Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS450 / JS451 – For Women and Girls Review

Ice skating is a sport where skaters glide across an icy surface on blades attached at the bottoms of their boots. We call them ice skates. Having the right pair of ice skates is essential as it may make or break a skater’s performance on ice.

The Jackson Figure Skating Company was founded by Donald Jackson who is the winner of the 1962 World Figure Skating Championship. The company is known for their cutting-edge development on their skates.

They have been the first to produce ice skates with boots made out of lightweight material to improve the performance of the skater. Also, they are known to listen to skaters and adjust the skates that they make, depending on what they need.

Today, we were lucky to have the opportunity to review the Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS450 / JS451 – For Women and Girls which claims to be one of the best ice skates for women in the market. Below is a quick and detailed review of the pair.

Features and Specifications

Reinforced Vinyl Coated Upper

The upper is covered by a layer of vinyl. It is a protective blanket applied on the upper creating a protective barrier against wear and tear, and deterioration.

Rolled Padded Lining

This pair is tailored with a rolled padded lining that allows the user’s feet to easily slide in and out of the skates. The reinforced padded lining also provides a great deal of cushion to avoid any type of abrasion.

Extra Ankle Foam

The interior of the boots are equipped with extra ankle foam supporting the padding which provides a comfortable amount of cushion that supports the entire ankle area.

Ultima MARK I Figure Blade Attached

The Ultima line is one of the leaders when it comes to blade design, quality and performance. This pair is rigged with an Ultima MARK I figure blade which ensures stability and excellent blade grip on ice.

Traditional Upper Patterns

The upper is designed to look classical. This conventional design emulates an aura of professionalism. The pair is also accented with stylized chrome inserts giving it a stylish, contemporary look.

PVC Outsoles

In line with the Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS180/JS181/JS184 – For Women and Girls, the skates are furnished with PVC outsoles that allows enhanced flexibility for the skater and is equipped with an anti-abrasion feature that keeps the user’s feet safe from any sort of injury. It also gives almost maintenance-free boots.

Padded Felt Tongues

The tongue is complemented with felt which easily gives the user a tight and snug feel. This addition gives a precise touch to the skater giving maximum comfort to the feet.

The Good

Comfortable Ankle Foam

The extra ankle foam helps beginner skaters perform basic maneuvers such as standing tall, skating forward and backward. It gives the skater a feel of reinforced stability while giving a comfortable experience. It also provides the flexibility needed for experienced skaters on high speed movements.

Beginner Friendly

Like the Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates, this pair is very skater friendly. It is furnished with a PVC outsole that has an anti-abrasion feature. The outsole is very easy to clean because the skater can just wipe and clean. It also has a rolled padding that makes wearing and removing the boots fairly easy. The user can just slide the boots in and skate.


The Bad

Limited Selection

Identical to the Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Aurora Women’s Adult Figure Skates, the pair only comes in color white. A selection of boot colors could have been better, but the white colored skates give the skater a touch of professionalism.

Who Is It For?

The Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS450 / JS451 – For Women and Girls is highly recommended to beginner and recreational skaters. They are good skates to start with since it focuses on the user’s comfort and convenience. It can also cater to experienced skaters as they can easily perform simple jumps and swirls with this one. The padding support is also well-constructed, just as a professional skater would require. Overall, this skates is a good choice for any level of skater. However, a professional skater would need a bit more.


The rolled padded lining, extra ankle foam, and the padded felt tongue endows the skater a heightened feel of comfort and reinforced stability. These are specifications that recreational and beginner skaters would appreciate because most newbie skaters are focused on the experience and enjoyment from the sport.

The Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS450 / JS451 – For Women and Girls  is a good pick if you are looking for a professional-looking and snug pair of skates. Users love this model as it is an option that does not break the bank. It delivers what its features promise and guarantees a safe and comfortable ride.