Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Review

There can never be a sufficient stressed laid on the portability factor and particularly so with a skateboard that at times gets to define what the best electric skateboard is. With features in addition to the ease of carrying around the Maxfind Dual Motor board would take some effort to beat in terms of performance as well as ease of maintenance.

The Light Weight

Often by being light in weight the skateboard is often seen to be lacking in performance when it comes to competing with products like the Inboard M1 which did get to define what boarding was all about for some time. There are some common points that help with the light weight as laid out below.


  • The most logical thing of a light weight skateboard is that it can be easily carried around. This comes particularly handy considering that the average skateboard competitions happen spread across the country and during all sorts of seasons. Thus, there would be no such thing as a boarding season as such.
  • With the restrictions that most airlines place on the baggage allowance, it is the skateboard that manages to score on this aspect that gets to sell more. It could be said that a light build is not exactly a disadvantage in this case.
  • With the Maxfind Dual Motor bring light on the build utilizes some of the most innovative by way of design to maintain the competitive edge that more heavier pieces have in use.
  • The light weight has an added advantage that there is a lesser wear and tear on the moving parts of the skateboard and this factor cannot be ignored when comparing with the more heavier models like the Atom B.36 Longboard.


  • A light weight can be disadvantageous in instances when ride quality is concerned and in applications like commuting purposes. Since most commuting uses come around in the urban setting that uses a lot of cobble and kerb stones, the skateboard in the long run can be heavy on the maintenance part.

The Motor

When it comes to a vehicle for taking people from one place to another the role of the prime mover simply cannot be taken lightly. The design of the Maxfind Dual Motor is to take a complete advantage of the plus points that a heavy duty motor would provide not just to the sports men but to the average commuter as well.


  • It must be said that the proper choice of a set of motors that does match the power on hand in the batteries, brings out a performance that is simply not easily matched by any other commuter skateboard.
  • The application of regeneration to not just to feedback the braking power but to effectively provide a better control over the ride and particularly around the corners must be stressed here.
  • If a comparative study is done with what is on offer in offering of skateboards and the role of the motor in providing comfort levels, it would be evident that such efforts did not meet much success earlier on such low budgets.
  • With the integration of the software that enables a greater control of the skateboard, allows a motor working that is often a reserve of the more expensive skateboards like the Genesis Hellfire.


  • At times if the proper study is done of the uses that the typical Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard is put to, it might seem rather an overkill to have a motor that is simply too advanced for the typical boarder.

The Range on Offer

It is often a selling point for most electric skateboards to use the range that it provides to sell the product. The long range of operation capable with the skateboard is noteworthy, simply for the fact that something this simple could travel this far on a single charge of the batteries.


  • With a range of 10 miles on a full charge of batteries, the skateboard is among the ones with the longest of ranges possible. Thus this is bound to ensure that the board stays in use than be kept for charging most of the time.
  • It must be stressed that the maximum operating load of close to 200 Kgs is one of the most possible with any model of skateboard. Thus, the levels of pick up must be seen in light of this ability to handle a load that is to say the least heavy.
  • If there is indeed a positive side to a heavy load, then it is the possibility that a far more energy is fed back to the system with the regenerative effective taking place. Thus the extent of reach of a board is never compromised with a heavier load.
  • A higher capacity motor provides a higher amount of torque, which in turn would mean a greater comfort to the ride. This provides for easy handling of the bumps and edges in the typical commuting routine.


  • The powerful motor sets up a higher amount of stress in the entire system both at times of driving a load or in regenerative braking. This would call for a more robust design that could in turn mean a more expensive offering all around.

Getting A Board to The Home

This could be easier than thought of earlier. The advent of ecommerce sites that deals in all sorts of merchandise only makes this factor rather convenient to handle at best. It could mean that the typical person interested in acquiring a Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard can do so with just a few clicks of the mouse at most.

The advantage of this easy reach can be found in an increased penetration of skateboards of different types and hue to all sectors of society and a far greater acceptance of higher levels of technology.  People are no longer intimidated by the jargon and terms used by typical marketing folks to get to sell products at any time.