NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas Skate Shoes Review

Nike isn’t a foreign name in the shoe industry, especially in sports. When the name Nike is mentioned, what comes to mind is spectacular and top performance- Yes, that’s how good the brand is. Nike has been associated with prominent athletes in various sports, from soccer to tennis and basketball. The company was founded in 1964 and can boast of 50+ years in the game. They are prodigies, knowing the in and out of making shoes.

Nike is home to some legendary makes in the market, names such as the Nike Men’s SB Portmore. Well, they’re back with another excellent product- Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas. This pair boasts of a sporty look that is simple but unique. Its 360-rubber upper is designed to withstand all the abuse that you could give it. Skate shoe nerds will appreciate what Nike did with this pair, and several reasons back it up. It is one of the top skateboarding shoes that the current market has to offer.

Features and Specifications


On a scale of 10, this pair scoops a solid eight when it comes to its performance. It is comfortable and durable. The cushioning is great, and a lot of the impact is absorbed. Also, the grip is good, and maximum traction is offered. If you’re used to skating with maximumly padded shoes, then using this will feel a little bit weird. This is where the last two points on its rating lack. Paddings on shoes are especially important for people with weak knees as it assists to give them the needed strength and stability.

Board-feel and Grip

Nike, generally as a brand, is known to design shoes with excellent board-feels. This isn’t an exception to this case. Even though its sole isn’t very thick, it is still good enough to provide riders with the needed support and high gaps.

The grip on this pair is exceptional. Only a few pairs in the market can compete with the Solarsoft Canvas in that area. This makes this pair great for skating and even hiking and mountain bike riding. Grip is essential for these kinds of sports. Nike knew the sole purpose of this pair, and so decided to give it their all when it comes to the grip. We award this pair a solid nine out of ten when it comes to the board-feel and grip.

The Good

Nice Fit and Comfortable

Another reason why we love this pair is because of its wide toe box. This is an advantage for people with wider feet. Most pairs in the market, such as the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High-Top sneakers inconvenience those with wide feet as they find it difficult to put them on. This isn’t the case with this pair. Although it might feel a little bit tight at first, the feeling will get better with time and amazing when you’re fully into them.

The Zoom Air Unit at the back makes skating and walking very comfy. The fit is secure although it might run a little bit shorter and so you have to order for a size larger.

Durable and Long-lasting

Aside from the performance and the comfort, the durability of a shoe is essential too. Trust us when we give you first-hand info that this pair is very durable and long-lasting. The first five hours of skating will go first, and the shoe won’t show any signs of wear and tear. Other pairs might begin wearing on the laces, but this isn’t the case with this one.

On the tenth hour, you’ll be already used to the shoe and begin doing flip tricks comfortably. The only wear that is visible at this moment is at the Ollie, but there’s nothing to be concerned about. Fast forward to the twentieth hour, and this is where pairs either sink or float. This pair comfortably stays afloat. During this entire period, its grip is perfect.

The only place that will show signs of wearing is the white sole, and the sews will be a little bit worn. This pair is undoubtedly made durable to pass the test of time.


The Bad

Inaccurate Sizing

The sizing of this shoe is somewhat inaccurate that we have to say. This is probably because of its slim construction, which makes it smaller than other Nike SB shoe models. If you’re settling for this option, then we recommend that you choose half a size larger to be on the safe side. Alternatively, avail yourself to the store and try them out before purchasing. This is easier and better and will ensure that you don’t go home with something smaller than your feet.

Slightly difficult to Break

Another point deducted from this pair is that it is difficult to break in. Its power stretch construction makes stepping into it a little bit difficult. So, be ready to go through a fight for the first few hours that you’re new with this pair. The good news is that once your feet get used to it and are securely in place, then you won’t have any other problems.

Who Is It For?

This is a unisex pair that is compatible with use for both men and women. No one is exempted from wearing it. Similarly, the old and young alike can wear it. It is stylish and unique. It is available in a wide range of colors to choose from, but we fell in love most with the black-white version. The pair is aggressive and apart from skating, can also be used for hiking and mountain bike skating.

Its style doesn’t restrict you from wearing it for sports occasion solo but can put it on for any casual occasion or your daily routine. It will fit perfectly with any outfit and make you stand out from the rest.


Everything is there to love about this pair, from its look to its performance, durability, and comfort. This pair brings an exceptional feeling when skating. Its grip makes it compatible with more laborious tasks such as mountain bike riding and hiking. It is aggressive enough to take complex challenges. An alternative to this pair that brings to the table similar performance and feel as this one is the Nike SB Zoom Janoski. If you love the Solarsoft, you’ll also love this one.