TIM AND ERIC – Roger Skateboards

ROGER TEAM RIDER QUESTIONARE: Names: Tim Olson and Eric Risser Eye Color:  Tim- cold, dead, blue. Eric- Blue Mom’s Age: Tim- hi mom! Eric- Undisclosed Best Vert Trick: Tim- wooly mammoth Eric- Telling people I could probably drop in if I really had to Preferred Hair Style: Tim- on me? hat. on others? soccer mom. Eric- Something I can set my watch to I Can Ollie … Read more

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Welcome Back Introducing Roger Skateboards All the good names were taken Welcome to the dark side I don’t dig pig Video in progress Video in still in progress Some guy… This handrail Grandmothers rule Roger Scooter Are motorcycles still cool? Don’t laugh Bill Pierce Funny hats Bark shirts Get trippy Roger Ramp The eighties Jeremy … Read more