Outdoor Master Kids Ski Goggles – Helmet Compatible Snow Goggles Review

Have you been on the lookout for the perfect pair of goggles to give your kids on your next skiing trip? With dozens of goggles in the market, it is quite a challenge to find one. While there are tons of amazing options available, most of them cost an arm and a leg. So to make it easier for you, we have prepared a detailed review of the OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles – Helmet Compatible Snow Goggles. This is among the best cheap snowboard goggles you can find. Read on to know about the great features you will find at an unbelievably reasonable price.

Features and SpecificationsOutdoorMaster Kids Helmet Compatible

Soft TPU Frame

For its price, this comes with good quality in terms of providing protection and facilitating safety in cases of a fall or crash. This is a good pair for kids because this will lessen the chances of discomfort and injuries in case of accidents.

Anti-fog Lens

Similar to the Ski Goggles, OTG Anti-Fog Snowboard Skate Snowmoblie Interchangeable Double Layer, this model provides excellent optical clarity. By using a dual layer lens technology, you will have a clear vision of what is ahead of you. This has an anti-fog coating that prevents fog and moisture build-up to make sure you are safe and in control at all times.

OTG (Over the Glass) Design

This comes in a pack of two goggles that are compatible with any other frame. Kids who wear prescription glasses can definitely continue wearing them even when wearing the goggles. This delivers the same comfort that the ACURE SG01 Ski Goggles – OTG Frameless Snow Snowboard Goggles offers.

Long Elastic Strap

The goggles are equipped with a long elastic strap for better helmet compatibility. This strap also allows kids to grow into the goggles. They can easily adjust the strap as they age and their built matures. Just like the ZIONOR XA Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles, this is a good investment for parents who plan on letting their kids ski for a long time.

1-Year Warranty

This is a huge plus for your purchase. Knowing that you have a 1-year warranty for the item can give you the peace of mind you need in case something happens. If you ever come across some defects or damages, it is easy to reach the team responsible for giving you support.

The Good

Effective UV Protection

It is important to have 100% UV Protection. These goggles make it possible to ski in broad daylight, even under the glaring sun. This will prevent damage to your kid’s eyes and prevent it from being strained.

Foam is Soft on the Skin

A lot of those who bought the goggles were happy with the goggles’ foam. They stated that their kids felt very comfortable while wearing the goggles because of its foam. It is designed to be soft on the skin to prevent pressure on the user’s face when used for a long time.

Excellent OTG Design

Kids who wore the goggles over their prescription glasses said they still felt comfortable even after long use. The goggles can accommodate frames of different shapes and sizes. It is also good because the goggles do not fog up even when worn with other eyewear.

Good Value for the Price

This is no doubt a good catch. With the features and level of comfort it gives its users, mainly kids, you can definitely say that this is worth every penny. This comes with a fun storage bag, so it makes it a treat for kids.

Nice Overall Fitting

Those who bought this can attest that it comes with an easy-to-use adjustable strap for proper sizing. This is claimed to work well with helmets. It fits so well that beginners can easily adjust to it.

The Bad

Sizing is A Bit Small

This is a perfect pair of goggles for kids. It has an adjustable strap that allows room for adjustment, but it may not be good fitting for adults. However, this can work with adults too, but only for those with small faces.

Rainbow Glare and Halos

The visibility for this one is good for sunny and rainy weather. Though some of its users expressed their disappointment when they saw halos and rainbow glares in the morning or any situation that had glaring lights.

Strap Has a Tendency to Break

A user mentioned that the straps for adjustment broke after use. With this being said, it is important to put extreme caution when handling it for adjustments. Despite this occurrence, majority of the customers who used it did not have much trouble with the strap.

Who Is It For?

The Outdoor Master Kids Ski Goggles – Helmet Compatible Snow Goggles is ideal for kids or people with small face structures. It offers excellent eye protection, so this can be a great choice for kids who love to play outdoors. This has an over the glass (OTG) feature so it will work well for kids who need to wear prescription glasses beneath the goggles. This is basically for those who want to keep it simple and comfortable at the same time. Ideal for beginners, but not so much for adults or those who have a larger head and face structure.


OutdoorMaster Kids Helmet Compatible

A great way to start your kids with snowboarding is giving them a pair of reliable snowboarding glasses. The Outdoor Master Kids Ski Goggles – Helmet Compatible Snow Goggles is a good one to start with. This comes with features that are very useful for you or your kids. The OTG design, anti-fog mechanism, and universal helmet compatibility are three of the most important things to consider when buying a helmet. This is a bang for the buck, however, there is a small area of concern in terms of sizing. It is best that you check if the dimensions and maximum adjustment for allowance can accommodate you. This is to spare you from making a purchase of an item that will not fit you. Overall, this is a pair of decent snowboarding goggles for beginner and young snowboarding enthusiasts.