Jolege Self Balancing Hoverboard Review

Finding the amazing scooter hoverboards is not very easy, considering the high amount of options available on the market.

If you are a fan of fancy hoverboards then you will surely like the Jolege Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter.

The hoverboard is made of uncompromised features and comes with great design. The making material is also highly effective.

This model gives cut throat competition to one of other amazing hoverboards on the market, the HYPER GOGO Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard.

I have dedicated the review to this amazing product.

Features and Specifications

Here is a full-fledge review on the features and specifications of this amazing product.

Strong Functionality

The 6 MPH speed and the 300W dual motor of this product ensures that the performance and functionality of this product is highly efficient.

The battery of this model takes not more than 2 – 3 hours to fully charge and it gives you many miles of routine usage in a single charge.

The functionality of this product is appreciable because all the features are in favour and your child will find great balancing and stability on this model.

Self-Balancing Mechanism

If you are worried that your child will fall down while riding this hoverboard then don’t be. There are many amazing products like Gyroor Swift Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter that comes with self-balancing mechanism.

Same way, this model comes with self-balancing mechanism that stabilizes the weight of the child.

It helps in maintaining balance on the hoverboard and eventually, your child will be able to have a good hold on their own. It will not let your child fall down because of the poor balancing mechanism.

Safety Standards

As far as safety is concerned, parents are watchful about two main things.

First is the battery of the hoverboard. Just like any other riding scooter, the battery holds an important place and there is a fear that overheating might result into battery bursting out which can lead to deadly accidents.

This product comes with UL2272 certification that checks the battery completely and test it for days to make sure that it is high in performance.

The second thing is the overall performance and rigidity of the product. The same certification also makes sure that the hoverboard will be able to handle the weight of the child and will not fall apart on stumbling upon anything.

Bluetooth Speakers

Kids like to enjoy music while riding. This hoverboard comes with highly-efficient Bluetooth speakers that make overall experience more joyful.

The speakers can be easily connected with a smart device. Your kids can prepare their own list of songs and play them while taking a ride.

Maximum Speed

The speed of this product is very thoughtfully given. This product suits the needs of new riders.

The speed of 6 MPH is suitable for the new riders. Parents usually feel concerned about their kids to be driving rashly when they are not inspected.

This product comes with a very decent speed. Even if the child is running the hoverboard on the maximum speed, he/she will be able to manage the balance the self-balancing scooter.


The charging time taken by this product is 2 – 3 hours and it can work to up to 15 kms in a single charge.

The performance of the battery is very questionable because some of the users have reported the battery to have low performance.

The UL certified Lithium battery is effective in performance.

Heavy Duty Wheels

The solid rubber wheels are available in 6.5 inches diameter. It is made of high quality and gives you the ability to select the terrain of your choice.

Kids can take the hoverboard on any surface. Some of the common surfaces could be garden or plain.

Most of the wheels find it difficult to work effectively on wet grass. The wheels of this model are so effective that they will run smoothly on any terrain.

The Good

Here are some things that you will surely appreciate in this hoverboard.


One of the biggest strengths of this product is that it is very stylish. It comes with beautiful graphics and is available in huge color choices. Your child can make selection based on their favorite colors and the styles that they like.

Heavy-duty Construction

The construction of this product is so done that it has heavy-duty making. You will appreciate the frame and the wheels of this model. It has got all the essential features that a robust hoverboard can have.


The construction of this product is done in a very promising way. It is rigid yet lightweight. Therefore, if it stops working on the way and your child will have to pick it up to bring back home then he/she won’t feel any problem doing so.


The Bad

I have found one thing that I didn’t like about this product.

Battery Could Have Been Better

It seems like the company has failed to give much heed to the performance of the battery. It drains out too fast and takes a lot of time to charge. This can be annoying.

Who Is It For?

First of all, this is a budget product so if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a hoverboard then this is your product.

Secondly, kids that like to buy something with major style quotient will appreciate the beauty of this model. It is available in multiple colors and is an ultimate product to consider for purchasing.


The Jolege Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooters is one of the most desired products on the market because of many factors. Ideally, it has the most spectacular looks.

The graphic print design of the hoverboard frame matches the amazing and stunning looks of CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard.

This one gives you full value of money and is available on a very decent price. I highly recommend this hoverboard and will suggest you to buy it without any major concerns in mind.