Lanova Ski Snowboard Helmet with ASTM Certified Safety for Men Women and Youth Review

You never know when that accident might occur. The thrilling skiing experiences might be the riskiest ones. That’s why you need the freestyle ski helmet always. But not every helmet provides ultimate protection. One such equipment you can count on is the Lanova Ski Snowboard Helmet with ASTM Certified Safety for Men Women and Youth. In addition to being ASTM certified it’s easy to adjust and features removable liner. But can it compete with other major brands like AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet – Climate Control Venting, Dial Fit? Let’s find out in the review

Features and Specifications

Enhanced protection

The Lanova Ski Snowboard helmet provides superior protection when compared to ordinary helmets. It employs sturdy impact resistant ABS shell and the high-density shock-absorbing EPS. As a result, it offers high degree of protection from hard knocks without giving way. Besides its sturdy design also means it will serve you for a longer period.

Easy to clean liner and ear pads

After several days of skiing, a helmet’s interior is likely to get dirty. This Lanova helmet makes cleaning of the interior easier by providing removable imitation wool liner. Thus washing the accumulated sweat and dirt is trouble-free free just like in the design of Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet w/ BOA Fit System.

Easy to adjust helmet fit

One of the vital qualities of the best helmet is providing for an easy adjustment. Consequently, adjusting this helmet to get a snug fit is simple. It incorporates a size adjustment dial for superior comfort and protection.

Secures goggle in position

After acquiring the perfect goggle that provides a good view, you wouldn’t wish to lose it easily. You need the helmet that helps you to keep it in place. To fulfill that wish, this head protective equipment provides a secure snow goggle clip. It helps to stabilize the glass in place and thus prevent accidental drops.

The Good

Dual size variety

Choosing the right helmet size is a key factor in getting the right fit and reaping adequate protection. Lanova helps you to achieve that by providing adjustable helmets of two different sizes. The larger size can stretch from 23.22 to 24.01inches. On the other hand, the smaller size is adjustable from 21.65 to 22.83 inches.

Padded chin strap

For the prevention of unnecessary chaffing, this helmet employs a padded chin strap. The chin band is not only skin-friendly but portrays anti-slip ability. So once strapped into place, it stays riveted despite your skiing speed. Furthermore, it also wicks away the sweat that trickles down from your face.

Solid warm ear muffs

To inhibit cold air from penetrating to the ears, the equipment uses solid ear muffs on each side. The earmuffs provide warmth for a longer period, thus contributing to enjoy skating. The technology is also echoed by Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava. 

An accumulation of heated air in a helmet is very uncomfortable. To keep the temperature at a suitable level, this helmet features large spacious vents. Cool air, therefore, flows into the helmet and the warm air flows out. At the same time, depending on the prevailing atmospheric condition, you can decide on how much air to let in or out. The vent control switch makes that very simple.

Certified quality

Letting your safety lies in the hands of just any other helmet is a gross mistake. The Lanova Ski Snowboard Helmet stands out among the ordinary helmets. Its features and design have been comprehensively tested and verified to meet the EN 1077 and ASTM safety standards.

Unisex helmet

The design and weight of this Lanova Ski Snowboard Helmet with ASTM Certified Safety isn’t tuned to any sex or group. Thus, whether you are a man, woman, or youth all can benefit from the Lanova Ski Snowboard helmet. Besides, it’s compatible with most goggles and boasts a lightweight of 14.4 ounces

As you can see from the features above this helmet provide beyond the basic injury protection. You can make your ski rides much safer with Lanova which is only a click away;


The Bad

Incorrect size chart guide

Although the company provides a chard sizing guide to aid you in the selection, most skiers agree that it’s a little bit misleading; the helmet’s size doesn’t exactly agree with the chart. So it requires more trial and testing to land the exact helmet fit.

Who is it for?

If you are just getting into skiing and need a universal helmet then the Lanova Ski Snowboard Helmet with ASTM Certified Safety makes a good pick. Its ease of adjustment and lightweight makes it ideal for everyone.


This helmet packs all the essential features required to provide adequate protection from hard impacts. First it easy to adjust its fit, meets the certification requirement, and even keeps the ski glasses from falling. Even though it might require more effort to land the best fit, the result is worth the time investment.  For broader reviews by several parties, click on the button below