100% UV400 Protection should be an item that is designed to keep your eyes safe specifically when engaging in this sport.

Features and SpecificationsOutdoorMaster PRO

Extra long strap

Imagine purchasing a pair of snowboarding goggles but not being able to wear it with your favourite helmet. Spare yourself from unnecessary stress and get yourself this model as it comes with an extra long elastic strap that adjusts well for all types of helmets. This can be used by both teens and adults, so you do not have to worry about getting the right size.

Frameless Design

This comes with a large spherical, frameless lens that gives you a good view of the slopes. It is furnished with an interchangeable lens system that provides a clarity at all times. Enjoy swapping a large collection of extra lenses day and night, depending on your preference or on the weather conditions in your area. Have the liberty to choose among more than 20 types of lenses.

OTG (Over-the-Glasses) Design

Just like the ACURE SG01 Ski Goggles – OTG Frameless Snow Snowboard Goggles, this comes with professional features that allow you to use the goggles over regular glasses. It has a build that accommodates different types of glasses frames while giving you 100% UV400 protection at all times. These are purchase worthy features, not to mention that its lenses are also anti-fog coated. Enjoy the ease of skiing down slopes without the hassle of fogging and having foggy to zero visibility.

The Good

It comes with a warranty

One of the most problematic experience you can have is purchasing a defective pair of goggles and not be able to send it back or receive a replacement for it. Thankfully, this model, just like the OutdoorMaster OTG Over Glasses Ski/Snowboard Goggles come with a one-year warranty. The best part about it is that they have the friendliest and most accommodating customer representatives to answer your inquiries and tend to your concerns.

Good value for money

This definitely gives you value for every penny. Apart from its solid build, it also comes with beautiful aesthetics. Its style and appearance can match those that belong to more expensive ranges. This has received a lot of praise because of the rainbow lens multicolour effect.

Universal helmet compatibility

Some skiers use caution when buying snowboard goggles because instances of the goggles not fitting well with the helmet can occur. Fortunately, this is designed to be easily adjustable with almost all types of helmets like the OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles – Helmet Compatible Snow Goggles. Of course, nothing beats a high quality goggles that can fit through any type of helmet while facilitating just the right amount of air flow needed for the ride.

Frameless design for excellent visibility

This model has been praised for its style and make. The goggles, being vertically and horizontally curved makes it better in terms of getting more access in visibility. It is generally thicker than standard lenses, but it fits well with most helmets.

The Bad

Lens may fall off

The lenses perform well; there is no doubt about that. However, some users have mentioned that on some occasions, the lenses simply fell off. This often happens when they put the goggles on and off. The lenses can be put back to normal but they recommend adjusting and putting the goggles in a place where you can easily find the lenses in case they fall off. Extra caution should be taken when adjusting or putting it on or off.

Magnetic function a bit inferior

This is mainly the reason why the lens fall off during some occasions. A couple of users stated that its magnetic function is not solid and may be a probably hazard if used in an environment that has a lot of sharp edges. A fall may dislodge the lenses and allow possible penetration of foreign material directed to the eyes.

Allows moisture and heavy air flow when in use

A drawback for this model would be that it allows moist and air flow on raging speeds. This can cause a whistling sound which can be disturbing during the ride. It may also cause a possibility of fogging in the lens and affect the range of visibility during the ride.

Hard to keep in place

The strap of the goggles do not have a silicone on the inside, thereby making it challenging to keep the in place especially when soaked with condensed snow. Because of this, setting the straps properly and securely is needed before use.

Who Is It For?

This is ideal for those who want to stay in style even with their complete gear on. This comes with amazing aesthetics that will surely garner a lot of compliments in and off the slopes. It is ideal for those who want the flexibility of being able to choose and change among different lenses from time to time. This gives a grander point of view and visibility, plus it fits in all types of helmets well. This proves to be worth the price because it comes with a one-year warranty and it is comparable with models belonging to higher price ranges.


OutdoorMaster PRO

The search for the best snowboard goggles can be as challenging as finding the right pair of skis or pants. Knowing the features and specs that come with it is definitely useful in helping you determine whether you should go for a certain model or not. The OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO – Frameless, Interchangeable Lens 100% UV400 Protection remains one of the best to consider when finding an excellent functioning pair. Check out its pros and cons to come up with a final decision.