Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Review

Riding across the length and breadth of your city landscapes on the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard is an incredible experience. If you were to ask “what is the best electric skateboard” with top speed, ultimate style, best payload, comfortable deck size, and the climb angle, you need to look no further.  The power packed dual motors with 500W capacity are supported by reliable lithium ion battery of capacity 36Volts and 2.2AH. The wheel inbuilt motors can generate faster torque and acceleration to reach the maximum speed within a few seconds after the start. Coupled with the perfect deck balance and the motion control, the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard is worth the investment for the beginners. Once you gain sufficient experience with this board, you can always think of switching over to the higher version Boosted Dual+.

Fast and Fashionable Designs

The design of the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard looks sleek, smart, sensible, and practical for its practical applications. For example, you can consider the 13.12″ x 3.05″ x 27.56″ dimension of the board and the 37.99″X 10″ of the deck. It offers sufficient width and length to balance your body while moving at top speeds. You don’t need to use your body postures for controlling the skateboard movement, turning, uphill climbing, and downhill rushing. The remote and the sensor onboard take care of the smooth operations with zero risks.  You can also read the review on the Onewheel to explore other products with extended features.

  • Deck Design: The Deck is relatively flat in design with firm foot gripping material on the top layer. The 3.05” thickness of the pure lightweight wood is processed, heat treated and finished with multiple layers. The resulting construction has the top tensile strength, load carrying capacity, stress handling capacity and climatic protection features. The designers have induced the additional features like the anti warping, anti brittleness, water proof, shock proof, and extended durability.
  • Modish Style: – The fashionable style of the board deck looks highly modish in nature. The Connecting board between the deck and the dual brushless hub motor assembly (motor and the wheel) has the perfect contour to support high payload weight. The top side of the board deck is designed to make the board look sleek, despite having sufficient deck-space. The designers have used the right combination of light and rustic colors, which make the deck attractive in appearance.
  • Practical Features: If you wish to understand the practical aspects of the deck design, you need to look at the battery housing assembly. It houses a replaceable battery at the center with an advanced electronic circuit board enclosed around it. You can easily replace the battery, by loosening a couple of screws. The twin cables connecting to the dual motors pass through the strongest of the Truck designs. The rear truck is a complex assembly made of base plate, riser pad, pivot parts, axle parts, cone parts, and the hanger assembly. The designers have ensured maximum weight carrying capacity, shock proof characters, and best flexibility features for the truck.
  • Motor Design: The Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard motor is designed with the most optimized propulsion, torque, and the power to weight ratio. The designers have included all the necessary features to enable maximum weight carrying of 220.2 LBs at a speed of 17MPH. The success of the motor is largely due to the efficient materials used for the mechanical and electrical parts and components. They ensure near zero friction during the motor rotation. The efficient design of the battery to motor connecting wires ensure near zero power loss. The motor kit with 36V /500W capacity is housed within the inner parts of the Polyurethane constructed wheels. The assembly ensures maximum RPM to generate equally high torque levels. The ratio between the power drawing and the output generated determines the motor efficiency. The Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard motor is rated to be the best among the similar other motors.
  • Truck Construction: The truck construction of the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard is optimized for utilizing the output from the torque force from the motors. The frequency of torque displacement into the wheels determines the maximum speed of the board. The numbers of alloy based windings on the truck ensure maximum conductivity, grading, output, closed loop control, and the interior cooling mechanism. These parameters enhance the performance capacity of the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard considerably.

Top Performance Parameters

  • Skateboard Motors: The output from the dual scooter motors add to 100Watts of purer power. The remote control sensor has a highly sensitive coordination with the mechanical components working within the assembly. You can control the functionality of the motors to the top accuracy levels. Since the motors work without the aid of complex belts and parts, it is able to utilize the entire power input from the batteries with near to zero power loss.
  • Skateboard Wheels: The key features of the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard wheels are the RPM, load capacity, internal design, bearing support, road grip, and the durable material. The wheel is made of high tensile strength Polyurethane that is strong and flexible.
  • Skateboard Braking: The efficiency of the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard regenerative braking is due to the maximum safety factor within a span of few seconds from the point of application. You may be on the city roads, bikers’ lanes, footpaths or the other freeways; the system ensures absolute protection from accidents and collisions.


  • Power packed 1000W dual motors.
  • Efficient truck design.
  • Top climbing range of 20-degrees and turning radius of 196.85″.
  • 450mah remote battery.


  • Range limited to 7 miles on single charging.


The dual speed modes of the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard with 1000W motors ensures maximum torque and speed with the highest safety. You can use it to learn the basics of skateboarding and get the required experience. The board is also stated to be of utility when you have reached the pro level. However, the recommended brand for the pro level is the Atom Electric B.36.