Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Women Ice Skates Review

In the search for the models that made it to the best women ice skates, we cannot deny that quality and functionality are the top defining factors essential to talk someone into making a purchase. If you are looking to do an upgrade to a higher quality of skates or skimming through for your first purchase, then you are in for a treat.

We had the chance to review a pair of Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates — a model known for being consistent in providing top grade skate models in the market. Below, you will see a quick but thorough assessment of the skates.

Features and Specifications

Nylex lining

This key feature of the Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates is located in the inner part of the shoe. It is designed to get rid of the moisture that builds up, hence, providing a clean, dry and moist-free environment for the feet. No doubt, this feature gives a comfortably warm and cozy feel.

Charcoal PVC outsole

Having a Charcoal PVC outsole ensures easy cleaning and convenience.  The charcoal material found in this model helps in absorbing any type of odor produced, thereby always leaving a clean scent. The PVC component facilitates good flexibility and abrasion resistance, guaranteeing product durability. Also the PVC component assures maintenance-free skates.

Nickel all-purpose blade

Nickel is known for its toughness and hardenability. The Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates is equipped with an all-purpose nickel blade which is known for its solid resistance to deterioration and any type of corrosion.

Fully lined upper and tongue

This pair has a vinyl outer, not to mention that its tongue is made of a thick cushy foam padding that provides ultimate comfort all throughout. It also gives a snug fit that makes the user feel that everything is well-positioned and in place.

The Good

Almost no maintenance needed

Similar to its elder sister — the Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS180/JS181/JS184 – For Women and Girls, it has the PVC outsole, whereby the user is granted the convenience of a maintenance-free pair of skates. This amazingly has a wipe and good-to-go clean outsole.

Comfortable fit

The pair has Nylex lining which gives the feet a dry, moist-free feel even on long periods of use. It also has a Charcoal PVC outsole that gives a great deal of cushioning and strong shock absorption for trick execution. Apart from the amazing benefits that the combination of the two provides, you are guaranteed with an outsole that provides abrasion resistance while protecting the feet from scrapes or grazes.

Great skates of beginners

In line with the Roces Kids Adjustable Ice Skate Jokey Ice Girl 450677-00001, these skates are leaning towards the comfort of the skater. It treats the user with a pleasant feel that would make her want to skate more. Just imagine a moist-free and snug fit while skating through the ice.

Professional Design

It is hard to deny that this is a lovely pair of skates. The shape of the boot screams of professionalism and class, its materials are of top-grade quality. Its overall look brags of a well-crafted design. Like all the other Jackson skates, every single pair of this model showcases the reason behind their solid reputation.



The Bad

Short laces

While there were some users who found the laces to be long enough. There were some who said that the laces are too short. Expectedly, they were the ones whose feet fell beyond the average size. It is suggested that a purchase of a new pair of laces may be needed to get proper comfort and fit.

Dull blade at purchase

There are some skates that have blades that are already sharpened upon purchase but the blades on the Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates were a bit dull than others. Some expressed that they felt the blades were dull even when touching it with their bare hands. However, once the blades are sharpened, expect a sturdy and perfectly held together piece.

Skate and shoe size puzzlement

This confusion does not only apply to this pair of skates, but to most. The shoe or sneaker size is most of the time different from the skate size. More often than not, the skate size is one and a half to a half size smaller than the normal shoe or sneaker size. For specific information and measurement, we suggest you look through the Jackson sizing chart before making a purchase.

Who is it for?

The Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates is built to handle basic jumps and spins, and even up to simple three turn elements. It is definitely recommended for ladies and little girls who are planning or on the road to pursuing figure skating classes and careers. This is also designed to cater to fresh starters who want a comfortable fit while emulating a professional look. Think of it as a good investment that will make you look ravishing while trying to step up your game on ice.


The Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates is definitely an outstanding pair of skates. This, among the other options out there, is similar to the Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS450 / JS451 – For Women and Girls. It is highly recommended for users who are casual skaters and figure skaters in the making.

This pair provides supreme comfort, thanks to its Nylex lining. You are promised with warmth, comfort and impressive durability. Its Charcoal PVC also removes unwanted odor and helps preserve the condition of the skates. These nickel bladed skates do a great job at slicing through ice while giving you maximum dexterity and control.

The design mainly says it is here for business. Its nice curve at the front end and high-quality make gives you your money’s worth. If you are looking for the best pair to start with or if you are thinking of upgrading your current pair, you may have found the best option for you.