Independent 139 Stage 11 Silver Skateboard Trucks Review

Hey crazy skateboard fellas…How are ya’ all doing today?

Today we’ll be looking at the Independent 139 Stage 11 Silver Trucks. I know I’ve been posting a lot of about skateboard trucks review recently but the ones I’ve recently reviewed are a good go and you should definitely give them a try.

First thing, these trucks get shipped really fast, so you won’t have to wait too long to grab them and install them under your board.

It basically comes in a set of two lo trucks and are very sturdy, made to last longer than your expectation.

Most of the structure is made out of aluminum which now only makes it durable but also makes it lightweight.

Hangers, Kingpin & Baseplates

This truck features aluminum hollow hangers and baseplates, which looks sturdy and gives plenty of grind room as well.

It comes with grade A kingpin and it has an excellent clearance which helps improve your game. If you love those grind tricks, you’re going to love the kingpin even more. I’ve always noticed that skaters who want to go big need a greater kingpin clearance and Independent does the job pretty well.

Sturdy Structure

As mentioned above, these trucks not only look sturdy, they actually are. These trucks also feature an 8 axle which is great especially if you like your trucks to be a little bit longer than your board.

However, if you like the shorter trucks, you can go for the Bear Grizzly’s 852 Trucks. They are also great in terms of performance.


Though majority of the users were satisfied with the bushings as they are not too soft and not too hard, somewhere between…But, some users who prefer rather soft or hard bushing may not be comfortable with them.

You can always adjust the bushings as you like. There are plenty of online places where you can find some reliable skateboard trucks’ bushings and replace them easily.


When it comes to Independent 139 Stage 11 Silver Trucks performance, you’ll love it. It actually helps to improve your skating skills and give maximum stability and balance around those sharp turns.

You can perform all your crazy stunts, dive into the pools or flip the board down the stairs. These are great trucks for you.

And since the truck is slightly longer than the regular models on the market, it ensures a smooth and surf-like riding experience on the town. You can cruise, carve or rush down the hill. Make sure to wear all your skateboarding safety gears.


  • Lightweight and solid 356 T6 aluminum hanger and baseplate
  • Durable Chromoly steel axle
  • Grade 8 kingpin
  • Super-crush cushions with a cylindrical bottom
  • Perfect for wheel size 56mm and under


  • Expensive


Overall, the Independent 139 Stage 11 Silver Trucks are a great option on the go for you. They are excellent for high performance and made for all types of skateboarding. Best of all they come with a lightweight and sturdy aluminum body which enhances your performance on the road.