Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates Review

Ice skating is a sport that is very easy to fall in love with. Year after year, the number of skaters attracted to ice skating keeps on increasing. But one must know that having the proper mindset and discipline are key factors in getting astounding results.

In figure skating, proper gear is essential. While being talented and committed to the craft goes a long way, investing on proper skating shoes is crucial for maximizing one’s skating potential. Finding the proper pair to fit your needs is vital and can be considered the make or break for your skating venture.

If you are looking for the best ice skating experience, you are in the right place as we had the opportunity to review the Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates. You can read the information below to see what makes it different from other models.

Features and Specifications

Textile and Synthetic

The textile and synthetic materials that were used on the Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates helped in decreasing the weight of the skates. They are not bulky and heavy to carry around. Plus, you are guaranteed a softer, lighter, and more comfortable experience when skating.

EZ Push Button Adjustable Molded Boot Construction

The push button feature of this pair gives the user an option to adjust the sizing of the boot. Users love how it gives them the flexibility and convenience of working around minute adjustments to give them the perfect fit. With the adjustable molded boot, you know that your footwear can adapt to accommodate the changing size of the feet.

Washable Comfort Liners

You will be amazed with this pair’s liners as it gives undeniable comfort, warmth and snug fit to the user. While keeping liners clean and well-maintained can be a challenge for hardcore skaters, this model takes away this problem to those who are to use it. It comes with washable comfort liners that are easy to clean and dry.

Quick Fit Cam Buckles

These easy-to-open cam buckles make the locking and unlocking mechanism on the skates easier and more convenient. It provides a secure fit for the user as it can be adjusted according to the skater’s preference.

Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel Blades

Comparable to the American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates that equally has nickel plated carbon steel blades, this model also gives good illumination to the blade. It features a combination of resistance from corrosion and wearing out. This feature remains on top of the list because it gives the model a different kind of appeal.

The Good

Size-Changeable Skates

With the key feature of the pair being adjustable, we can say that it works similarly to the Roces Kids Adjustable Ice Skate Jokey Ice Girl 450677-00001. Users can easily adjust the size of the boots to provide a snug fit especially in cases where the child’s growth is spurting. A simple push of the button can do the trick.

Good for the Ice Rink and Outdoors

A lot of this model’s users commended its flexibility in terms of its performance when used for indoor and outdoor ice skating. The pair is equipped with liners that give the feet more stable warmth both indoors and outdoors. Safe to say that this is at par with the American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates.

Easily Worn and Removed

Most skate rental units are leaning on old models. The good thing about having the quick fit cam buckle technology is that these skates can easily be put on and off. It utilizes a strap-and-go mechanism to give you more time to do other things.


The Bad

Does Not Have Lace Option

There are some users who prefer to have laces on their skates for a more precise fit. These skates do not give you that option. They mainly have the quick fit cam buckles that ensure a secure fit to the skater. While the laces may not be present on this pair, it is very easy to wear and guarantees convenience when putting it on and removing it.

Blades Unsharpened When Purchased

While the blades on this pair are secure and capable of holding the user on the ground when sharpened, it becomes a problem as it does not come pre-sharpened. This leaves the user with a need to have it done at a professional shop before using. However, the benefit that comes with unsharpened blades is that it lessens the risk for injuries when being handled.

Blades More Ideal for Hockey

There are some users that purchase skates for figure skating; the drawback for this pair is that it does not have figure skating blades in it. These skates have ice hockey blades. The difference between hockey and figure skating blades are usually seen in the form of the blades and not on the boots.

Who is it for?

These skates are made for youngsters who are just starting to skate. This can also be enough for a casual skater who likes to skate on local rinks. The Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates offers convenience in terms of wearing and maintaining it. This is made for those who do not want to deal and spend a lot of time securing laces. Plus, its feature on size adjustments is also great for kids who are in their developing stage.


Thanks to its washable comfort liner, the Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates is very easy to clean. This compliments and serves as a great partner for being adjustable in terms of boot size. It remains a good buy especially for kids as this can definitely last long and accommodate a child’s growing feet.