Jackson Ultima ST7000 Softec Vantage Plus Women’s Ice Skates Review

The sport of figure skating is more perplexing than anyone realizes. From beginner to advanced skaters, getting the correct pair of figure skates makes a huge difference in their overall performance.

The Jackson line of skates takes figure skating to a whole new level and is considered one of the big players in terms of being a good ice skates brand. They have an incredibly lengthy record of delivering supreme quality when it comes to making figure skates for all skill levels.

Luckily, we had the chance to review one of the ice skates in their line up — the Jackson Ultima ST7000 Softec Vantage Plus Womens Ice Skates. Below is an assessment on the performance of the pair.

Features and Specifications

Velcro Strap and Lacing Hook System

The Jackson Ultima ST7000 Softec Vantage Plus Womens Ice Skates’ lacing hook system provides a secure and accurate fit to the skater’s feet . It is also equipped with a Velcro strap which reinforces the laces. This guarantees a tight and easeful feel to the user.

Ultima Mark II Figure Blade Attached

Similar to the Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates, it is under the Mark lineup for its blades. The Mark II was made with harder steel construction to assure the longevity of its edge life. This is made with a classic design featuring a straight toe pick and a chrome finish.

Fleece-covered Thinsulate® Upper and Tongue Lining

Fleece covered Thinsulate® is an insulating fabric made up of synthetic fibers that are netted together. You will see that the upper and tongue lining is rigged with this fabric. This provides a warm and well-insulated environment for the skater’s feet.

Stylish Lightweight Outsole

The pair comes in two color variations, black and white. For the outsole on the black pair, it is sported with a black and white combination, meanwhile, the white pair is toned with a light purple. These color combinations cater to fashion-conscious and trendy skaters. Both colors are equipped with a lightweight outsole to help in maximizing the skater’s performance on ice.

The Good

Accurate Fitting

Like the Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Aurora Women’s Adult Figure Skates, it is equipped with laces and lets the user get a fit that is inline to their preferences. The great thing about the Jackson Ultima ST7000 Softec Vantage Plus Womens Ice Skates is that it also has the Velcro strap that ensures a more secure and precise fit to the user no matter what size the feet is.

Comfortable Wear

Thanks to the Fleece covered Thinsulate® located at the upper and tongue, the skater’s feet are provided with a warm and cozy feeling when used. It gives a very high level of comfort allowing the user to perform at high levels while maintaining an enjoyable experience especially for recreational skaters and beginners.

Firm and Stable Support

In line with the American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates, this model also delivers a tremendous level of comfort to the user. They do not cut into the legs because it is well-padded on the inside. It also allows the skater to have a stable feel because the formed foot bed yields to the characteristics of the user’s feet overtime.


The Bad

Uncomfortable Fit for Thick and Wide Feet

For skaters with very wide feet, they may find the boots a bit narrow on the heel area and at the ankle area causing a little discomfort. But for users with average-sized feet, the boots have been said to fit comfortably and give ample support.

Needs to Be Sharpened at First Use

While there are skates that come pre-sharpened upon purchase, this pair definitely needs sharpening before use. Sharpening the blade is needed to make sure the skates bite well into the ice and allow the skater perform all the tricks and turns as necessary.

Who Is It For?

This Jackson Ultima ST7000 Softec Vantage Plus Womens Ice Skates is geared towards providing optimal skater comfort. This is a popular choice among women who skate recreationally or those who have just started skating. This pair is best for skaters who are looking for comfort, stylish looks, and a firm support. It is also suggested as beginner skates for instructional skaters since it can facilitate basic jumps and spins.


From the Fleece covered Thinsulate® upper and tongue lining that gives the skater supreme warmth and comfort to the Velcro strap with a lacing hook that gives a secure and snug feel to the skater, it’s safe to say that this pair is a great investment if the buyer is looking for ice skates that carries all the necessary features of ice skates.

The Jackson Ultima ST7000 Softec Vantage Plus Womens Ice Skates caters to the users experience on ice. It can easily handle simple dashes and basic steps like moving forward, gliding, stopping, forward crossovers and the like while still providing the skater a very snug and comfortable fit.

It has excellent ankle support and can also appease intermediate level users. Overall, this proves to be a good choice for all levels of skaters. For optimal results, the blades would need pre-sharpening.