Maxfind Max B Electric Skateboard Review

The Maxfind Max B is the most brilliant and colorful dual motor skateboard you can hope to get in the light weight and the lightest budget plan. It weighs just 12 LBs, but can carry a payload of 220LBs. It is meant to be for the kids and teens, but it can travel at a speed of 18mph. The 18650 Lithium-ion Samsung battery takes just over 60 minutes to charge, but it can push the board for 10 long miles on single charging. The board looks sleek and handsome in design, but it is a strong workhorse that runs on 85A hardness polyurethane wheels. You can find all the contrasting characters that make the Maxfind Max B the most desired and in demand skateboard that saves you money. If you wish to read a review on the higher version of skateboard, the Pure Energy Electric Longboard could be the right choice

Maxfind Max B – How it is Built

  • Dual Brushless Motor: The dual Polyurethane brushless motors of 500W (each) are placed in-wheel at the rear end of the skateboard. They have been designed to provide maximum torque and acceleration to the power wheels right from the start. As you turn on the Maxfind Max B, set it on road, and start riding, you can increase in throttle and push the bard ahead at high speed. Within a span of few seconds you can reach the maximum speed of 18mph (on standard road conditions. The power of the dual motors gives you the freedom to climb uphill at a gradient of 20-degrees and still enjoy the top speed. The motors can work with equal efficiency on all types of terrains, road conditions and climatic conditions. The polyurethane material makes the motor resistant to wear & tear, heat & humidity, water & wind, and stress & impact from the road conditions. The other skateboard to work on brushless DC motor is the Genesis Hellfire that runs at 20mph and offers a range of 20 miles.
  • Samsung Skateboard Battery: The sleek and smart The 18650 Lithium-ion Samsung battery is placed at the bottom read end of the board. The short dual cables that connect to the motors are power efficient and prevent every type transmission loss. The supply of 36V 2.2AH power is completely utilized by the motors. You can recharge the battery from the standard power source of 110V-120V supply lines at your home. Make sure you don’t drain off the battery too frequently to ensure risk free long time working. The battery is certified for quality, reliability, safety and durability by the UL and CE.
  • The Skateboard Trucks: The Maxfind Max B has a strong truck design that connects to the dual hub motors within the twin power wheels. The design of the truck is unlike the other boards. It has a broader and denser base plate and it is made of automobile grade material. The manufacturing process (pressure casting) is unique, in the sense it can enhance the density, tensile strength, water resistance, stress endurance, and hardness factors. The alloy materials make the truck light in weight, flexible and firm in construction. The connecting axle and hanger alignment and strength hold the twin in wheel motors at the strongest position. The other key feature of the Maxfind Max B truck is the ability to balance the rear wheel assembly and the skateboard tail. It can withstand high pressure from the rider weight and the shocks from the dual power wheels during motion. The front truck of the skateboard is relatively simpler in design. Its task is to hold the dual free wheels in place, balance the leaning body weight of the rider, push the nose of the skateboard through air resistance, and control the movements at turns and curves.
  • The Skateboard Wheels: All the four wheels of the Maxfind Max B are made of tough and dense polyurethane material. The rear power wheels have extra reinforcements with metallic protective shield within the inner diameter of the wheels. They protect the motor assembly from every type of external impact. The external design and construction of the Polyurethane wheels offer resistance to stress, shocks, reverse drag, and the sheer weight of the board and the rider. They provide maximum rip, braking capacity, and frictionless motion at all speed levels.
  • The Skateboard Remote: The latest version of the Maxfind Max B remote is designed to gain maximum control over the fore and back motions. You can easily pair the remote with the board using simple instructions in the user manual. Applying safe brakes to stop the fast moving skateboard is another new feature of the remote. It allows you to decelerate the board smoothly in a single action before using the brake. You can turn on/off the flashlights, maneuver the board, control the speed, and put the board on cruise mode using simple controls.
  • The Skateboard Deck: The Maxfind Max B deck is made of the pure Canadian Maplewood. The multiple ply design enhances the density, while the pressing methods decrease the weight to keep it light. The board has highest resistance to termite, wear & tear, climatic conditions, and warping. The design allows you to ride on for many years without bending or breaking. The material makes it easy to paint and design the exterior surface. It can absorb and retain the paint and the brightness for many years. The Maxfind Max B deck is known for its ultra modern and attractive designs and coloring.

Maxfind Max B – How it Works

The Maxfind Max B works in a highly energy efficient manner to generate top speed within the minimum time after start. The ‘on demand’ power consumption by the dual motors enhances the lifespan of the battery.


  • Best skateboard for beginners and intermediate users.
  • Good support for payload weight and inclination motion.


  • Range is limited to 10 miles.


The Maxfind Max B is best recommended for beginners and intermediate users. However the features are better than the Dynacraft Surge which is stated to be cheaper than this board. Click here for more comprehensive reviews in our site!