Magic Hover Gyroor Off Road All Terrain Warrior Hoverboard Review

From Magic Hover, this is an amazing scooter hover board that everyone with high standards can consider for purchase.

The hoverboard has got amazing features that will attract many potential buyers. If you ask me honestly, this is one of the most impressive pieces in self-balancing scooters.

You might find the cost a bit unfair but the kind of features you get with this product will prove otherwise.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at everything about this product.

Features and Specifications

I am going to mention all the features and specifications of this product as comprehensively as I can. You are recommended to study them all before making a decision about the product.

Safety Standards

Well, I believe that the first thing any parent would want to know about anything they purchase they buy for their kids is how safe it is in usage.

One of the biggest concerns of all parents is that the battery is safe and it will not accidentally blow-up due to overheating.

Well, this product has got uncompromised safety standards ensured with UL2272 and UL2271 safety certifications.

Also, this product has passed CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications. The hoverboard comes with 1-year warranty and you get 6-month warranty on battery of the product. This is one of the safest hoverboards on the market, just like the Hover-1 Titan – UL 2272 Certified – Electric Scooter Hoverboard.

Sturdy Structure

To ensure durability of a hoverboard, it is important to check its construction. Half of the work is done when a self-balancing scooter is given good construction.

This model has got sturdy structure and is IP54 certified. The certification gives you peace of mind that this model will be water resistant. This means that even if your child is riding it in rain or mud, it will not stop.

90% of the hoverboard’s body is constructed with aluminum material which doesn’t just makes it strong and flexible but also keep the weight of the hoverboard in check.

Other parts of the hoverboard are made of ABS material. All in all, the construction is done very thoughtfully.

Lastly, the rubber tires are made of uncompromised material. They can run on any terrain of your choice.

Self-Balance System

Whether your child is riding the hoverboard for the first time or have been riding the machine for some time, the self-balancing mechanism is something that he/she will definitely find helpful.

The self-balancing mechanism is determined by the stability of the product. It is a simple calculation of weight of the hoverboard with the weight that it can accommodate.

This model is great in providing you the best stability. Thus, it is established that the chances of your child falling down due to disbalance are rare.

App Control

The show-stopper feature of this model is the app control that you can find in other high-end models as well like Hoverboard Hyper Gogo 6.5″ UL2272 Certified Self Balancing electric scooter.

You will have to download the app named “Gynoor” on your phone and connect the hoverboard with it.

You get access to one-touch child mode, adult mode, self-balancing mode, non-self-balancing mode, adjustable speed, shutdown, DIY colourful LED lights, fault analysis etc.

These are some of the important functions that you can handle through the app compatible with this hoverboard.


To be honest, there are better designs that you can find on the market. My favorite product as per the design is CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard.

The toughness of this model is unquestionable but as far as fanciness is concerned, you will find this product in one color – black.

Also, there are very few lights on the frame of the hoverboard. There are no lights on the wheels which happens to be the most attractive part of a hoverboard.

The front light on the frame is quite powerful. Overall, the design is decent but very tough and strong.


Lastly, the speed of this model can reach up to 9.5 MPH. This product is powered with 350W motor and high energy battery.

The speed and performance of this product will suit the needs of kids as well as adults. The tires can take up on kinds of roads and work absolutely fine.

The Good

Here are some things that you will like about this product:


Well, unlike many other products on the market, this one comes with multiple safety certifications that will prove the safe usage of the hoverboard.


This is one of the sturdiest products on the market. The construction of this product is well done and it will be able to handle the said weight effectively.

Two Modes

Interestingly, this model comes with two modes. One is dedicated for the kids with low speed whereas the other one is for the adults that has better speed.

Adjustable Speed

Due to the dual modes, you can enjoy adjustable speed of hoverboard. If you are just learning to ride the hoverboard, prefer using low speed.


The Bad

Here are a few things that you will not like in this model:

Less LED Lights

This product does not have as many LED lights as other products on the market. If you kids enjoy more lights then you can refer other options on the market.

Who Is It For?

This is a smart hoverboard. You must appreciate the smart features that you can get in this model. Well, for someone who is not afraid of spending some extra money then this is the most suitable product.


I would like to conclude by saying that Hoverboard Off Road All Terrain Self-Balance Scooter is an excellent choice to make. It has got all the excellent features that you will admire in a hoverboard for your child.

You should always focus on important features like safety standards, app control and self-balancing mechanism. You get all these important features in this model. Your child will really appreciate the quality of this hoverboard.