Juli Ski Goggles, Winter Snow Sports Snowboard Goggles with Anti-Fog UV Protection Double Lens Review

Where is the fun in snowboarding if you can’t properly see the slopes where you are skiing on? Getting proper eye gear is important because the safety and the smoothness of your ride depends greatly on the visibility that the goggles are giving you.

If you are looking for a reliable one among the top snowboard goggles in the market, check out Juli Ski Goggles, Winter Snow Sports Snowboard Goggles with Anti-Fog UV Protection Double Lens. Why risk your overall safety when you can protect yourself while having fun in the sun or snow? We have prepared everything you must know about it, enjoy reading!

Features and SpecificationsJuli Winter Snow Sports with Anti-Fog UV Protection Double Lens

Adjustable Strap for Helmet Compatibility

At times, people feel stressed when buying goggles because some models do not have the capability to adjust to and fit well with the helmet. Like the Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles, this model has adjustable straps for easy size adjustments.

This works great for men and women. This has an extra long elastic strap that can be worn by adults and young ones. With this, you do not have to worry about your goggles not fitting well with your helmet.

Top Tier UV400 Protection and Anti-fog Features

Similar to the Ski Goggles, OTG Anti-Fog Snowboard Skate Snowmobile Interchangeable Double Layer, this model boasts a high performance anti-fog feature, along with a 100% UV400 protection. This also comes in a variety of colors and designs, so you can always choose which one looks good on you and which one works for you..

Flow Vent Technology

This model is equipped with professional ventilation technology to make sure you get pristine visibility at all times. The model optimizes and facilitates air flow around the vents to bring in an ample amount of fresh air and at the same time extinguish fog and moisture build-up. It also has venting ports that play as defense against snow that may turn into ice and clogs.

Multi-purpose Lenses

Models such as the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO – Frameless, Interchangeable Lens 100% UV400 Protection also comes with varied lens colors to accommodate different terrain weather conditions. Apart from its 6.6 inches x 3.1 inches lens offering clarity on varied weather, it also guarantees protection against UVA/UVB rays. You will not have to worry about having your eyes damaged by the harmful rays of the sun.

The Good

Anti-fog Feature Works Perfectly

Users admit that they expected the goggles to fog up because of the price, but to their surprise, its performance exceeded their expectations. These goggles work flawlessly and do not fog even in extreme weather conditions including snow, sleet and rain. If you are looking for goggles that provide the clearest vision 100% of the time, this is the right option for you.

Helmet Compatible Adjustable Strap

Those who used this model felt comfortable using this with any type of helmet. This also holds the glasses beneath in place during the entire ride. Thanks to the elastic bands, strap adjustments are able to accommodate different face shapes and head sizes easily. This can be used in other activities too because it is less likely to slip off your face.

Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee

Where else can you find goggles that come with a lifetime guarantee? This inclusion proves to be worth the price on its own. You will have your peace of mind on the day of purchase because their team is always available to help you with any type of concern you have with the goggles.

Multiple Applications

The best thing about this model is that it comes with a variety of colored lenses with their own respective functions. Not only do these lenses look sleek and stylish, these are also useful for other activities such as skating, gliding, ATV snowmobile and snow cross.

The Bad

Lenses Not Too Effective On Sunny Days

The glasses do not have the UVA/UVB protection sticker despite the claim of having the feature. Users also mentioned that they had a hard time seeing against glaring sunlight because they do not block out the sunlight effectively. This may be the only drawback in terms of vision for this model.

Possible Fogging for Users with Uncomfortable Fit

Some users who had difficulty in getting the goggles to perfectly fit reported incidents of fogging. They mentioned that they experienced fogging after 20-30 minutes of use at -5°C temperature, and after 5-10 minutes of use at -20°C. This is less likely to happen to those with face structures that work well with the goggles.

Not Comfortable to Wear Over Glasses

Those who tried wearing this over their glasses had difficulty in putting them on and taking them off. The size of the goggles is ideal for those with average face size and structure. This may not be ideal for most men because of its small fit. This can work great in terms of over the glass setup for kids or adults with small face structures and frames.

Who Is It For?

The Juli Ski Goggles,Winter Snow Sports Snowboard Goggles with Anti-Fog UV Protection Double Lens is for those with small face structure and frame. Ideally for women and kids, this can also work for men with average sized faces. This has an amazing anti-fog feature, so those who usually engage in snowy terrains will definitely benefit from this. This also proves to be a good investment because it has a lifetime guarantee and it can be used in diverse activities.


Juli Winter Snow Sports with Anti-Fog UV Protection Double Lens

Among the many goggle brands in the market, the Juli Ski Goggles,Winter Snow Sports Snowboard Goggles with Anti-Fog UV Protection Double Lens proves to be outstanding in terms of brand promise delivery.

This delivers its promise of having an anti-fog feature, and along with it comes the benefit of having customer support available anytime you need them. This gives you great value for its price, another gem that is worth the purchase. Make sure to give it a try to experience all its amazing features first-hand.