Environmental Impact of Inline Skate 

You can use the best outdoor inline skates to commute to work over a short distance. Besides saving on fuel, the benefits of inline skating[Benefits of Rollerblading] on your health are numerous. We depend on the environment in one way or the other. So in all the activities we undertake, it’s wise to consider how it impacts the environment. … Read more

How Fast Do Inline Skates Go

One of the sheer joys of rollerblading is in the speed. That’s especially enjoyable when you secure good rollerblade brands that are relatively safe and efficient. So the issue of how fast inline skates comes into mind. So How Fast Do Inline Skates Go? On average, the speed of rollerblades varies from 6 to about 25miles per … Read more

How to Maintain Inline Skates

Having purchased good rollerblades, you need to stick to the required maintenance practices. The proper care for the inline skates maintains their appealing look, safety level and prolongs their lifespan. Read below for the crucial steps on how to maintain inline skates. Tips on How To Maintain Inline Skates Physical Inspection The initial step is … Read more

How to Buy a Second Hand Inline Skate

The best way to secure cool roller blades is to buy brand new pair from reputed outlets. Nevertheless, if your budget doesn’t allow, you can get by with second-hand roller blades. However, you have to have the right skills to identify the used inline skates that last a long time. For that reason, here are a couple … Read more

How to Assemble Inline Skates

One of the reliable ways of getting ideas on the best rollerblades for adults is visiting famous online groups and forums for inline skates[Popular Inline Skate Forums & Groups]. Except for the wheels and bearings that may need replacement after a while, such inline skates have a long lifespan. At the same time, some people prefer building a custom … Read more

How Long Do Inline Skates Last 

Inline skates cost a substantial amount of money, especially the high-end brands. So it’s wise to take your time and identify the best inline skate brands that are dependable. But since nothing lasts forever, it’s vital to know the average lifespan of inline skates. That way, you can budget for a replacement pair in time. So How … Read more

How do Inline Skates Brake? Types of Inline Skate Brakes

When you look at inline skate brands, you’ll realize they employ different types of brakes. And brake form one of the integral inline skates parts[Parts of An Inline Skate]. From beginners to experienced skaters, all need to slow down and stop at some time during skating. Types of Inline Skates Brakes Find below some of the most common … Read more

Can You Take An Inline Skate On A Plane?

When you check on rollerblade reviews from reputed inline skate forums and groups[Popular Inline Skate Forums & Groups] you can get bright ideas for trusted skates. Most skaters hold onto their rollerblades as an indispensable part of their lives. However, problems may arise when you frequently travel with your inline skates. For instance, when you need to border … Read more

Can Inline Skates Go Uphill

Inline skating is a demanding sport. However, having strapped on cool rollerblades and perfected your skills, it offers lots of benefits. But can inline skates go uphill? Yes, it can. However, just like rollerblading in the rain[Can You Ride Inline Skate in Rain], uphill skating is extra demanding. Besides energy straining, you can only move at a … Read more

Are Inline Skates Safe? Comprehensive Safety Guide 

Compared to other sports like skateboarding and bicycling, inline skating, is safer. Recent studies published in NCBI and CDC reveal. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t sustain any injury while rollerblading. So when using men’s, children’s, or women’s rollerblades, there is a need to skate wisely. That involves wearing the right protective gear, rollerblading at the right speed, and … Read more

Can You Ride Inline Skate in Rain

Whether you have the best rollerblades for men or women, rollerblading still demands carefulness. You need to organize your skating equipment, skills, and match it with the skating territory. So can you ride inline skates in the rain? For safety reasons, it isn’t advisable to skate on a flooded road. Inline skating is challenging for novice … Read more

How Much Do Inline Skates Cost

Only the best rollerblades for street makes every move smooth and enjoyable. That is an inline skate that supports the top rollerblade tricks[Best Rollerblade Tricks] yet still guarantees durability and comfort. If you are ignorant of the best choice or brand to go for, then visiting the leading inline skate forums and groups[Popular Inline Skate Forums & Groups] offers help. But … Read more

Common Problems with Inline Skate & How to Fix Them

The best rollerblades for women have a design that blends with the female feet anatomy. However, when rollerblading, you may encounter few problems with your inline skates. It’s thus essential to understand the anatomy of inline skate[Parts of An Inline Skate]. On that note, here are some of the common problems with inline skates and how … Read more

Parts of An Inline Skate

The best roller blades should give you a smooth roll. So it is vital to learn the various parts of an inline skate and how it functions. Having such knowledge helps in diagnosing and solving usual inline skates problems[Common Problems with Inline Skate & How to Fix them] Vital Parts of An Inline Skate Boot It’s the part … Read more

How Do Inline Skates Work?

When you visit various inline skate reviews, you’ll realize that there are rollerblades of different kinds. However, despite their diversity, the core inline skate parts[Parts of An Inline Skate] remain the same. As simple as they look, many people don’t understand the science behind the operation of inline skates. For example, setting it rolling, navigating turns, accelerating, and … Read more

6 Inline Skate Types You Should Know

Professionals, street or recreational skaters require the best rollerblades. However, to choose the correct rollerblade, you have to know the categories of inline skates available. Only then can you pick the right rollerblade that matches your purpose for an inline skate. Besides, that will enable you to showcase your best skills. On that note, here are … Read more

History of Inline Skate – When Were Rollerblades Invented?

Ever wondered what’s the history of those rollerblades aka inline skates you’ve been wearing and rolling since long? Well, today we’ll be looking at it and get to know when the first rollerblades were invented. History of Rollerblades It dates back to 1760s when the first ever pair of rollerblades/inline skates were invented. The pair … Read more

Top 10 Rollerblade Tricks

So you’ve learnt how to rollerblade right? I know you can’t wait to try out those tricks you’ve been dreaming off since long. Well, other than just being a great fitness exercise, as a beginner, you can learn some tricks both simple and aggressive ones. It is always better to start with the simple ones … Read more

Ice Skating vs Rollerblading – Which one is harder?

I often get asked by my readers – Is ice skating easier to learn or rollerblading? So, today, I’ll be making an in-depth comparison of ice skating vs rollerblading and try to answer this question with some solid facts. Ice Skating vs Rollerblading When it comes to the history of both these sports, ice skating … Read more

How To Rollerblade The Right Way

It doesn’t matter if you are using those inline skates or rollerblade pair for fitness or for a serious purpose, other than just being a hobby, it is a healthy activity as it improves your fitness, cardiovascular activity and heart rate. However… You need to learn how to rollerblade the right way before you can … Read more