LEIF Esnowboard Electric Skateboard Review

The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board is perhaps the first of its kind with 360-degrees rotation in this cheap electric skateboard. You could be a beginner, an intermediate level rider, or an expert. The skateboard gives you the best of experiences you can imagine. The brushless motor has a capacity of 2,000W that can push the board to a maximum of 23mph at 15 miles range for every battery charging. The biggest surprise for you is its top speed on the uphill roads. So, you don’t need to slow down while traveling on steep roads. The installation of the battery and the motor at the center of the board makes the LEIFTech Leif Snow Board highly power packed in speed and acceleration.

LEIF Esnowboard

The board contains two inner wheels mounted beneath the board on each side of the battery-motor assembly. They are stated to be sued for rotating the board at various angles to a maximum of 360-degrees. With this feature you don’t need a reverse motion action that is offered by the traditional skateboards. The other review of the Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard will introduce you to the skateboard with same speed for the beginner.

LEIFTech Leif Snow Board – Incredible Features

  • 6-Wheel Wonder: The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board is a six wheel wonder that allows you to use the luxury of floating on them in horizontal, angular and vertical directions. This is because of the relatively large diameter of the inner wheels compared to the external four wheels. The traction and torque provided by the motor gets distributed to all the four wheels during the forward motion uniformly. Moreover, the power generated by the motor pushes the two inner wheels at top speed, forcing the outer wheels to speed up within a few seconds after the start. The polyurethane material used for the power-caster wheels and the external wheels makes them highly resistant to friction, load, drag and the heat generated by the dragging forces. Each inner wheel is powered by the large battery assembly set up at the center of the board. The inner wheel assembly gets connected to the twin trucks on the front and the rear ends. As the wheels rotate at the 360-degrees angle, the truck also rotates freely to allow smooth transition from one angle of motion to the next. You can easily turn through curves without losing your body balance at any point of time.
  • Skateboard Battery: The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board is actually an assembly made of several components for high volume power generation and distribution. Since the power gets distributed to the front inner wheel and the rear inner wheel in equal proportions, the balancing of power supplies is achieved by the efficient inboard lines. The replaceable battery has a charging time of 30 seconds. This sis stated to be the most time saving board to give you nonstop action from word go.
  • Skateboard Motor: The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board motor generates high volume of 2,000W power within the first few minutes of action. The remote has highly sensitive controls to vary the speed and acceleration of the board at your convenient ranges. The time gap between two successive accelerations can also be varied based on your needs. Hence, it is possible to increase or decrease the speed while moving vertically, rotating circularly, and floating on the inner wheels in the horizontal direction. You can decrease the speed and stop the skateboard while moving at top speeds without any dragging and frictional effects. The belt and controller assembly has the additional torque wheel assembly that is external to the inner wheel. This is the path through which the torque energy is directed into the inner wheels of the board. The motor is capable of extracting the entire rated power of the battery/minute and utilize to the maximum extent.
  • Skateboard Deck: The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board deck is uniquely designed with foot grippers at the front and the rear. The weight of the battery and motor assembly at the center makes the center of gravity to be positioned at the midpoint of the board. Once you board the deck and position your body across the length, your body’s center of gravity also gets aligned with the board perfectly. Hence, you can get the right balancing while traveling ahead at the top speeds.

LEIFTech Leif Snow Board – Functional ParametersLEIF Esnowboard

  • Consistency: The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board offers consistent speed, acceleration, torque, and safest braking on all kinds of road conditions. If you look at the design of the entire skateboard at a microscopic level, you may feel like viewing a large hovering snow board with best control and grip on the road. The power generated by the 2,000 watt motor can push the board at the top speed on mountainous terrains. While moving downhill you need to keep the speed and acceleration at the minimum levels for ensuring safety. On the flat roads you may choose to vary both the parameters according to your convenience.
  • Action: The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board is designed to make your actions dynamic in nature compared to the other models of the same range. This added feature is made possible by the unique design of the inner wheel and motor assembly. They can produce maximum volume of torque and traction within the shortest span of time after the start.


  • Seamless Integration of wheel and motor assembly.
  • Best skateboard with snowboard features.
  • 360-degrees rotation with floating action in all possible directions.
  • Best speed and range combination for a skateboard.


  • Highly expensive.


The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board is the best skateboard recommended for the professional level skaters, who wish to perform acrobatic tricks while riding on mountain tracks. If you are a beginner, you can start by reading the reviews about the basic level skateboards like the Acton Blink Lite.

However, if you wish to go completely pro, the LEIFTech Leif Snow Board is tailor made for you. You start with this skateboard once you have reached the intermediate level of training on the board. The other interesting review you can read is about the Atom Electric B.36.