Lake Placid Everest Women’s Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate Review

Figure skating is a sport that requires the skater to move quickly on ice. It involves a variety of jumps, spins, and dance movements and tricks. And as we all know, these actions require the right pair of figure skates to maximize the skater’s performance.

There are a lot of skate brands in the market who claim to be the greatest among the rest. To test the claim, we took the opportunity to make a review on the Lake Placid Everest Women’s Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate. If you are planning to start skating or planning to upgrade, or just trying to find the best ice skates to learn on, then this is the article for you. Written below are useful information and assessments on the pair.

Features and Specifications

Soft Nu Buck Boot Design with Insulation

The soft Nu Buck design takes the initial strains on the skater’s foot when breaking into the new pair. This set of ice skates ensures a moist-free and warm feel through its prime insulation feature. It maintains the comfortable and cozy feel to the skater’s feet while protecting it from any sudden shift of temperature when used indoors and outdoors.

Woven Soft Touch lining

The woven soft touch lining guarantees prime comfort. It is made of superior grade soft faux fur which gives ample insulation and leaves the feet free of moisture. To compliment this feature, these boots are padded thickly to augment proper insulation within the skates.

Reinforced Ankle Support

The ankle support for this pair is strengthened by the extended counters placed for added stability of the heel. It is as well equipped as the ankle strap found in this pair; both features boost the security of the ankle while keeping it in place.

Chrome Plated Steel Blade

This pair boosts a high quality chrome plated blade which is guaranteed to be resistant against corrosion and wear-and-tear. With all these blade qualities, only minimal maintenance is needed. This also comes with a toe pick to help the skater execute better and higher jumps and spins.

Water-proof Soles

The entire outsole of this pair is equipped with a heel that facilitates better and proper posture when performing figure skating routines. It also has the PVC component which also has an anti-abrasion feature. This component keeps the feet dry from outside elements such as water, or melting ice.

The Good

Strong Ankle Support

Similar to the Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Aurora Women’s Adult Figure Skates, this pair secures the ankles very well and is made to be easily adjusted according to the user’s preference. With the help of its extended counters, the skater can enjoy an excellent fit while taking on long rounds on ice. Truly, the ankle support given by the skate’s ankle straps is superb.

Luxurious Feel and Look

At first glance, the pair gives anyone who sees it an impression of quality and modernity. The Lake Placid Everest Women’s Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate comes in 2 colors — white and gold. The all-white design is identical to the Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS180/JS181/JS184 – For Women and Girls, both models set a tone of professionalism.


Meanwhile, the gold-accented design gives out an impression of lavishness and extravagance. Its woven soft touch synthetic fur lining paired with the sexy shaped boots conveys an aura of excellent taste and style.

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use

With the help of the pair’s waterproof outsole, the skater’s feet are protected from unexpected elements especially outdoors. It helps keep the feet dry and free of moisture all throughout the skating session.



The Bad

Fit and Sizing

This pair of ice skates is accurate for the U.S. Women’s shoe size chart. However, there are skaters who find the Lake Placid Everest Women’s Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate somewhat smaller than the average. Hence, they are suggested to go a size down.


For those who have smaller feet sizes and wide feet structures, they are considered to order pairs that are a size up. But a professional who sees performance as top priority, a size down is recommended.

Who Is It for?

The Lake Placid Everest Women’s Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate proves to be beneficial to amateur and seasonal skaters. Its design and make are geared towards providing the skater prime comfort while executing stunts and other techniques on ice. It guarantees excellent durability that is especially delivered by its chrome-plated steel blades. This remains a good score for all types of skaters.


The Lake Placid Everest Women’s Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate is equipped with features that efficiently deliver comfort, stability and flexibility on ice. This gives ample warmth and insulation through its water-proof soles.


Plus, it exemplifies great durability in the form of its chrome-plated steel blades. Apart from the issue on the sizing, one can easily adjust accordingly. The bottom line is this model remains a top choice for those who have a love for skating on ice.