Lift Board Electric Skateboard Review

The Lift Board is the best single motor skateboard to offer a maximum speed of 16mph and a long range of 16 miles. This top rated electric skateboard derives its energy and efficiency factors from the power packed motor, sleek truck assembly, highly engineered deck design, high performance wheel assembly, high capacity lithium battery pack, and a sensitive remote control. The motor output of 900W is generated from the 8.8AH battery which is transmitted into the power wheel through the belt and bearing into the truck and wheel assembly. Coupled with the top deck design and functionality features, the Lift Board is the most recommended skateboard for the beginner, intermediate and the advanced users. The other review you can read about is on the Atom Electric B.36.

Lift Board – Successful Deck Design

  • Deck Material: The successful deck design of the Lift Board starts with the selection of the deck material. The seven ply maple wood is machine pressed to provide maximum tensile strength, flexibility and load carrying capacity. Maple wood has some of the unique characteristics for color absorption and retention. So, the designers can experiment on the deck coloring options to choose the best one that retains its sheen and scratchproof features for many years. The material is highly waterproof, abrasion resistant, and it can withstand high payloads up to 200+LBs with ease and comfort. The high elastic modulus of 12.62GPa makes the material resistant to deformation and warping. You can use the Lift Board on all sorts of roads, terrains, and climatic conditions with assured long term durability. The rupture modulus of the material is also high at 109MPa. The material can withstand high impact crashes due to its 54MPa crushing strength. So, it can carry heavier payload and still remain relatively straight in shape. You can know about the benefits of such material for the motor power distribution, body balancing, center of gravity and board balancing while riding at top speeds. The same balancing is provided by the board while you travel downhill on the board, or uphill. There could be slight decrease in the top speed while moving uphill, depending on the sloping angle and the payload weight.
  • Board Characters: The board dimension is 39” X 9” X 15” and it has a moderate weight of 24.95LBs. The design of the nose and the tail is shaped to penetrate through the air at high speeds with near zero wind resistance. The seven ply thickness of the deck can hold onto the centrally installed battery strip that runs from the rear truck to the front truck assembly. The motor and the power wheel assembly is mounted to the left bottom of the rear board (reference from the rear end) and fastened to the axis of the truck. In this position the probability of the balance tilting towards the power wheel is high. Hence, the engineers have designed the Lift Board construction with a thick strip of aluminum battery casing at the center to balance the weight equally.

Lift Board – Power Packed System

The 900W motor is attached to the rear truck axle power wheel through the bearing and belt assembly. The belt is made of composite material having high elasticity, low coefficient of friction, high volume of tension, and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Motor Assembly: The Lift Board motor assembly is made of the core and the bearing (containing a powerful magnet and stainless steel balls). The core solenoid of the motor generates the 900W output with the help of highly efficient bearing. This power gets transmitted to the power wheel through the belt. You can control the transmission rate with the help of the remote device that gets connected to the onboard sensor. The design of the motor assembly makes it possible for the skateboard to have a smooth start and a constant acceleration. You can also vary the acceleration and the speed according to your specific needs.
  • Truck Assembly: The truck assembly that connects the motor with the power wheel is designed to provide maximum stability to the Lift Board rear wheel assembly. Te distance between the motor holder and the kingpin is based on the balancing factor for the axle, hanger, bushing and the base plate. The polyurethane wheel on the other side of the truck assembly has a dimension of 80mm X 45mm with a hardness factor of 78A grade. The dimension and the density of the Polyurethane material keep the truck assembly in a perfectly balanced position onboard. Similarly the front truck assembly is designed t balance the body weight and the board weight for optimum speed in the forward direction. The positioning of the twin trucks at the two ends (from the nose and the tail) is designed to achieve perfect vertical balance.
  • Wheel Assembly:  80mm X 45mm with a hardness factor of 78A grade is common for all the Polyurethane wheels used on the board. They are built to endure the speed variations, road friction, and vertical drag experienced by the board from air resistance. The exterior construction of the wheels ensure maximum road grip on the smoothest of surfaces. The braking system on the Lift Board can bring it to stop within the shortest of distance after applying it. But you need to gradually slow down the speed and bring it to the minimum before applying the brakes. This approach will ensure perfect body balancing and safety.


  • Top Speed of 16mph and 16 miles range with single motor.
  • Easy operation with the sensitive remote control.
  • Auto shut off to save battery power.


  • Net motor output is less for professional skaters.


The Lift Board is best suited for starters who wish to become professional skaters. You can use the board for the initial stages of practicing within the skater zone. You may also take it on long distance travels when you go for picnics and vacations. The technical specifications and speed are relatively improved over the Dynacraft Surge. However, you may need to switch over to a higher capacity skateboard like the Pure Energy Electric Longboard once you have trained sufficiently. You can read more electric skateboards reviews at 😉